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  1. EL dreams

    OK, one another funny EL dream has seen by me In that dream i found new spawn for Ivan, Forest of fall, right next to TG flag. I killed 1, then another, and even 3rd Ivan arrived, but i had no resources for 3. I though wow!, this is best spawn ever! But same time i knew that i am dreaming. So, the problem was how to remember that new found spawn when i wake up? Then i got clever idea, i take screenshot while on dream, so when i am awake, i can check the new superb spawn from that screenshot. What could go wrong?
  2. Basicly your char would be mage, but then again, doing it unarmed not really make sense, it only makes you more vulnerable. After all it's all about the balance between physical strenght/protection and magic by same means, it's a matter of where give an emphasis on your playing style.
  3. Knighta_shop bot payed

    Transaction id: 1UC63292HF1303812
  4. Purpose of the different magic swords

    Maybe magic work to PW particularly, but ofc there is wiser solutions for such weak target, like Sunbreaker. Darksilent left me me message to remind about fire to MB, and remind also casty weakness. that is good call, i forgot them, but naturally not going to buy 3 swords however Also i think Little dragon blue are vulnerable to fire. But what i would like to hear is there benefit to use ice/magic serps (any other than PW? ) if casty weaknesses not count.
  5. Hello. I was thinking to buy some of the magic swords to my alt. I have already Thermy, and i would like to try out something different. But i would like to know what is the pros and cons of other serpent swords, i know fire has benefit over ice drag, but where else it's better than thermy, and is there any advantage of blue/yellow ones at any opponent? Not many ppl has all 4 different ones, but if someone has, i would like to hear if there is made any test results on harder targets.
  6. EL dreams

    Ok, my napping with EL continues It was invasion, but background was RL environment, not EL. There was trice on the loose, and i ran after it, and killed it middle of the road, cars braking and playing horns front of me, then i realized badly wounded Bulangiu attacked me too, Dragon_killer was near and he wanted me to diss, ok, i dissed and follow him off the road, then asked why he didnt join the fight, we could make it?, But Dragon_killer said that he feel a bit sick and is tired, besides it's too dangerous to fight middle of the road, then i hug with him and noticed his cheek is quite cold, not hot, "not fever at least" i said, and we kept chat with guild and arguing was it really necessary leave that badly wounded bula there, Then i pushed unknown + D button and went UW, and lost rosto, start cursing that insident in #GM, and while cursing it i accidentally pushed unknown button + D again, and ofc died another time, another rosto, more angry! that mystic unknown + D button worked like a #suicide command woke up with that.
  7. EL dreams

    Hello. I couldn't find topic of EL dreams, so i made new. I guess most of us has seen EL dreams some level...so tell your own, here's my fresh dream I just took a nap, and i saw EL-dream, quite opressive one; I was walking in NRM volcano, but the volcano was rather WS sewers shaped, and i search invated mobs. Soon i saw red dot on my minimap, and saw something i not seen before; big, fat RD. All it's white parts was black, and it was much larger (fat way, almost like a balloon) than regular RD. it attacked me, and it was very strong, so i tried to flee and diss, but it teled after me and my every attempt of escape failed. Eventually i died for it, but i didn't respawn in UW, instead front of the fat RD again. that made me scared, "what if i die again, and lose another rosto, and keep spawning front of it, not in UW." well, eventually i managed to escape, but the cave was so much changed that i couldn't find my way out, and there was more of those creatures around. Soon i saw another player closing to me, and i was frightened; "what if this newly shaped map is PK, and i have no more rostos?", I tried attack myself, and noticed no PK map, anyway, the other player disappeared, and i tried to continue dodge fat RD's, and find my way out of damn caves. Finally i managed to find door, and that lead to KF. i ran out of KF, then i start asking on ch 6 "wtf was that horrible fat RD who tele to you after your disses, but nobody answer me, then i wake up. That was quite nasty dream, and very realistic. when i told that on #gm, Warzard though it's hilarius story and should write it to forum, So here it is now
  8. ~

    Better later than never.
  9. Ranging fix

    This is difficult, as we used this feature also for help ppl in distress, pulled mob off from the cooldowned fighter/ranger and saved a rosto that way. But maybe it would be good to change it anyway, there would be more benefit than loss, as i would like to see possibility range further some cases.
  10. Both has own advantages. Sometimes single map is very good when you fight alone high target, for example if i solo dragon, i dont want other monsters same time on me, dragon is enough alone, and there is not always team available. Multimaps are good, but single maps give different kind of challence, they are some way harder, some way easier in invasions, and they ask different tactics. if all maps were multi, that would make invasions more boring.
  11. Report the Little Bugs Now for fixing in 1.9.5

    You are in Aeth Aelfan, the Elven Homeland [258,56] You are in Aeth Aelfan, the Elven Homeland [258,55] You can walk inside rock That was nasty when i was pinning dragon on that spot, ranged it down, then wonder where is my bag, thought first someone bagjumped me invis, but soon realized the bag dropped inside rock, saw it there on low camera angle (Sidenote: i am not sure can it use as pin spot if it fixed, that is sad, because no other spots nearby)
  12. I'll miss you all ...

    Get well soon!
  13. Report the Little Bugs Now for fixing in 1.9.5

    Can walk inside wooden stand wall: You are in White Stone - You're in White Stone City [204,640]
  14. Solo invasion (instance like) or 2 person

    Voted NO, because i feel instances are teamwork, and never had problems with big teams (usually dont want even join small teams) But that is less important, main reason to vote NO was the fact that i dont want to be tied to 6 hours fight. But if they were tuned much smaller, who knows. Anyway i would rather see current instances with more diversity, for example random maps/random mobs on same level, and when team enter they would never know where they dropped -or they can chose whick one they want to pick up. But maybe this is another story and could belong to suggestions instead here.
  15. White screen bug

    Go to: Option>GFX>shadow mapping. Disable it. You may lose shadows, but it's better than lose daylight color (it wont affect nightime, but not sure can you get shadows on night if it's enabled, i never tested, quite forgot this thing and i keep it always disabled) you can also try only shadow option, may work as well, it depends on your computer what it can handle.