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  1. Well i would stop playing if stats would be erased BUT I think for us who will p2p it would be ... interesting 2 do a item reset so we wake up on a new world naked that would be nice and interesting I would like that, but i'm SOOO agains stats reset
  2. Which video card do u use? do u have latest drivers installed? If using linux do u have enabled 3D acceleration?
  3. try installing OpenAL libraries from your distro CD's ..
  4. Greetings to everyone.. Although i do not think, what i will say nobody else said before on this forum, but somehow according to changes being made in this game, i think that topics got deleted, missread and bottom line - forgotten. Have in mind also that as a high lvl fighter, all that i say will be written from a fighters perspective, my lvls in other skills are very low around 20-30 so i don't think i'm capable of giving tips and suggestions for other skills. Also this post is far far far from bitching, i'm writing it because i want that the game I play so much time be even better, and to be honest these past few days i'm playing it only because of 2 things: 1. hoping for a KF event 2. chat with fellow guilders and other peeps i really like in EL. Which is not bad, but if this is a game, we actually need some other reasons to play it.. What I really hope is that other highlvl fighters will read this post and update it according to their thinking, people like Sabaka, Tornado, Aquarden, Forve, TeacH and others.. Also don't get me wrong, but i think that lvl 20 fighters will perhaps understand me badly with suggestions but i swear if they ever reach lik lvl 50-60 they will SOOO understand all i wrote here and why i did that... Topic-1: Items Now, I agree this is all nice, but i would like explanation from Entropy and/or Roja about point in having Fur Hat, and as i hear soon Fur boots?... I mean, there are many people (RejZ_MadzunaR for example) who simply throw away pants, boots cuz their lvl manufacture, and everyone can have them i usualy drop those items when i pass some crowded place. So if we allready have Leather Boots why do we need Fur boots? I remember when Entropy implemented the monster items drop thing, i was happy beyond imagination, it took me around 2 weeks @ gargoyls to collect money for Titanium Serpent Sword, and when i bough it i was like, now this past 2 weeks were worth it. Then training like mad to see what items are being dropped by fem orcs, so when i discovered they drop shitty items, i was like "how cleaver, nice reason to lvl up on them fast and move to male orcs" and so i trained, trained like mad, got 2 bears, sure it was fun to kill bears without trouble, but err.. point in it? Ok then Trolls, sure nice item drops, 6k plat in storage, but why do i need those plats in storage? To buy 3 tit serpent swords, for what? My point is following, Entropy and Roja you simply must give people high lvl people no matter what skill they lvl up, a reason to lvl it up more and more, there is now no monster in game I can't kill, but not only that, now there is nothing else in game that's worht lvling up for... This game needs kinda Unique items, not only one of them, but monsters can drop it but with SUCH a low % that u would need 2 kill like 200 cyclops to get one, and there is no player now who can kill 200 cyclops with ease, or make it even harder kill 300 cyclops or whatever. Example: fullface helm which gives like +3 armor, that's only 1 more then the regular helm.. But it will be very high lvl item, the price of the item on market would be enormeus, so people will who can't kill the cyclops will lvl up gather tons of money to perhaps win the item on bidding when someone will sell it.. You can apply this method to almost every item in the game, make steel leather boots, give them +2 defense, make them SOOO hard to get, example: You need 2 do quest, and quest it like to bring 100 cyclop bones, and only those who solved the quest can buy the boots, and make boots have requirements like lvl 40 defense or perhaps a little higher/lower, create new texutres for existing items, just put few engravings into Titanium Chain Armor, make it like Divine Titanium Chain armor, it can be bought only if u do some mentaly hard quests for aluwen, and only those who follow aluwen and have her highes rank can wear it, not all people, make the same for Mortos, make some crazy ass sword, or cloak which gives mortos followers 25% higher chance to make critical hit, just make items that will make differences between people, because you must agree that if i make a lvl 2 player i can give him best EQ which he can wear, all but cloak which is like, not such a big dinstinction.. Questions: 1. In which world, ruled by logic and common sense, one is disabled to wear shield over gloves, or sword with gloves? 2. So make wear inventory havem ore places but only 1 place for armor, 1 place for weapon, 1 place for gloves, 1 place for shield, 1 place for pants etc, make 2 small places to wear rings not use, but wear ring of let's say magic which gives u +1 to magic protection or +1 to armor/absorb, and make that many items have certain lvl requirements... 3. Who is stopping me to wear 2 swords @ the same time? Make sword in righ hand to do full dmg, and sword in left hand to do 50% less damage.. there u go... Just do something about it, it's not easy i know, but um, in last few updates we got GREAT maps, on which barely anyone can ever be seen... Topic2 - Combat Entropy: All you basicly have to do to improve this game is to summon meetings of high lvl players, first talk to alchemist, then to maanufactures, then fighters, summon us all to some place and let us discuss how we can improove this game. Don't do something that you think is the best if u don't ask people who can advise you before. You may think i'm wrong, but hear this out, the new combat system, it simply does not work, sure no more AFK players, but playervs.player simply does not work, and the best thing is u saw it yourself when u made CaptureTheFort event 2 nights ago, All of CO was in fortGarisn, only Forve and myself wen't to attack other forts, Ent man, ONLY 2 of us and we RAN OVER everyone else, if i would collect ALL dmg i recived, it would not be more then 30hp, and almost all of GON players had TitaniumSerpents swords, even though i think their only hope was the new combat system, which simply does not work, or so it turned out to be.. You were there, you saw it happen, nobodyu stood a chanche against only 2 CO players and there was over 10-15 GONs in fort Baarg.. I don't complain i earned alot of items/money that night, but u get my point, there is no point, what can i do with that money? nothing.... Sure i've heard rumors about strong offensive spells coming, and posibility that 2-3 players attack 1 player, but since this game is getting rats and beavers together with fur boots implemented, i'm not sure if this is gonna happen @ all, and if it does will it work the way it should. Topic3-storage Will be short here cuz idon't really use them that much, but my quick suggestion VOTD - enable: potions, alchemy portland - enable manufacture, potions DesertPines - enable manufacture, summoning, alchemy Topic4 - Esperience Dunno what 2 say on this one, with new combat system it's hard for us to train, so u might reconsider other ways to deal with XP gaining, have in mind that from lvl 68 to 69 you have 1.4 mil or 1.7 i forgot i think it's 1.4 mil XP journey... So far this. I could write more, but i'm not sure does it have a point or not.. I urge that other highlvl players add their comments and thinkings on this topic. And my apologies if many of what i've allready said was written by someone else, but i just don't have time 2 read all topics/posts..
  5. Nice idea for fur boots.. Second of all, i'm not complaining, well i am in a way, but in a positive way, i'm just suggesting what needs to be done. And roja, people train on rabbits from lvl 2 to lvl 9, how much XP is that again?.. Got my point? But anyway, i'm glad you are working on all the stuff i mentinoned, monsters and items... Can't wait 2 see them.
  6. Corpus Opis

