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  1. brute wars =D

    Or try here http://phnxer.mybrute.com
  2. More realistic temperatures

    maybe if in the corner of the screen there was a thermometer and if the temperature went above or below certain temperatures heat or cold damage would be applied. and i agree that weather should play a role in temeprature for ex. storm = -5 degrees, daytime = +3 degrees, nighttime = -3 degrees etc... @entropy if people complain thats there issue they just want the game to be easier. and why would this destroy the economy, if anything it would help because it would raise the value of all items with heat/cold protection.
  3. Positive perks: fading message

    but it would be very annoying if you have exc perk and every thing you harvest you get a message over your head
  4. Selling: Elven Bow

    they never actually close the thread you know
  5. Signature Shop - Renewed with better craftmanship

    he left the game, sorry
  6. lottery

    I know this is a very minor detail, i just wanted to put it out there. when i went to buy some lotto tickets it said "the current prize is now 2142000 and this kinda confused me since its not usually that high so maybe if commas could be put in and it would read 2,142,000 that would make it easier.
  7. progressive taxation

    But what if you wanted to pay the storage NPC with gc that you have in storage and your storage is frozen?
  8. Where's Radu?

    lol people really cant find him???? all you got to do is get a full image and zoom in you'll find him in no time. and if you still cant find him ill tell you
  9. Classic IRC chat

    lmao! this post is great
  10. what must be hear

    lol not only you not have proof but you didnt even tell us what heppened
  11. Auction: Artifical removal stone

    cant anybody read?????????? once again, please honor the sellers rules
  12. Alchemy Supply [v2]

    im pretty sure this is the next one so ill take it
  13. EL dreams?

    i had a dream once where i was in a trade with someone and they put 2 pares of black dragon cuisses in the trade window (funny thing is ive never even seen black dragon cuisses)
  14. Events

    oh i know that it was announced in channel 6 . but it should be announced on channel 7 or as a #message
  15. Events

    well i didnt know there were events being held on channel 6 . its hard to keep channel 6 and 7 open due to the three channel limit, so if radu is reading this can you please announce it next time? and thanks