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  1. Auctioning 100k iron ore and 70k coal

    withdraw, sorry missread the amount
  2. All works fine here. If e.g. the missing health is 4 i get for the first minute-change 3 health and in the second minute the missing 1 health. Of course you have to look that your food-level is in both minute-changes positive
  3. lenmark2 is a BagJumper

    http://game.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=lenmark2 Yepp a low-level player is worth a disputes post. Take he out 20 or 30 things? /sarcasm on Sorry, a real drama.... \sarcasm off Lartherel
  4. Community Armory

    Great idea, count me in It was time about to change something Only a 'fast not to the end intended ' idea: why not a NPC to give stuff out? a combination of an trade and 'control' bot to sort out the alts? Lartherel
  5. Forum validation requests

    Hey, can anyone confirm Robtheanvil please. Thank you very much Lartherel
  6. WinXP, Client crashes after logging on

    Hey Piiia use please this driver: http://www.acer.de/acer/service.do?Languag...;CRC=1106555572 I guess you know how to install Open your settings and enable in the first step 'poor man', disable the sound and enable the 'ati mouse bug' too. Larth
  7. awesome Germans !

    *sOifz* Schade das es so fuer Euch endet... War nett Euch Beide kennengelernt zu haben und hoffentlich sehen wir uns wieder mal Larth
  8. Fair Market Value Harvest Shop

    Hi there, i like to order from this flowers the max amounts please: Yarrow Wormwod Tulpis Nightshade Mullein Dandelion Poison Ivy Henbane Poppies Red Currents Blue Berries Rue That's 64Kgc in total if my math is right Thank you very much Lartherel Any chance that in near time Gypsum is in your list too? Edit 1 : Ah ok, i see, yeah it's maybe unclear. What i want is in any sequence 12x5K of the listed flowers, so i think i'm confirm with your order-rules Edit 2: NVM i don't want the order, it seems we can't find a way together
  9. Trading strike

    Yeah \o/ another thread about the ecemony \o/ Radu, please change many things, all go wrong! Oh yes, i'm a nOOb, a nobody, anyone else know more and ofc, play better, longer, whatever here as me.... \o/ I've read and follow this thread, like many others in this case, a long time i was always quiet but now i think it's time for a post, because.... I think what we all miss here is: Get(-together)AmazingMachineryEntertainment fights always against: ReallyEntertainmentAboutlifeInvestTurnYears /sarcasm on/ So Radu make the following changes and all would be happy: 1.) remove the pk-server (only many work for you to supprt it, no income) 2.) remove all free client stuff, make the game to a commercial game only (i pay honestly xx$) 3.) remove all rare things from the game and make those only avaible from your shop or whatever 4.) you know more, remove it ... 21562157... thanks radu, now you can read only ever 12 month 1 thread like this, all fits perfect /sarcasm off/ Ok Radu, now, you know your part, do it please! now without sarcasm a statement to the 'BM': many complain about this market out of the GAME, anyone ask why this market is?? Of course, it's Radu's fail, he go and buy there what ever he want to play the game, we as players don't use this.....not the player who buy/sell there, it's only Radus fail! And for all that will missread this read again the Get...---part All what i have to say in short?? why we, as players don't see the part, it's a game witch include many fun however the things are?? Can't you really not relax only for the reason player XX have an item more than you?? Can you really not relax only why a devloper-team want earn some money? Go on and snap me Lartherel Edit before the edit: oh and please don't forget to tell me a**licker, bad speller, whatever you want*
  10. Big Binding Sale

    Hey, i buy 10 for 13,5Kgc each too, ofc if you accept the offer Lartherel
  11. Mage Robe Pants

    Bug confirmed too and Mage Robe Skirt sounds better for an item that looks like a skirt Lartherel
  12. BOOK of titanium long sword of magic

    Hey, to start 10kgc Lartherel
  13. t. serp book

    I'm really sorry about that, but i'm out. Lartherel
  14. t. serp book

    24kgc Lartherel
  15. Auction Inorganic Removal Stone

    Hi all, Auction Inorganic Removal Stone S O L D Lartherel