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  1. bmoc55 : A scamming alt

    Over and over I keep seeing "thats not how you help a guildie" For the record..... he was given for FREE items and gear. he was loaned higher lvl weapons and gear and when they broke it was a case of "oh well". he had help on quests, things like "i need 1k rubies and i dont have the nexus" so we gave him the rubies..or i can't kill this mob for novak and BB knocked the mob down so bmoc could kill it. he was GIVEN gc. I myself ran errands to the npcs for him because he was anti at the time...I asked for no recompense other than what the npc was asking. He was in MOB for less than a month and in that time he asked for (and was given) a lot.... he gave NOTHING in return. So enough with all the "thats not how you help a guildie" stuff, we did help him. I've also seen some of you ragging on our guild tag. Would your attitudes be different if we called ourselves BL (bunny lovers...we harv for carrots)? Ask yourselves this... how many members of MOB have been in the disputes forum for bjing? for scamming? for dishonorable pk? for general rule breaking? Please base your arguements on logic and not on some prejudice over our guild tag or our very warped sense of humour.
  2. bmoc55 : A scamming alt

    Found the chat log for the original "Deal".... i deleted a few minutes because bmoc was afk 18:58:33] #GM from Biker_Boy: ok bmoc, I buy ur cutty for forty and lend you 50 [18:58:42] #GM from Biker_Boy: you pay back 70 [18:58:47] #GM from Biker_Boy: deal? [19:00:21] #GM from Biker_Boy: bmoc? [19:00:30] #GM from Biker_Boy: hmm [19:01:28] #GM from Biker_Boy: you afker [19:04:42] #GM from bmoc55: reallly! [19:04:45] #GM from Biker_Boy: ohh novac [19:04:49] #GM from Moblin: got my coord up to 32 [19:04:54] #GM from Biker_Boy: Nice! [19:04:59] #GM from bmoc55: you would buy cutty forgty lend fifty.so 90 total and i only pay 70k!? [19:05:12] #GM from Biker_Boy: pay 70 back yes [19:05:18] #GM from bmoc55: ok ok ok ))) [19:05:27] #GM from Biker_Boy: and rebuy ur cutty way later if you like it [19:05:35] #GM from Kanuq: and whatcha gonna do with all the gc bmoc? [19:05:36] #GM from Biker_Boy: for the forty [19:06:09] #GM from bmoc55: buy my col back coz i reset and was being cumb [19:06:11] #GM from bmoc55: really dumb
  3. bmoc55 : A scamming alt

    Should BB have asked bmoc for the extra 20k interest on the loan? dont know... the fact is that bmoc did agree to it... and has since refused to pay back the original 50k or make any attempt at repayment....the arguement about the cutty should tell you something...bmoc wants it back even tho BB paid for it...and i know this because i was there when the original transaction happened. so on one hand u have a person who bought a cutty for 40k and lent the other person 50k with serious interest...on the other hand u have a person who refuses to repay the original loan with or without interest and demands the return of an item they sold and when questioned about repayment quit the guild... think hard ppl...you'll see who the scammer truly is even if u dispute the 20k in interest how can u justify not repaying the 50k principal?
  4. GC Buying & Selling

    As far as I'm concerned the issue should be what's best for EL. What's best for EL is having Ent making a living from it. If he can't then we are all screwed out of a darn good game. Having said that, the one and only person who should have the right to sell gc is Ent...all others should be banned. Would it piss me off if some newbie bought millions of gc and used it to level themselves? Yes it would. Would it piss me off to the point that I'd quit EL? No. GC buying isn't even necessary. You could just as easily get a bot and load it with shop bought items. Ent gets paid and we get free EL.
  5. The RPing in MMORPGs

