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  1. I must say this looks amazing! Really well done! I like the look of the site and the information (especially the creature coords) is very helpful. 189 secrets is a lot. Can't wait to go and explore.
  2. Guns.

    new is always better
  3. Ode to the badoran #2

  4. Moon medaillons are stackable why aren't unicorn medallions
  5. You seem to forget that many crafters level that skill by making moon meds and selling them back to NPC. So stacking there, helps a lot. You've got it!

  7. one perk

    I like the perk the way it is , I'm planning on getting it on all my alts as soon as I've got enough gcs togehter (did I mention that I play on pk server )
  8. Pears, Grapes, Ants

    on pk server you can kill them anyway
  9. My first first...

  10. The new Perk

    very cool perk , I'll take it too (I think everybody on pk server takes it you harvest alone anyway)
  11. LittleLooter's Pick+Mix

    totally agree 2.5gcs for silver ... ridiculous
  12. Glacmor daily

    The kill counter sometimes doesn't work properly. This can happen, if the critter will be attacked/attacks with one tile between it and you (esp. happens when fighting 'diagonally'). Happens with Haidir dchims/yetis too sometimes. I think a programmer works on it atm, afaik. I had it once on lions too
  13. language

    How can I change the language??
  14. language

    ahh thx
  15. The Circle Guild ~o~

    no big event with lots of cool prizes ? oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY
  16. WTF instance

    looks cool !!! pitty we can't do that on pk server ;(
  17. Completing the crafting and manu tutorials

    yep good idea sounds nice we would actually have a chance to complete the achievements
  18. Templar Knights

    More guilds also means more players, at least 1 more per guild.. Hows the population doing btw? not really more than usually ;D
  19. The Diary Of PhysX

  20. I am thinking of

    I would say it is worth the 5$ (you have no cooldown ) ohh and check this site http://eternallandspk.blogspot.com/
  21. Merry Xmas

    Merry X-mas
  22. Summoning perks

    Is Conjurer and/or The Summoner any good. Are they worth the pp's ??
  23. Wzzup?

    ;D still got 5 serps
  24. Wzzup?

    YEA n00b instance would be cool to do (got lots of brs ready ) got an afk fighter who kills most of the day stuff for me EDIT: My SoP just broke so wont be doing any afk fighting for some time
  25. Summoning perks

    cool thanks all I watned to know