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  1. Ban ? Why ?

    I´m sorry .. for my mistakes .. now i know what i do .. but can you give my last chance and unbann wolf14 please ?
  2. Ban ? Why ?

    Illegal multi .. is not true .. i have only one character ... okey till today 2 .. but in February as i get the ban i had only one .. hmm .. and is it a mistake to help a Friend ?
  3. Ban ? Why ?

    Dear Aislinn .. Can i know why i got a ban ? At last i logged in on friends PC and some minutes later i got a ban ... i don´t understand it ... I haven ´t ask earlier because my pc was broken and so I could not play. Thank you in advance
  4. Can someone help me ?

    Dear Aislinn i please you sou much give him one more chance .. he makes lots of mistakes i know.. but it happens more than one year .. he is a good friend from me and we want play together this great game.. please he learned a lot he have readed the german roules of this game... Unbann his IP only his IP not more ... PLEASE .. Wolf14
  5. Can someone help me ?

    Okey... Thank you very much for the answer.. Good Bye Ah... i have one more question.. can you dear Aislinn unbann only his ip ?
  6. Can someone help me ?

    Hello Dear Community, hmm ... my friend have a big problem .. he get a ip bann, he can´t watch in the forum and can´t start the game ... his last game name was Bello .. he make some mistakes for over one year and he learned can he have a chonce ?? ... please can somone unbann him ??
  7. Can a master unbann me Please?

    Ok thanks for the fast answer Aslinn i will my wolf14 back please
  8. Can a master unbann me Please?

    fällt mir net so einfach bei einen habe ich geld und bei anderen ist a/d ok ka was ich nehmen soll
  9. Can a master unbann me Please?

    Tempest kannste mir sagen ob die sachen bleiben wen ich eins der beiden ausgesucht habe weil er wurde gebannt weil ich einen freund 30k ausgeliehnt hatte und dan habe ich bann bekommen habe noch auf dem acc 90k drauf wen das bleibt dan spiele ich mit ihm weiste vllt was?
  10. Can a master unbann me Please?

    Hallo I get a ban on mys accounts so i stoped to play EL but this game is so good and i will play farther because it make lots of fun. Please loving master unbann my accounts wolf14 and pio14 I do some misteaks but pleas give me a chance.