    I voted very important....its the geek/nerd in me. There are so many half finished stories in EL. Makes me crazy. What are those pirates doing??? What is it with the satellite??? What happened in Tirnym? (Why is everyone who does the past quest seem to be an engineer from a space ship???)etc etc. While I know the official writers of EL have written background stories, it would be nice if they were implemented in the game. As far as having the npcs move, I love the idea. I'd even enjoy it if they randomly said things...ie if you're passing past an npc that sells books or items they can hawk their wares, some could be very pleasant while others could be mildly insulting. EL can only benefit from having a richer "history". More quests would be great too, they give people a reason to go to maps they would not normally choose to go to.
  6. In the 1920's "the establishment" were upset by the flappers...not only did these wanton women show their ankles they showed their knees!!! In the 1950's comic books were considered harmful to young minds and all sorts of censorship had to be used just so that little Timmy can't see a picture of a zombie oozing slime. In the 1950's Rock and Roll was the 'devil's music" and listening to it would cause innocent little white girls to go out and have sex with nefarious teenage boys. (OMG did you see that Elvis Presley on Sullivan last night??? He moved his hips in SUCH a suggestive manner!) In the 1960's the hippies scared the bejezus out of everyone over 30. In the 1970's Dungeons and Dragons was largely seen by the public as a gateway to mental illness. I am not joking. When my parents found out that every Saturday I was a half-elf fighter/magic user, I was given a long lecture on the evils of D&D and they told me how worried they were for my sanity. In the 1980's the world despaired over rap music (which I think totally sucks but thats just a matter of personal taste). The point of all this is simple... every single generation engages in an activity or behaviour that upsets the hell out of their elders. Our parents did things that upset their parents who upset their parents etc etc etc. Each and every time one of these major cultural shifts occur the establishment has a knee-jerk reaction to try and stop this change. This is human nature and won't be changing any time soon. So we will do what we always do when we are told we CAN'T do something... we will do it anyway...just secretly. Censorship and prohibition of any kind always fails.
  7. Custom Clothing

    I voted "no what is custom clothing".... I know what it is...I just haven't seen any (I don't have the client and didn't know there was one.) From what I've read in this thread tho I heartily agree that custom clothes should be given a thumbs up from the mods and devs before being allowed ingame.
  8. KF o:

    I'm not a pker..never have been and never will be, so what happens in KF doesn't effect me at all. Having said that, I do miss the free mercury. If some of the pkers are annoyed at the ND aspect of pking in KF then maybe they should start hosting pk contests in KF or simply challenge other pkers to meet them on some other pk map. Or they could even go to the pk server. There are plenty of options to avoid the whole ND fracas that do not include changing the game.
  9. Ok enuff said... the mods don't like the idea
  10. No. Mods are still players like everyone else with some additional duties. I wouldn't like to be some ubbersized gnome btw. Ooooooo mega garden gnomes!!! I want one I want one now!!! Actually if the mods don't like the idea of being visibly different how bout just changing the colour of their text chat... ie when a mod types in local or in a channel their text would be orange or green or whatever...just something to distinguish it from the non mods.
  11. Very well written and lots of fun to read...more please!!!
  12. Spikeyaya did say ONE thing that kinda makes sense.... there should be a way to distinguish mods from the regular players... make them tall or something...give them halos....whatever works. People coming from other games will then recognize a mod when they see them and personally the idea of 12 foot tall mods makes me all tingly
  13. Adopt a newbie program

    I'd be willing to mentor altho I'm still considered a newb myself (after 1 and 1/2 yrs). I'd like to make another suggestion to go with the adopt a newb program (for which I am probably going to get flamed)... start enforcing rules #2 and 3. I've gotten a few ppl to try EL and each and every one quit within a week because of being abused in channels 1 and 4 and in local for being "stupid noobs". People who have been playing this game for a long time or have a high a/d seem to think this game is just for them and are frequently nasty to newer players. Newbies are going to ask questions and they are going to break game protocol/etiquette...so instead of allowing the rampant flaming why not insist ppl just try to be courteous and polite human beings for a change?
  14. Manufacturing strike!

    Huge thread...but useful for killing time while harving. Seems to me the biggest issue is who thinks they have the most right to make gc in this game.... harvers,mixers(I mean all makeable items), and fighters. So here are my suggestions for what they're worth. 1) monsters no longer drop makeable or harvestable items (including stones) but gc drop is increased 2)make the pk areas around rare metal sites no drop zones (if the pkers dont have to lose their stuff why should the harvers?) 3)increase the xp level for higher level items 4) this is the one I'll prob get flamed for..... radu sets a base price for each and every item in the game...everything that can be harvested,made or found in a drop. ie nothing can be sold for less than x amount of gc and at the same time sets it so that no one can make more than a reasonable profit (ie 15%)..people can still make a profit and no one will get gouged.
  15. Reputation

