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  1. A thought on speed

    Yes, as long as you can keep it up. It also becomes a problem in high traffic areas..you tend to get stopped or slowed down because of people mining iron/sulfur. Advantages: *Faster, less time spent wandering around *More time spent harvesting (which, in turn allows you to make money faster) * More Magic Exp (from healing from poison) * More potion exp (if you make your own anti's) * It looks cool Disadvantages: *huge resource usage. This includes toads, Anti's, SRS, and HE *People may get a bit annoyed, because they tend to "stop" if you cut in front of their path (no ones complained yet though) *needs gc for the potion and the anti's if you dont make them. *Requires you to pay attention when en route to places. No more Afk walking. *Fighting is almost Impossible when your EMU is taken up by SRS/HE. I guess you could have someone mule Toads/Anti's and hyper it. * Some of your EMU is taken up by Toads/Antis/SRS/HE. So, I carry 20 less items...big deal.
  2. Hoarding poll

    Ditto. Harv Ings, wait for scholars or joules day, Then Mix. Of course, I do some mixing in between to keep up my stock of HE/SRS. Recently my bank has been around 50k to 100k, and its dipped to 5k whenever I see a good deal on market for something. Im saving up for NMT cape though. After that, Human 6 and maybe vegetal 6. I dont think you would consider that work to be hoarding, but Like her, I have long term goals in mind. 2 Bindings, 3 Enrich, 1 EME, and 3 EWE.
  3. Screenshot Thread

    Im surprised no one has screenies of running glowy leaves a nice long tail, as does magic Protection.
  4. Potion of speed Hax FAQ

    Fixed. Thanks =D
  5. Removing TS effect

    I voted No, Yes. Ive begun to TS on ogres, partly because Armed orcs give crappy drops. Ogres drop 3 capes (mirror, BP,MM-Ive heard NMT but I have yet to see it), armed orcs only drops HE , SRS and BR-wth? Increase rare drops for Armed Orcs and I may move on. I get more Exp for ogres than I do with Orcs for the same resource usage.
  6. Invasions R Us

    I agree with what Anna has been saying in her last two posts, but to add there still are some cautionary actions one can take to make sure nothing gets stolen/broken lost; 1) Take off everything even if you are in storage. It may take some time to put stuff back on (I only wear CoL + cape) or waste some HE, but its better than loosing a 60kgc item. 2) Carry Dis Rings where ever you go. This will help, but cool down at start up is a problem here. 3) Be aware. IIRC, Gossip can email you if theres an invasion. But there are still somethings one can do even if you cant fight. Some of these assume your fast on the clicker... 1) Put everything in storage and go spotting. You'll get to explore and bit and see what the monsters of EL look like. Your best bet in this would be to scout ahead with a group of people. 2) Go extra DE? Pair up with a tank and harm some monsters. The point of a invasion is to end it quickly and to get as many drops as possible right? You can also heal people also, just stick close to the tanks. Summoning might also work, but only if your >=level 30, however it can get quite spammy in a small map (White dragon in VOTD anyone? ;p) I Do agree that some kinda of safe zone other than IP should be declared. If I had to choose, it would be VOTD or NC. Both are small maps and have most harvestables on them, so atleast if you dont have any ings, you wont be left too high and dry.
  7. How Did You Get Your EL Name?

    Nerdz-Its been a couple years since Ive had this tag, but I think I choose it partially because of my personality and Likes. Yea Im a Nerd in real life , but Nerd and geek are pretty broad terms. I took it mostly because of my love of science and engineering. On a off topic note, some n00b on channel 1 complained about my name be derogatory, Of course, he doesnt know the story behind it.
  8. Discuss/poll about resource blocking

    You have my sympathy, But I voted No. There are 2 maybe 3 places I can name off the top of my head where you can make FE, why they werent used is anyones guess.
  9. Linux Client test

    Is this package any different than the EL RC 1.8.0-4ubuntu2 package I got from apt-get or is this the "final" official client?
  10. RC3

    I found a rather Odd problem. Ive been training in Zirak where the ogre spawn is, when I pick up the bag every now and then (like every 5th bag) bones would disappear. Ive had a Full inventory when its happened and Ive kept the bag open to see if it disappears, and it does (only happens every couple of bags though). There was one other odd problem I found, with the same ogre spawn. I would pick up stuff from the db, and the bag would be empty, but it would still display. I dont think my eyes are deceiving me, but I would like to know if someone else gets the same thing ADD: Gold is changing also. It happens so quick I cant take a screen shot. I open bag and gold changes from a high number to a lower number (or rather it looks like its changing to a random amount) ADD2: One other note, there were bones on the ground that I couldnt hold in my inv, but I dont know how this would make bones in a DB disappear. ADD3: Im also using the get all button. also doesnt seem to matter if inv is full or not, it just seems to happen more often when inv is full. Im updating as I can think of anything else. Im also pretty sure its not going to my inv. ADD4: This is getting strange, without clicking the get all button, I get a error message saying my inv is full. However, my Inv isnt full and the error message shows up in the Inv Window ADD5: Im having problems with the get all button. Sometimes it just doesnt work. Also, last night was the day of more grief.
  11. RC3

    I dont know if this is a map error, or some collision detection error with bears, (note bear stuck in the rocks-He does move) Video card: GeForce 6800 GS/AGP/SSE/3DNOW! Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 169.12 Running Kubuntu 8.04
  12. RC2 Windows binary and Linux/OSX data

    Im running the new RC2 Client and Ive noticed theres no Poison Effects. With 1.7 and RC1 ive had the poison effects, but they seem to be gone from RC2. My settings havent changed either. Video card: GeForce 6800 GS/AGP/SSE/3DNOW! Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 169.12 Kubuntu 8.04
  13. EL 180 RC

