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  1. Green Fingers Harvesting Order Page

    Ya'll might wanna stop ordering, they've been locked.
  2. KostOnee is a scammer

    Bot Banned.
  3. tehfreshhkid is scammer

    Bot Banned.
  4. Bad day removal stone from shop, experimental

    I am unclear if this offering is a removal of all of these bad days, one of these bad days; for only one day, for life... etc.
  5. I was harvesting and chatting with my friend CanCowgirl in a high level area. As I watched her slip into her monster magnetism cloak when danger approached and then slide her excavator cloak on when the danger had passed an idea came to me. Below is a rough draft of that idea, and I hope that something like this may someday be implemented. I'd like to see high level tailors be able to embroider a secondary protection (perk) into a perk enhanced cloak. As an example, a monster magnetism cloak with perhaps gold thread (as an example) that could become an enhanced cloak of MM & excavator. Required reading might include Enhanced Items and perhaps a new book specifically designed for this skill. Perhaps make the type of thread indicitave of the secondary attribute. It's quite likely that not all cloaks that are available with a perk will have the ability to be combined. Silver thread, gold thread, bronze thread... Titanium, steel, iron? Perhaps you could tell what the secondary perk on the cloak is by looking at the clasp at the neck of the cloak. It would require that BOTH cloaks and the ingredients are in the mix window and will still have a chance to fail while combining them, of course. I think it should require either a binding stone or an EME, perhaps both, to create it. This would enhance its value and encourage those that wear it to carry a rostogol stone while at the same time discourage people from giving one to every new player that enters the game on their first day. The finished cloak would weigh as much as both cloaks combined. Wearing the cloak would require a bit more HUMAN nexus because it weighs more and due to the metal structure of the embroidery thread.
  6. Enhanced Cloaks ~ High Level Tailors

    I see alot of opportunities. Gloves, colored gloves, in shades to match the various cloaks and garments. Boots and shoes. Nothing says that a good tailor cannot branch out into cobbling, right? These too could be available with color choice. A number of the garments that tailors are making already could perhaps be reworked to add a magical (beneficial) element to them later; Either with metallic threads, intricate embroidery, or encrusted with jewels. I'm thinking a manufacturing process would be similar to converting a leather torso armor into an augmented leather torso armor wherein the original item is used as a component of the improved item. After the above items are implemented (positive thinking), yet another tier of expertise could be added whereby these items could again be augmented to include a magical/beneficial property. That would be two steps up the tailoring ladder I'm not even a tailor, but I know that they pay dearly in both time and money to hone their skills. I'll keep chewing on the idea and hope to contribute an idea that is usable.
  7. Enhanced Cloaks ~ High Level Tailors

    Point taken, however I see no reason to reduce the effectiveness since it will actually require an actual MM cloak and Excavator cloak in the manufacturing process. I'm certain that Radu will figure out how to balance the cloak to perfection, if he finds any merit in the idea. As for me, I'm hoping to be wearing one someday
  8. Enhanced Cloaks ~ High Level Tailors

    I think having the cloak break due to mother nature, like the medallions would be much too costly. MM cloak already only protects against low level monsters. I agree that they should break just as easily if worn while fighting as any other item. An additional thought: No More Warlock is great for the fighting types? What about us POOR harvesters? We work our fingers to the bone to supply the wealthy warriors, and whatda we get? Bony fingers I tell ya! Bony fingers ;P
  9. Auction: IEDP removal stone


    ELG has modified the level restriction to No skill over level 25! YEAH, more people can participate!
  11. Selling Stones and books

    I would like a copy of your remaining book for 1kgc. Gossip has died and you've not been online. Ingame name is also Mochajava. Thank you.