    I know this has probably been touched on in other threads BUT I couldn't find anything specific about what I am about to suggest. Due to the fact that disputes generally come down to one person's word vs another person's word (because there is no actual way to prove anything in a virtual world), perhaps its time to institute a reputation rating. That way when a dispute does happen a person's reputation will go a long way to decide (at least in the minds of the readers) who was in the right. As an example... For every LOGGED in day (so many hrs logged in) a person would get one reputation point provided they didn't get a demerit. For every offense punished by the mods points would be taken away, amount of deduction based upon the nature of the offense. Similarly, persons who are reported frequently in disputes could have points deducted. The reputation of a person could be looked up on gossip. Further the person "registering" a dispute would have to declare their reputation rating. The rating would stay with the account forever. It would make it a lot easier for gms to decide who to take into their guilds and a lot easier for people to decide who to avoid. This is just an idea.. I know it has flaws so feel free to blast away at the concept
  16. Reputation

    I know a reputation is a subjective thing... but so are all the replies to every dispute. There has to be a better way of doing things rather than a complainant posting and everyone else flaming them. As to time not being an indicator of reputation? Think about it... if a player spends hundreds of hours not doing things to get in trouble with the mods and not getting reported in the dispute threads then obviously the must have a good reputation and therefore are more believable when they make a complaint as opposed to someone who doesn't. Its kind of like the system would act as a character witness. I'm not suggesting that any reputation system would have any ingame effect or benefits except those that having a good reputation would have anyway. (btw if u as a thread moderator think this subject is such a waste of your time and other peoples times then why don't u just delete it instead of publically insulting me)
  17. Dolamar Bagjumper

    Sorry grud...had to put in my 2 cents. I understand the need for proof. But how about also considering a person's reputation? If the person has never been cited for bad behavior and is known for being "honorable" shouldn't they be taken at their word? Afterall anyone can fake a log if they have a mind to. (And the cheaters/scammers/bjers are more likely to do that then the honest players.) As to the point in question... if grud says so and so bjed I believe him. To the best of my knowledge he has always been an honest player.
  18. Awards system

    Ummm how bout ... Playmate of the Month for the person who is matched most by Gossip for pvp or mana ping pong. Elmer Fudd Award for any person who has killed xxx amount of rabbits/fluffies. Sharpshooter for the person who has the most consecutive ranging hits. (or for making xxx amount of successful ranging hits). Harvester of Doom for the person who has been teled to kf the most. Butterfingers for the person who has the highest amount of mixing failures. The Ghoul for the player who eats the most bones. The Pacifist for the player with the highest oa but the lowest a/d. Unibomber for the player who has planted the most landmines. Satan's GF/BF for the person who has been hellspawned the most. Wile E Coyote for the person who has made everything there is to make in engineering.
  19. Question about the economy

    There are plenty of ppl in this game who would freak out if harvestables were limited (myself included). Lots of people like doing "projects". Making thousands of an ess or hundreds of rings etc. (btw I do that for my own personal use not for gc). For that we need large quantities of harvestables. If we can't harvest what we need/want when we need/want it then we can't mix. Then what do we do?? Believe it or not there are ppl in EL who rarely train a/d (if ever). As to pkers not making a living just from pk.. that's nonsense. There is more than one pker who makes a "living" off selling the drops from the players they kill. Some have even been known to ransom dbs. The idea that the shops buying flowers don't serve a useful purpose to the economy is obviously that of someone who forgets what it's like to be a newb. Face it... without the votd flower shop most newbs would quit for lack of buying power. And whether you leets like it or not this game needs new newbs on a regular basis. A) it potentially funds Ent which makes this game continue without newbs eventually everyone would be a leet and have all the best gear and then what??? we stand around deciding who pwns who? Do I like the prices that the bots buy and sell at?? Hell no. But then again the bot owners paid rl money for the priviledge of having a bot. Don't like a bots prices.. look elsewhere. The idea of ppl striking to get better prices for their made goods won't work. There will always be a "scab" waiting for the opportunity to fill the supply void... just like in rl. People seriously need to quit griping and apply themselves and try earning gc the old fashioned way... work for it. Harving ings is always cheaper than paying for them and there are npcs who buy things that players won't. And for those who complain that Ent is controlling the economy.. so what if he is. It's his game afterall.
  20. Quote of the week submissions

