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  1. Steam?

    I have been using Steam for years, and just noticed what used to be a standalone web browser game called Eldevin added onto Steam. Like EL it's F2P, and I couldn't help but think that EL could possibly boost it's marketing, exposure, and playerbase if it was listed on Steam. More than likely develops have thought of this already but just my two cents.
  2. Steam?

    isuspect eldevin tanked becausr of limited gameplay, Took me few months to max level, if you max a skill like tailoring, you can make a wizard hat which never breaks, never gets lost, you only ever need one. Gets old fast, that game.. nothing to do with steam In comparison EL has unique gameplay mechanics, depth, and an oldschool feel as an MMO, what many gamers still look for in an MMO; not just fancy graphics. EL's just lacking that ;arger playerbase/community it had back in mid-2000s, making it feel a bit empty sometimes when walking around maps. In terms of the $100 fee, I wouldn't mind donating some, maybe many others would too.
  3. Titans

    Quite an interesting idea. Saw an invasion warning ingame, and had a thought that a lack of role-playing element was missing from invasions, so did a quick search in the suggestions section. World bosses are pretty common in other RPG's e.g. the Lich King and Deathwing in WoW. We have two opposing god's in EL, Aluwen and Mortos. What if they each God had minions that had a roleplaying influence on invasions. For example, Mortos could have a minion that took on the persona of a Summoner (with some unique name), that could spawn monsters or even convert monsters on the map. And Aluwen could have a minion that healed characters fighting an invasion, or a champion that players would have to protect from Mortos's invasion critters. Incentives/rewards for invasion participation could be say special days blessed by Aluwen for success or bad days cursed by Mortos for failure. In other words, instead of simply clearing maps of invasion critters, create world bosses under the influence of Mortos/Aluwen with unique personas that influence invasions somehow. Anyways, just my two cents.
  4. PK in KF has obviously stagnated, and Total War has a lot of potential to take PK the next step further and create a bit more interest in PK after 7-8 years. AFAIK only PkG and DiE! used Total War extensively and I remember everyone enjoyed watching them fight it out at VotD. It's a shame Total War hasn't been fined tuned and tweeked further - expensive rostogol stones and getting no drops from frags being two key issues. When you are killed in Total War and have this stone in your inventory, you lose all the items in your inventory EXCEPT the items you have in your Equipment slots, so as to actually give drops after fragging someone (Come on, we all miss getting drops!). Besides the occasional armor breaks you run no risk of dropping your hard earned dragon armor, NMT capes, etc. You can only lose this in your inventory when you are killed in Total War by a Total War opponent at night. For example, if you are killed in normal combat by a grizzly bear this stone will not work and you will drop as usual if you do not have a rostogol in your inventory. Can be found while mining like the rostogol stone. Like the rostogol stone, maybe they can be bought from the shop for example maybe 50c each (~5kgc in-game I think), but can probably be bought only in minimum bundles of 20 or 40 (?); I'm sorry if I've overstepped by actually suggesting shop prices but the point is to make them cheap to encourage use. Personally, I would love the idea of being able to hunt down opponents all over Draia using scouts, informants, and then developing strategies to get the frags (and if frags are to be shown in PK Central I think guild tags of the fragger and fragged should be shown as well). Thoughts?
  5. about sunnyd

    very sad news i remember talking to her while harvesting once, she was a very nice person my condolences to her friends and family
  6. New achivements.

    yeah love the achievements, the more the better summoner one sounds good (@OP i don't think summon stones should count, summoning monsters is more challenging)
  7. Increasing NPC prices

    idd vote no
  8. 1.9.2 Update

    nvm, fixed by updating drivers
  9. Advice on gfx card etc.

    Hey...bought a new gfx card, I get an fps boost and can now enable a few more options in EL. I get average 25-30 FPS a lot of maps but 8-12 when walking around near Fort Hallagan in MM - still laggy. Now I don't know much about computers etc. so was wondering if this is all I can expect or there are some options I can tinker with to make gameplay better. Appreciate it. Specs: Win 7 64-bit IntelĀ® CeleronĀ® CPU E3400 @ 2.60GHz x2 2GB RAM Video card: ATI Radeon HD 5450 Vendor ID: ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version: 4.1.10750 Compatibility Profile Context resolution set at 1024x768x32 Is it the RAM that's letting me down?
  10. Advice on gfx card etc.

