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  1. Salutations Friends, Allies and Villians in EL!  Happy Hunting....Go hurt something!

  2. Hello to my loving friends and friendly lovers (ha well that might just be wishful thinking but it sounds cool right?)

    I have been back a few months now and loving the game very much so planning on sticking around.  I hope to see some of us older players coming back and sticking with it as well as some newer faces perhaps.  I keep posting the game on my FB acct and encourage all of you to do same.  Invite your friends to play...Hell, even invite your enemies...a few villains makes the game more interesting (Stivy <3)  Lol I suppose that wont help me win friends and influence people but heck, Newhope is on my friends list...so whatever.   I have a soft spot in my heart for the tall dark villianous stranger...perhaps I would like to be a bit bad myself once in awhile..but being raised to be a good girl, never get quite drunk enough to do it...haha, maybe someday you will all be shocked to see me and my bombs out for a killin' Spree...who knows (but likely I will just end up blowing myself up, which would be fun too.  I am in this all for the fun of it.  I just like to relax and have a good time.  I hope you all do the same.

  3. --One of the Original Bag Ladies of EL

  4. I have returned :) See you around

  5. Hi all--hopefully back in a few weeks!

  6. Hey EL. came back to play a bit but cant seem to log on yet, dont know if it is my new computer or what....going to try a redownload later tonight and maybe try on my older computer too. Hope to see you all ingame soon~Y

  7. Its SOOOOOO good to be back. EL-ers! Gotta love em'

  8. Hi Everyone. I'll be back in game soon. Can't wait to see you all!

  9. Don't Spend your Gross Salary!

  10. Nice to be back. Here is to Life, LChaim!

  11. hello LB--I know it will be a week til ya open ur email, so found ya here. ;)

  12. Bon jour Ladyblue--good day and ty for the add. Happy Holidays!

  13. Chanukah Sameach--Happy Hanukkah

  14. Chanukah Sameach--Happy Hanukkah

    1. Littlebig


      Hi:) Merry x-mas^^

    2. Littlebig


      And happy new year:)

  15. And who will watch the Bosses?--Robert Littel