    [CanCowgirl @ 4]: *tosses Acorn some nuts* [Acorn @ 4]: ack im not a cannibal! [Forever @ 4]: *snatchs acorns nuts* [geritt @ 4]: erm... [Forever @ 4]: that didn't sound righ t._. [Acorn @ 4]: forever u better be buying me dinner first [Forever @ 4]: *checks wallet* still waiting for a steak *sigh*
  21. Removing rule 5 (multiplaying)

    I voted NO I know harving can be boring because there are things that can take forever to harv. If it was all easy as lilacs then we'd all be rich and have the best armour and the best weapons and the best of everything. Where would the challenge be? Why would anyone need multiple alts anyway? The only sense I can make of it is people wanting the world of EL to be handed to them on a silver platter. Work for it like the rest of us. As to the ppl who have multiple ppl playing from the same IP. I understand and sympathize. Perhaps what is needed is not an end to rule #5 but a way for the HONEST people to be able to interact with each other. ie after a certain period of time when it is shown irrefutably that there are 2 ppl with 2 different characters then maybe a way should be found for those characters to interact.
  22. Appearances

    As the description says... this is my second attempt. Hopefully, this one is more within the framework then my last attempt. Please feel free to comment/critique. dawench (ingame name Acorn) Appearances Acorn sat in the quietest corner of the Drunken Pony, slowly sipping at a mug of ale. The tavern was packed with travellers either going to or coming from Isla Prima. Diana, the tavern keeper, was bustling around, much too busy for one of their usual chats. Acorn chuckled to herself as a fresh faced youngster darted up to the bar and slapped his hand down hard on the counter. Diana cursed him as he ran from the tavern. Slapping the counter of the various taverns around Whitestone seemed to have become a sport lately and Diana often grumbled over the disruption it caused. This was how Acorn had first met Diana. Less than a month before, Acorn herself had been one of the fresh faced youngsters slapping the counters of the taverns of Whitestone. Now with her leather armour stained with blood and feeling stronger and a little wiser, Acorn no longer had time or interest in games. What did interest Acorn was learning the skill of manufacturing. She longed for the day when she would be skilled enough to pound metal into armour or talented enough to make enchanted weapons. Her fingers itched to get a hold of dragon scale and see what she could make from it. It wasn’t just the skill alone that Acorn wanted. She wanted the respect and admiration that came along with being a master armourer. She especially wanted that respect and admiration from Michael. Acorn had met Michael the week before in the Valley of the Dwarves. He owned the general store there and had been very friendly when Acorn had gone in to sell the fox fur scarves she had made. She had listened intently as he told her of the great weapon and armour makers of Draia. He told her of their skill and fame and their fortune. His handsome face beamed with excitement as he proudly displayed his prize possession, a complete set of black dragon scale armour. Acorn was captivated by his stories and also by his charms. Michael had admired the quality of her scarves and asked if she would be willing to make him 100 fur hats. Acorn had been abashed when she had admitted that she didn’t know how to make a fur hat. He had smiled warmly at her when he told her what items she would need to make the hats. He also told her that when she brought him the hats he would tell her how to make fur cloaks and that he would pay a good price for them. Acorn had left his store excited at the prospect of bettering her skill. She also felt a strong desire to make his face glow with the excitement she had seen on it when he talked about fine weapons and armour. This was why Acorn sat sipping ale in the Drunken Pony on that particular day. For the entire previous week she had done nothing but hunt white rabbits in Whitestone. She needed a break from hunting. As it was, she was frustrated and dismayed that all she had to show for her efforts were 35 pelts. White rabbits didn’t seem to be that plentiful in Whitestone. Acorn finished the last of her ale and was contemplating going back to the hunt when a stranger entered the tavern. His titanium plate armour and thermal serpent sword showed him to be a warrior of great wealth if not skill. Dangling from his belt were dozens of white rabbit pelts. Acorn was wondering whether she should ask him where he hunted when he spoke to her. “What are you staring at?” he asked in a gruff and demanding voice. Acorn was smart enough to realize that he could probably kill her with one blow from his mighty sword. She smiled at him pleasantly and in her most respectful tones said, “I’m sorry if I was staring, but I couldn’t help but notice all the lovely white rabbit furs you have.” Mollified, the warrior relaxed and sat down across from Acorn. He bellowed at Diana to fetch him ale and food. As