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  1. 3rd Party Team Speak

    another good app is Ventrilo, used to use it all the time when i was clanning the only downside is that Mac users can only use speex codec and not GSM
  2. "Small" rostos or ND KF?

    hai der. voted yes(and yes i read the thread), my reason: simply any expensive pk is fail cheap pk with drops is the answer to make the el pk scene grow edit: btw i currently dont pk but i used to...
  3. Australians - Electronic Freedom Project

    wow thats ghey maen does this mean war/violent games like css will be non-playable online? if it does fkn ruddys gonna hear me rage all the way from perth... and i get about 500ms from perth atm that means it'll go up to 1k because of this? o.0 IDK :\ ...sadly i'm a computer nerd, not a lawyer. EDIT: striked out 'sadly' xD high court pl0x kgo THIS IS FKN BULLSHIT FOR ALL AUSSIE GAMERS
  4. mutiplayer fps?

    enemy territory (runs off quake engine) is free and owns all, you dont even need a good computer to play it unfortunately its a dying game (unless your in europe) all the cool kids play CSS now edit: if u do decide to play it dont play etpub go straight to etpro and learn from there
  5. Soulja Boy

    loool rappers like soulja boy are downers, guys like him made me stop listenin to rap .....srsly, sasuke_uchiha you have no idea how pissed off you made me by making a ghey post like this. its cause of 'rappers' like him hip-hop is **** nowadays, i used to fkn love hiphop but its just all commercialism now and well occasionally some good stuff comes out. seriously man, if you want to appreciate rap listen to oldschool stuff like 2Pac, some good meaningful songs are 'staring at the world through my rear view' and 'hail mary' a good satirical song made by kadafi+tupac RIP both FFS EVEN KREAMZ CAN RAP BETTER THAN SOULJA BOY, AND THATS SAYING SOMETHING "superman...oh....." lerl..ur fkn kidding me
  6. Worst Thing That Has Happened To You

    they had One perk and died from the mines placed at kf flag
  7. No drops KF

    so no need for rostos in kf anymore ey? even still i wont use expensive armors i'll just use junk like oldschool armor hope others will follow....... =]
  8. kf creatures

    make ur own damn thread =]
  9. kf creatures

    lol? take it easy its not a complaint but a simple idea/suggestion =] it wouldn't kill me if this doesnt happen i would just use mm cape, but would be easier if this was is all
  10. kf creatures

    yo if No drops KF gets implemented i reckon reckon we shud move these monsters from kf to a different map so noobs (ppl wif low a/d like me) can go there to team up on ppl, fight (without chance of getting multied by fluff/chim), watch fights, train/pvp, whatever without having to worry about higher level critters. maybe this would even bring back etiquettes like no attacking pvpers etc..... =] reckon this would be good? just a thought, cheers
  11. No drops KF

    shud remove creatures from kf also so noobs can go there like b4 ps. i mean im not a fighter or anyfin i wuld come to kf just for the fun of watching cool fights..help make it more populated like it used to ;<
  12. Quote of the week submissions

    hahaha thats lulz cracked me up the whole time ;]
  13. Brod, congrats yaser.

    hahaahah classic
  14. Polymorph ideas

    i like this werewolf idea but instead i would change the reaction and dexterity bit to MM perk + increased night vision at night - would b pretty useful gj :>