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  1. 1. Since more double FCW spawns were added and more people (will) start training on them, I assume the rate at which Serpent Sword of Fire books are added to the game is or will be increasing. Currently, there is hardly a market for these (except for those few collectors), so I suggest adding this drop book to the Gerund quests. 2. The potions offering protection against cold, heat and radiation are, to my knowledge, barely used. Perhaps an NPC can be added to Dorel's customers list, asking you for a certain amount of protection pots in exchange for gc and pot xp.
  2. animal and pots

    Antlers and bear furs: 13k wim80 ingame
  3. pot achievement

    Indeed, this worked out fine! Thanks, Raz.
  4. pot achievement

    I recently finished the pot tut, but the achievement is not visible ingame nor on the site's personal page. Is this related to the problem with the book achievement?(http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=55312) Ingame char name: wim80
  5. huge storage sale

    2k gypsum @3 each = 6k Ingame wim80.
  6. Mushroomer achievement

    That would indeed explain a lot. Thanks. wim80
  7. Mushroomer achievement

    Sunday I got the message I reached rank 2/3, yet even after #save and re-log, my page kept indicating rank 1/3. Today I received the pop-up of rank 3/3 and as expected, my page showed 2/3. As I haven't actually counted the shrooms I ate, I'm not exactly sure if the pop-up or the indication on my page is wrong. I'm curious if someone else noticed a similar problem. Ingame name wim80.
  8. quimbly spawn serper without reason

    Sure. Many thanks for your quick response in sorting this out. Thumbs up for HOLY!
  9. quimbly spawn serper without reason

    section two: [10:19:33] You failed to flee. [10:19:34] You failed to flee. [10:19:36] You failed to flee. [10:19:51] BaGouris: quimbly [10:19:51] [PM to VinoVeritas: and he starts again] [10:19:59] Quimbly: sup bra [10:20:12] BaGouris: can u stop this bullshit? [10:20:29] Quimbly: well ur a victem of wim [10:20:39] [PM to VinoVeritas: please ask bagouris too] [10:20:40] wim80: wtf [10:20:44] Quimbly: this crybaby is stiring up too much trouble to let alone [10:21:21] [PM to BaGouris: because i posted it prolly]
  10. Quimbly walked in on feros bethel cave and started serping a double spawn. Even sharing wasn't an option apparently: [09:44:20] You recovered 190 material points [09:46:37] You are too far away! Get closer! [09:48:08] wim80: oi [09:48:37] wim80: hey why you do this? [09:48:46] BaGouris: lol [09:49:09] wim80: bagouris, any idea? [09:49:15] Quimbly: [09:49:17] [PM from BaGouris: is there reason he serp u?] [09:49:26] BaGouris: quim [09:49:49] BaGouris: why u serp? [09:49:56] [PM to BaGouris: no] [09:50:12] Quimbly: i had this spawn before u were born [09:50:19] wim80: ?? [09:50:26] BaGouris: lmao [09:51:05] You are too far away! Get closer! [09:51:56] circe has logged on. [09:51:58] BaGouris: quimbly [09:52:29] #Ig [wim80->HOLY] hi [09:52:48] #Ig [wim80->HOLY] can someone tell quimbly to stop serping please [09:53:29] BaGouris: why u serp? [09:53:32] BaGouris: really now I call Bagouris as witness. and it continues... [09:53:29] BaGouris: why u serp? [09:53:32] BaGouris: really now [09:53:52] Quimbly: i was training here before you were born [09:54:00] BaGouris: why don't u just train in one spawn and everything will be fine [09:55:13] BaGouris: ok we want to train here why don't go somewhere else and serp? [09:55:20] BaGouris: u* [09:56:08] [PM from BaGouris: i think it worked:P] [09:56:47] [PM from BaGouris: lol] [09:57:03] BaGouris: quimbly pls [09:57:11] Quimbly: hey guy [09:57:21] Quimbly: you know hop scotch? [09:57:30] BaGouris: no [09:57:35] Quimbly: its fun [09:57:46] [PM from BaGouris: is he drunk or sth?]
  11. Hèhè I know why they are implemented and that they're not so bad on higher-end harvestables...I just wondered if it's possible their ratio has been increased over the last few days. They seem to be more numerous than say two weeks ago. No stats to prove that really, only a feeling.
  12. Bit on the same topic: are there other people experiencing an increase in mini-events too? I'm skeptic and have harv level 94: to harv 800 red roses, 21 events; for 240 wormwood, 14 events. Are we being punished for this post?
  13. NMT idea

    Thumbs up for Wizzy's analysis. So if NMT gets breakable, wouldn't that mean players will be staying on the same monsters for a longer time, hoping to reduce the breaking chance, but at the same time increasing boredom with the prospect of yet another 10k ogre/fluf/feros? I'm not sure that's the effect we want...
  14. More realism - rotting items

    Well, how about this for realism? Archaeology has discovered metal gear from at least 3,000 years ago, so if this time limit is implemented, by all means, let's sit and watch that iron sword degrade!
  15. Enchanted Pickaxes

    Splendid idea and well thought thru, you got my vote!