he ate he told her where he had been hunting. “The Grubani Peninsula is a great place if you want furs like these,” he told Acorn. “Just head south at the first fork west of Lakeside Village and you’ll be on the right road.” Acorn thanked him politely and offered to pay for his meal. He thanked her and then quickly stood up and left the tavern. Acorn left soon after him and headed along the western road. Before long she came to the fork and made her way south. It was a short while later when she saw the signpost that marked the boundary between Whitestone and the Grubani Peninsula. Passing through the gap in the mountains, Acorn entered Grubani with a spring in her step. She happily noticed that there were few trees in Grubani which would make spotting the rabbits much easier. Smiling with the idea of how easy her task had now become, Acorn stepped off the road and into a grassy meadow. She had taken just three steps when she spotted a fluffy white rabbit. With a roar of glee, Acorn sprang at the creature. To her surprise it charged at her. She had never seen a rabbit act like that. Before that thought had finished entering Acorn’s mind the rabbit was upon her. It shredded her leather armour without any effort and then its teeth and claws were ripping at her flesh. Acorn knew that she was going to die. She could feel the animal ripping the life out of her. Her eyes closed and she felt and thought no more. Pain, unending and terrible, rolled over Acorn in waves. It screamed along her body and crashed into her brain. The mewling cries like that of a tortured creature awoke Acorn. Only then did she realize that she was still alive and that the horrid noises were coming from her. Her mind senseless from pain failed to notice the trio of people standing around her. She barely heard the mumbled incantations as the trio used magic to bring her back from the brink of death. She slipped back into the pain numbing realm of unconsciousness as the largest of the three lifted her up in strong arms. When next she awoke, Acorn was by the campfire on Isla Prima. Her wounds had been tended and the pain had receded to a dull throb. She had vague memories of three people coming to her aid but she couldn’t picture their faces. Looking around the campfire, the only person in sight was Prattler, the story teller. With a sigh of regret, Acorn closed her eyes and fell back into a healing sleep. When Acorn had fully recovered her health, she returned to Whitestone and went back to her hunting of white rabbits. These rabbits were weak and easy to kill unlike the horror she had encountered in the fragrant meadows of the Grubani Peninsula. It took some time, but, eventually, she had all the necessary items to make 100 fur hats. It was with a sense of self-satisfaction that she took the boat to the Valley of the Dwarves. Michael smiled at her as warmly as he had the first time but didn’t seem to remember her at all. He thanked her for bringing him the hats and then started gushing about weapons and armour and the greatest makers of these in the realm. It was practically the same conversation as her first one with him. Acorn thanked him for the gold he gave her and quietly left. She didn’t even bother to ask him how to make a fur cloak. Once back in the familiar world of Desert Pines, Acorn returned to hunting foxes and wolves and never forgot the lesson she had learned. Appearances can be very deceiving, especially those of white rabbits and handsome men.
  23. The Greatest EL Player

    You can talk about the best at a skill or who has killed more players etc. For me the greatest EL players are the ones who make me come back for more. They are the ones who show kindness and have a great sense of humour. They go out of their way to help other people (even ones who aren't in their guild). They make the game fun by being humourous and lighthearted. They hold contests for the heck of it. They donate stuff so other people can have contests. These people are the heart and soul of the game. Woo (come back from the pk server please please please) Shodokan Shamara Ozmondius LadyBea CoderCR Agrilles Moebird Annatira Theladin (and I'm not brown nosing!) This list could go on forever so I'll just end by saying if it weren't for players like these, I and many other newbies, would have quit in our first week.
  24. Polymorph ideas

    Someone mentioned this earlier but there was no response to it.... What if the polymorph has increased abilities that coincide with a perk?? Will the effect be cumulative??? One other thing... how about something that reduces toad poisoning?? I would definitely be into that.
  25. Are you an EL oldbie?

    I think I started playing EL in either July or August 07. Got disenchanted with the game in February 08 and retired a character. Started a new character in March cuz I'm too damned addicted to the game. Now I have a q for all the "oldbies" in the game. Just when does someone stop being a newbie??? I've heard everything from "you'll always be a noob cuz you weren't here for the crash" to "when you hit oa 100 ask me again".