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  1. Renewing EL website

    This may or may not be relevant...but..are dragon blades shop items cos I cant find them if they ere?
  2. xavierx bot paid

    Receipt number: 59R01116JA936072Y
  3. The Slyder https://imgur.com/58bNXUc Habitat....all c2 caves hibernates at night Only active daytime. Extremely aggresive Only attacks high a/d players Open to all other suggestions
  4. New Creature Suggestion

    It slides FT...along the ground lol
  5. Ban-Not asking for a unban- Questions

    He did ,thats why I posted...a loan is exactly that....a loan!
  6. Ban-Not asking for a unban- Questions

    If you come back...you owe me 75kgc!
  7. Ranging fix

    +1 vino
  8. Ranging fix

  9. All hydro route to be PK?

    Just a thought...why not give 1 month notice of a max 3? alt rule....but what do I know?
  10. Is there?

    Is there any way to give a player gc direct from bot or do I have to withdraw gc myself then give to player
  11. Is there?

  12. Alt rules

    Cant really see how a player who has more than 5 alts really needs them to enjoy the game!...even 5 seems a lot to me....but what do i know
  13. Alt rules

    I have one alt (female) I use for testing customs. Would it not be possible to put a limit on the number of alts a player could have?...(I have no idea if this would be possible)
  14. Haidir quest does not complete.

    I think if you kill the Novac Trice it adds to your counter but doesnt count for Haidir....I have killed 36 trice before completing quest
  15. Hourly Message

    You read the pinned post?
  16. Character creation screen

    on character creation screen is there a way to see female white dragonii? ,,,,,,solved
  17. Character creation screen

    Just select Dragonii / skin....lol
  18. without words ..

    Disgusting...sue the pants off them !
  19. Customs......Anonymous

    Having asked Radu if allowed to advertise customs and been given the O.K. I presume this post is permissable. If not please delete. Anonymous ordered custom armor and cape I did the designs and she OK,d them ,I have now discovered that she also ordered the same set from another custom designer. I have left several Mercators asking for her to contact me ...all ignored. If you are a custom designer you are warned
  20. Customs......Anonymous

    [14:08:51] [PM from Anonymous: did you make your own customs?] [PM from Anonymous: they look really good ] [PM from Anonymous: what do you charge for customs?] [PM to Anonymous: 10k per item...torso is 2 itmes+1kgc to sir_odie bot krosis to host] ] [PM to Anonymous: i always show you before you pay] [PM from Anonymous: good deal ] [PM from Anonymous: how much will thos cost me? and how long does it take? ] PM to Anonymous: //4 items =40kgc +1k gc to sir odie ] PM to Anonymous: i,m away wed i try get done...if not friday .........PM from Anonymous: cool beans im excited]..... [PM to Anonymous: should look good] Also asked me to custom a cape for angel wings...showed her previous wings. [PM from Anonymous: oh my lanta, im pumped!]
  21. Customs......Anonymous

    As anonymous is the only person to see the completed customs ,and as you are using the same *phrasing* as the conversation I had with Anonymous I say Hi Anonymous alt. Nice try. I can go back in my chat logs and show you AGAIN your response to the customs I completed for you? But this time post them here not in PM ,
  22. Customs......Anonymous

    I dont deliver the customs until I am paid. I was making the point of the time I spent designing the customs for anonymous and her not having the decency to cancel or reply to my mercators..also a considerable amount of time can be spent on some customs if the *customer* is picky.....and as I said I showed her the completed customs which she was happy with...then seems to have gone to another custom designer....if she had said she didnt approve of the customs fair enough..(she would have been the first EVER)
  23. efe...fire arrows

    to make 80 fire arrows you need efe...80 fire arrows =6.4kgc EFE is selling for far more than that...doesnt exactly encourage making fire arrows!
  24. Engineering Quest Flynt gives no exp.

    use home key to make 1 step then plant mine...start as near to exit as possble but to the left then walk right ..no problem