    Shadows already off, AA is 0 Also, I only have show reflections on for water and sky (+stars, etc.) turned on
  11. Leonard stays away from well-lit areas. Maybe if we equip enchanted/glowing swords and axes (fire, ice, magic, and thermal) he could ignore us. Enchanted weapons don't seem to be used much for anything anymore. Leonard is probably not meant to ignore but just a thought.
  12. Invasion 29.05.2011

    i still prefer single map invasions over portal ones as it means less walking and more fighting but that was still good fun ty ja plx
  13. New mob the Badaran - how do we kill it

    have we tried "use with" some items on it
  14. EL 1.9.2 RC2

    feet are back have had no problems with it seems to run about the same
  15. <insert creative name here> stone

    I think there is good balance from keeping all your armor only losing your supplies (HE, SRs, etc.) with this stone. I think radu said in his blog he wanted a bit more integration between the game and the website so maybe displaying a ladder with participating guilds and their total frags every month could be an idea. The guild with most frags every month gets some kind of reward. Anyway, it really is time to move PK out of just one map or arenas. It's just boring and there's no incentive to go in KF anymore. EDIT Another option is to make TW no drop, but that's probably impossible or requires a lot of work.
  16. Respawn(ing)

    fair idea but there's hardly enough PK deaths everyday to justify putting it in need more ideas for increasing PK numbers first
  17. <insert creative name here> stone

    If they are summoned by someone in the guild you are at war with the stone I think should work, otherwise... Ranging is another story, maybe getting killed by ranged weapons shouldn't make you lose the stone or items because it's so easy to get teamed by them(?). But then again there are point defenses in-game. Imagine if all the top fighters banded into one guild, you'd need some means other than melee to beat them.
  18. PKI

    I've asked a few people if they would do the pvp instance once it comes in and one has said "no i don't want to mess up my pki". You couldn't help but think maybe it may hold a few from PKing in KF and maybe even pvp instances. Since it doesn't affect gameplay at all maybe pki should be removed and replaced with achievements? edit: spelling
  19. Neno stones

  20. Bad (or neutral) days

    @OP: not sure about the first day, but the last two look good
  21. PKI

    I know radu put much effort into making PKI system, but some peeps are just a little bit OCD and if it may help numbers in KF/instances...I know me and my friend would pop in to mess around in PK if no pki, because of no rosto. In regards to achievements don't know maybe there shouldn't be any, we need to encourage casual pking.
  22. PvP instances

    Suppose we go with Ent's idea and there is the situation where a guild lacks enough fighters or there aren't enough online, can we make it possible to fight together in a team with mutually allied guilds? I think this would add more worth to allies like it used to years ago.
  23. PvP instances

    Nice. I like Ent's idea as I really like the guild vs guild thing. Don't like the sound of random queuing as I don't like to team up with people I don't know and trust.
  24. NMT removal auction

    I'm thinking of selling an NMT removal if I get a good price. I withhold the right to extend the end auction date by a few days, and to not sell it if I change my mind. Starting price: 250k Bidding increments: 10k Auction ends next Monday. I've decided not to sell it. My apologies, burnout and Mcb.
  25. PVP instances

    From my experience in other games more strategy, competitiveness, and merciless smashing of opponents with friends = most fun. And I always thought PK in EL could be more than: go into PK map looking for enemies, see enemy, kill enemy. One idea is to make regular competitions for the PvP Instance with fixtured fights on the weekends (to avoid time issues), with every team playing off in a knockout type format until there are two teams left to face off by the end of a few weeks. I think radu's Capture the Flag idea is awesome and would work with this, as different maps with different obstacles (e.g choke points for summons, cliffs for archers) can help with strategy and tactics. The weekdays in between could be used for planning, practice, gathering supplies, or whatever. That goes without saying players could just do normal PvP Instances for fun or to practice with each other if they wanted to. There could be some kind of a reward at the end for the team who wins the knockout competition. Players in the competition winning teams could get a special achievement too like 'Champions', 'Premiers', or something. A bit of a deviation, sorry, but just a thought.