    EL just crashed going from MM to WS, no warning or nothing. Running Kubuntu 8.04, using the RC packages from Apt-get Video card: GeForce 6800 GS/AGP/SSE/3DNOW! Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.2 NVIDIA 169.12 Apt-get tells me theres new drivers for my card, but I dont think thats the problem. This has been the only crash Ive had in EL (thats not related to me messing with my system).
  14. Lvling in manu

    I may be a bit late saying this, but oh well. Im just starting out in manu'ing, but has anyone thought of costs? Leather costs 4.667, and thread costs 2 gc. Leather helms use 3 leathers and 4 threads which comes to a total of 22gc. You can sell leather helms to trik for 20gc, so your loosing 2gc per helm. Not Much, However it does add up over time (assuming you do another skill to cover the loss). Once you get to 28 (or a couple levels down) you can start making S2E, which seem to be the only item that is profitable. Manu pots can be used to start making S2E at level 26. If my calcs are correct, by time you get to a point where you no fail at S2E (level 56 manu), and assuming a average success of 75%, you'll end up with 1.3k Hydro Bar, which is appr 27 nexus's. *Yes, I know I assumed 75% success On average. In reality, I would have to use calculus to integrate the success rate vs manu level.
  15. Storage Cleanout Sale!

    Dibs on flowers
  16. Sure i'll participate In Game Name: Nerdz Rl Sex: Male. Also, If it helps, I have been playing EL for appr. 6 Months (according to my forum join date). I have been in my guild for 5 Months. I dont post very much on the forums and only give my opinion when something big is going to happen (or to give a different POV on a subject).
  17. Lenny Repelent

    A simpler solution is....Just dont go out at night, and carry a 90gc Dis Ring in your inventory on the first slot. Then, you dont have to worry about lenny.
  18. Success Rate for HE's

    This was a small project I did on the side.This probably wont make much sense to some people either. For some time Ive been wondering how to figure out your success rate at a given level when making HEs (or any item for that matter). Ive asked around for numbers, did some experimentation (made some HE's basically) and correlated the Numbers. I knew for some time based on the 3 points of data I had, It would involve a e^x function, but I didnt know which one, So More data was needed.After I got a couple more points of data, I grabbed the calc and did some regressions (looked in my math book also) Formula for Success rate when making HE's. This formula is actually a restricted growth formula 100/(1+20e^(.18x)) where x is your level. When I was looking for my data, I found something rather interesting.From levels 18 to 31 there was a Overall 40% Increase in success rate (50% to 90%). From levels 31 to 52 There was only a .5% Change in success rate, and from 52 and up there was 5% change in success rate. So if you make HEs for your mag or profit, you dont need to go much higher than level 31. However, the only reason to level up after that is to improve the success rate of your other essences or bars. SO, What does this mean for the average player? Well When first playing the game, one would assume that 2*rec level would give 100% Right? Wrong! It actually gives about 93% success, However, Using the rule of thumb to achieve a high success rate still holds True. To get Near a 100% success rate you would have to almost triple the rec level to get around 98% success. Thats a lot of leveling to do! The only problem with the above formula is that it doesnt take into account the random factor of astrology or other factors, So Heres another theory Ive developed: (random #) +/- base success rate from above formula Where the random number can vary as much as 10% (Hmm random # varies from 1 to 5, and then that number is turned into a percentage). What this means is that You may get a lousy 88% or even up to 95% at double the rec. level. This formula can also be applied to Other Essences/bars/Armor/Potions/etc by changing the 20 and .18 constants, but 4 or 5 points of data would be needed to develop the formula for the success rate of those things.
  19. EL dreams?

    Im hoping thats sarcasm and not troll bait. Dreams Are random Firings of the nerves from within your brain, your conscious mind then puts together those random firings to something that makes sense, which also happens to be random too. However, dreaming is also when your brain strengthens connections thats were damaged during the day and also establishes new ones. The brain also "remembers" actions you took during the day, for example, if you were trying a new sport, you brain would remember the exact locations of your muscles and reinforce them, thus making you better. Thus when you try that new thing the next day, you'll be that much better at it since you'll remember what you did the previous day. So Yes, if you want to get better at something, practice but get a good nights sleep. Anywhoo, Ive had them too once or twice, Something with Mixing and the whole world shaking and turning. I was thinking of suggesting a random earth quake through all of C1 and C2, so maybe it stemmed from that idea. Yea, nothing interesting, Just me sitting and mixing .
  20. How about a new day where monsters have a increased Chance of Rare Drops? Day Name: Increased Rare Drops Day Description: Monsters have a better chance of dropping a rare item Role Play: (suggestions?)
  21. 1k SRS for sale

    Nevermind, Changed my mind and decided not to sell.
  22. Be your own pet

    I Love this idea =D, but I dislike the idea of having a high summoning level (60) to make tokens. IIRC, you can make summoning stones at level 30, shouldnt you be able to do the same with tokens? Just a thought, thats the only complaint I have, other than that, when can we expect to see this skill? Would it be a gold sink like archery (or as much of a gold sink)?
  23. Buyable nexuses

    I voted Yes, and because it would stimulate the market even more. People are going to be needed to make the steel, iron and FEs used to make S2Es, thus there would be a greater demand and lower supply on those items which would drive the price up. Players get their free PP while us alcher's Get richer. Its a Win-Win in my mind.
  24. Vote for EL Linux packages

    Extract Zip and do the ch-mod thing the download section tells you how to do it..But I would love to have a kubuntu or deb prepackaged file..Then I cant screw anything up.