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  1. Forum Trouble (Can't log in) [SOLVED]

    This happens to me too, I log it, then it logs me out when I try to post. I figured it was a Firefox Problem, but now that I know someone else has the same problem, Im starting to think its a EL forum problem. The strange thing is, It ONLY happens to windows (because, I wouldnt be able to post this if I was on a windows machine- I am on linux). However. Using Wine and Firefox I dont have a problem-wtf? Emulated Windows works better than windows itself. `
  2. Potential Lurer

    So heres the deal, I Finally got Steel plate and had completed my Steel Set (=D). Pranced around in NC sto showing off and Next I get a PM from "TaiLsi". [11:55:03] [PM from TaiLsi: hi] [11:55:10] [PM to TaiLsi: hi] [11:55:16] [PM from TaiLsi: go to train in arena ?] [11:55:25] [PM from TaiLsi: I take my best armor !] [11:55:26] [PM to TaiLsi: you mean pk?] [11:55:29] [PM from TaiLsi: no weapon] [11:55:31] [PM to TaiLsi: no thanks] 11:55:38] [PM from TaiLsi: iam 23/24] [11:55:47] [PM to TaiLsi: no thanks, I dont pk] Of course by this point I get why this person has contacted me, So I play with them for a bit.. [11:55:55] [PM from TaiLsi: no pk] [11:56:27] [PM to TaiLsi: to ty, our guild doesnt allow pvp or pk ] [11:56:27] [PM from TaiLsi: look my armor!] [11:56:38] [PM from TaiLsi: you can Winn it!] [11:56:39] [PM to TaiLsi: Yes I see. Nice] [11:56:40] [PM from TaiLsi: please] [11:56:48] [PM from TaiLsi: please ] [11:56:55] [PM from TaiLsi: iam 23/24] [11:56:57] [PM to TaiLsi: no.] [11:57:03] [PM from TaiLsi: folow me] [11:57:05] [PM from TaiLsi: just] [11:57:19] [PM from TaiLsi: just folow me] Since that wasnt working...As the old saying goes, if you cant beat em join em or atleast, use their tactics against them [11:57:32] [PM to TaiLsi: k hold on ] [11:57:48] [PM from TaiLsi: //ty] [11:57:58] [PM from TaiLsi: take your bestr armor] [11:58:05] [PM to TaiLsi: I dont need armor ] [11:58:16] [PM from TaiLsi: please] [11:58:28] [PM from TaiLsi: I can winn your armor you can winn my armor] [11:58:43] [PM from TaiLsi: please] [11:58:48] [PM to TaiLsi: Hold on] [11:59:38] [PM to TaiLsi: just getting ready [12:00:23] [PM from TaiLsi: your best armor please] [12:00:31] [PM to TaiLsi: this is] I had Put on Steel Chain and Leather Augs at this point. [12:00:50] [PM from TaiLsi: just your steel cuisse and greaves or just your steel plate] [12:01:49] [PM from TaiLsi: please] [12:01:50] [PM to TaiLsi: I just sold it] [12:01:57] [PM to TaiLsi: we fight in this or nothing] [12:02:00] [PM from TaiLsi: you scareds] [12:02:16] [PM from TaiLsi: please] 12:03:45] [PM to TaiLsi: alright lets go] [12:04:00] [PM from TaiLsi: no bye] [12:04:07] [PM to TaiLsi: why? you chicken?] [12:04:08] [PM from TaiLsi: you don't take good azrmor] [12:05:42] [PM to TaiLsi: how about col?] [12:05:48] [PM to TaiLsi: I'll put it on in PK] [12:06:58] [PM to TaiLsi: comon pleasse] [12:07:15] [PM to TaiLsi: if you kill me I'll give you the armor] [12:07:29] [PM from TaiLsi: no take good armor and i come] [12:07:32] [PM from TaiLsi: no weapon] [12:07:43] [PM to TaiLsi: I'll put it on when we get there ok?] [12:07:49] [PM from TaiLsi: ok] Of Course..it doesnt go that way. 12:08:32] [PM from TaiLsi: put it] [12:08:48] [PM to TaiLsi: yea when we get there] [12:09:06] [PM from TaiLsi: take your best armor !] [12:09:11] [PM to TaiLsi: Yeap ] [12:09:37] [PM from TaiLsi: your armor] [12:09:52] [PM from TaiLsi: you havent take armor ] [12:09:57] [PM from TaiLsi: bye] [12:10:04] [PM to TaiLsi: yes I did] [12:10:12] [PM to TaiLsi: i said when we get to pk, I'll put it on] [12:10:22] [PM from TaiLsi: I don't go in arena or pk ] And heres the best part (IMHO) [12:10:30] [PM from TaiLsi: lol iam not noob] <---- [12:10:37] [PM from TaiLsi: you havent got armor] [12:10:48] [PM to TaiLsi: You ask me to pk before] [12:10:51] [PM to TaiLsi: I do have armor] [12:12:41] [PM from TaiLsi: go] [12:12:44] You left channel 4. [12:13:05] [PM from TaiLsi: iam in NC arena] [12:13:09] [PM to TaiLsi: k, OMW] He wasnt at this point, I saw him sneak to where the Rose Quartz is.. Pretty much goes back and forth from this point on. I had discussed it with a guildie, and So I figured this guy has to be a potential Lurer. I'll let the community decide what the next best action would be. Oh, btw, he wouldnt come to PK, So nothing *bad* happened. I didnt loose my stuff nor did he. heres the unedited log. I called it partial because I was still playing and wasnt much convo related to what was going on (none at all in fact). http://www.mediafire.com/?ozdc44a1xem
  3. Linux 1.6.0 client

