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  1. Expiring bots

    Paid for Bomb_Shop and storedragon including unlock fee Transaction ID: 48D830608A461113B
  2. Bot expiration

    Paid bot unlock and yearly fee for bomb_shop and storedragon Transaction 6Y228971GC248105D
  3. Expiring bots

    Bomb_shop paid Storedragon paid can you please change the ownership to Greypal, Cyberwulf has passed away years ago Belldandy paid new owner: Steinbeisser Transaction-ID: 9MB87523AA991342G
  4. Expiringbots, November 2015

    Bots Bomb_shop and Storedragon paid. Transaction ID: 43293305X6606094P Please update the owner for both bots to be me.
  5. Expiring bots, November 2014

    Payment done for bomb_shop Transaction ID 3SK00469R3540604C. Please also change the owner to greypal, i took over the business after cyberwulf passed away.
  6. Server Problem? Or just us?

    very strange, sure, "#Message from God: Server going down" made it through
  7. Server Problem? Or just us?

    The connection is accepted, but closed immediately without any banner
  8. New and updated trade bot list

    Since cyberwulf passed away last year i took over responsibility for Bomb_shop.
  9. Some routers down

    now the connection is back see the history: Fri Dec 16 00:06:56 CET 2011: CRITICAL - Socket timeout after 10 secondst 2000 Fri Dec 16 00:17:12 CET 2011: TCP OK - 3.021 second response time on port 2000 Fri Dec 16 00:18:22 CET 2011: CRITICAL - Socket timeout after 10 secondst 2000 Fri Dec 16 00:34:05 CET 2011: TCP OK - 9.023 second response time on port 2000
  10. Global Quest FAQ

    donated 2 oranges Result: I am trying to make a special potion. I need 70000 Ogre Toes of which I have 70000, 90000 Vegetables and I have 90000, 3 Pear of which I already have 3, and finally, 25 Orange of which I already have 16.
  11. Testing the horses on the test server

    Gratz fedora, \o/ Good news, after testing a while (more than 1 hour) we (finja and i) were not able to reproduce it. We hunted the bug succesfully down Now it seems another test with more ppl makes sense.
  12. EL 1.9.1 RC1 released

    Since your error_log.txt still shows the message downloading from www2.gm.fh-koeln.de it is not using the scaled files. and BTW this is not something to be handled here. As i meanwhile mention on the page do not bother radu or other el-staff with this.
  13. Testing the horses on the test server

    So meanwhile i was able to completely "lock" the horse also on the quad-cpu machine, see the recent logs and screenies in the quad-cpu directory. Also Finja joined the "test"-team and uses two different systems for testing, you will find two additional directories: finja-old, where finja can also reproduce the problem very quickly finja-new, like my quad-cpu system the problem only occurs very rarely finja-new is not populated yet in the notebook directory there is a new sequence showing several situations. a brief description 1. aim, shot, miss and the horse gots stuck and i fly when moving to a new position 2. aim shot and hit a target then the stuck horse advances 3. move again the horse stays where it is 4. again shot and hit a target the horse advances again and so on so somehow the miss and or hit interfere with the horse movement :/
  14. Testing the horses on the test server

    ok still reproducable, so i added two console logs and screenshots, forgot to make a screenie for the first file, but just restarted client, logged on, aimed, shot, missed and ... happened http://greypal.el-fd.org/screenshots/test/ BTW: the current cvs will not compile without MORE_ATTACHED_ACTORS defined CC actor_scripts.o actor_scripts.c: In function ‘animate_actors’: actor_scripts.c:363: warning: unused variable ‘wasbusy’ actor_scripts.c: At top level: actor_scripts.c:382: warning: data definition has no type or storage class actor_scripts.c:382: warning: type defaults to ‘int’ in declaration of ‘SDL_mutexV’ actor_scripts.c:382: warning: parameter names (without types) in function declaration actor_scripts.c:384: warning: data definition has no type or storage class actor_scripts.c:384: warning: type defaults to ‘int’ in declaration of ‘last_update’ actor_scripts.c:384: error: initializer element is not constant actor_scripts.c:385: error: expected identifier or ‘(’ before ‘}’ token actor_scripts.c: In function ‘next_command’: actor_scripts.c:1339: error: ‘thecount’ undeclared (first use in this function) actor_scripts.c:1339: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once actor_scripts.c:1339: error: for each function it appears in.) actor_scripts.c:1680: warning: unused variable ‘rotation_angle’ make: *** [actor_scripts.o] Errors 1 reason is that "thecount" is used outside of MORE_ATTACHED_ACTORS blocks but defined inside of one at the beginning of the file
  15. Testing the horses on the test server

    sorry to say, it took only 10 minutes to check out, compile and fly again, on the notebook you will find a recent console log and a corresponding screenshot in the notebook directory. http://greypal.el-fd.org/screenshots/test/