    Hmm, I still get a core dump error. Anything I can do to fix it? Kubuntu 7.10 Geforce 6800 rest is in the sig
  4. Linux client part 2

    problems till now: water-refections are flickering fighting animatiion interrupted - changes between fighting and waiting better: smooth animations The water flicking happens to me in the Semi Static, try reducing your shadow mapping size to 512 or lower
  5. Linux client part 2

    Did you uncompress and chmod it? Ah, Yes, That fixed it. Starts Up BUT terminal@whatever:~/eternallands/elc-150$ ./el.x86.linux.bin I/O warning : failed to load external entity "actor_defs/missile_defs.xml" Illegal instruction (core dumped) =/ and crashes. ADD: Fixed the missing file thing, Now I just get the core dumped error
  6. Linux client part 2

    Unless Im doing something stupid, Wine starts up for some reason when I click on it (id like to know if anyone else has this problem). Running Kubuntu 7.10.
  7. Linux 1.6.0 client test

    Semi Static Works Fine. Same Post as a Above.
  8. Linux 1.6.0 client test

    Works on Kubuntu 7.10 =D. Worked the first time. Video card: GeForce 6800 GS/AGP/SSE/3DNOW! Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.1 NVIDIA 100.14.19 Hmm Water flickered a bit when far away or at certain angles, So I reduced the shadow mapping size to 512. Sky seems to flicker also, at certain camera angles. There is also a slight *pause* when someone does a spell or teleports for the sound to register (it pauses in the middle, like its a two part sound file). Doesnt do it all the time, Mostly around storage... I noticed everything looks better too, with a bit of a FPS drop around busy storages and some places. Much smoother game play also Atleast sound works and I can see the spell effects. ADD: Water still flickers if your looking through someones HP bar. Goes away if you turn your camera at a different angle. Not much of a problem.
  9. Success Rate for HE's

    Thats one thing I thought of, and I know e goes on forever, but if you just use 2 decimal places (ie, 2.75) It wouldnt be too complicated. I tried using linear regression and the data just doesnt fit. ...Unless...success rate = Level * some modifier *random percentage Then your success is based on your level and doesnt follow a graph..
  10. Network issues part 2

    Nope, No Forced Disconnects Yet. Could the invasion Have something to do with it?
  11. Network issues part 2

    Im using The Linux Client, Uh 1.5.0 Beta (the one thats on the front page). Running Kubuntu 7.10.
  12. Network issues

    All fine from CT, USA. But if you want more Info Here; traceroute to game.eternal-lands.com (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets 1 ( 0.356 ms 0.440 ms 0.555 ms 2 ( 11.847 ms 12.023 ms 12.203 ms 3 bras4-l0.mrdnct.sbcglobal.net ( 15.275 ms 16.394 ms 18.581 ms 4 dist2-vlan50.mrdnct.sbcglobal.net ( 19.297 ms 21.767 ms 24.017 ms 5 bb2-10g2-0.mrdnct.sbcglobal.net ( 26.934 ms 29.350 ms 31.822 ms 6 ex2-p5-1.eqabva.sbcglobal.net ( 43.936 ms 18.996 ms 71.429 ms 7 asn6461-abovenet.eqabva.sbcglobal.net ( 50.908 ms 51.082 ms 27.095 ms 8 so-4-0-0.mpr1.iad2.us.above.net ( 29.262 ms 31.695 ms 33.900 ms 9 so-4-0-0.mpr2.iad1.us.above.net ( 37.091 ms 39.048 ms 41.499 ms 10 so-2-0-0.mpr2.dca2.us.above.net ( 44.207 ms 46.924 ms 49.350 ms 11 so-0-1-0.mpr1.lhr3.uk.above.net ( 124.005 ms 126.364 ms 128.557 ms 12 pos9-2.mpr2.cdg2.fr.above.net ( 111.973 ms 113.599 ms 113.393 ms 13 ge5-1.er2b.cdg2.fr.above.net ( 112.402 ms 111.674 ms te1-4.er2b.cdg2.fr.above.net ( 112.730 ms 14 game.eternal-lands.com ( 112.853 ms 111.922 ms 112.146 ms