    I would add .. Vartican, Tornado and myself to that list of the CO guild .
  7. Female Orcs

    I have the same issue as lexic.. When fem orc is 1 hit far from being killed, i get the resync.. not allways but very often..
  8. Sam can u please tell us some more details, like what is allowed and what is not, prizes, time/date, how will all this be organised etc.. Will the killed player get his stuff back 1001% ? So far i'm in... but i hope i can sign out if i want later on ...
  9. Few Bugs With Update

    for me in the latest update cursor lag is gone !

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  11. No, not because of that Gala, i mean i will be leveled enough to kill them anyway by the time they are inplemented into the game.. But if they are small, that might mean that they have small amout of MaterialPoints, and they should be stronger cuz of that imho...
  12. nice idea indeed, though they could be a little bit stronger.. maybe for 2-4 points more..
  13. lvl up

    i disagree with Izzy. i think that current leveling system is very good.. I like to know that i won't get bored with game once after 1-2 monts cuz i'm all leveled up.. and i REALLY LIKE the fact that it takes u like a year to come close to 99 it if does.. soo .. leveling should stay as it is...
  14. Rgarding the recent crashes

    everything working great with the latest patch so far...
  15. Rgarding the recent crashes

    Leeloo & Entropy the ulimit -c works.. i've compressed the core file and uploaded it here: http://www.transmute.co.yu/misc/elcorefile.zip file is 10mb.. game crashed when i clicked on a boat banner to take me from isla prima to WSC.. and now while i'm in wsc i can't log in.. hope this will help you to resolve the problem.
  16. Rgarding the recent crashes

    Ok, i'm downloading as we speak the latest SDLs.. here is the last couple of outputs that i got using strace... open("./3dobjects/ground_objs/road4.e3d", O_RDONLY) = 10 fstat64(10, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=1084, ...}) = 0 mmap2(NULL, 4096, PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE, MAP_PRIVATE|MAP_ANONYMOUS, -1, 0) = 0x40 026000 read(10, "el3d16000(000`0002000030000220200"..., 4096) = 1 084 close(10) = 0 munmap(0x40026000, 4096) = 0 open("./3dobjects/ground_objs/road1.e3d", O_RDONLY) = 10 fstat64(10, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=0, ...}) = 0 mmap2(NULL, 4096, PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE, MAP_PRIVATE|MAP_ANONYMOUS, -1, 0) = 0x40 026000 read(10, "", 4096) = 0 read(10, "", 4096) = 0 read(10, NULL, 50831360) = 0 read(10, "", 4096) = 0 close(10) = 0 munmap(0x40026000, 4096) = 0 --- SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) @ 0 (0) --- +++ killed by SIGSEGV +++ crus@linux:~/Games/EternalLands> the client crashed once i wanted to go to VOTD and clicked on a banner on a boat.. and now i can't login again.. update: i've downloaded new SDL libraries, actyally the latest rpms for suse 9.0 i could find.. and still nothing.. crus@linux:~/Games/EternalLands> ./el.x86.linux.bin Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed) crus@linux:~/Games/EternalLands> ./el.x86.linux.bin2 Segmentation fault crus@linux:~/Games/EternalLands> ./el.x86.linux.bin.leeloo Segmentation fault crus@linux:~/Games/EternalLands>
  17. Rgarding the recent crashes

    this is true, i've screwd up my linux with installing new mesa libraries.. so ... dunno if this can help out anyone... to continue.. i had 2 crashes while trading as well. as for the new bin2 file, it still does not work, but where is the core file? Though i got only segmentation fault eror, without the SDL thing.. and bin.leeloo file is not working 2.. p.s. the link for linux.bin2 is broken, real url is www.eternal-lands.com/el.x86.linux.bin so please tell where to find a core file
  18. Rgarding the recent crashes

    I have some info.. I've used windows client for EL to get out of the house and go to desert pines.. now i'm in linux and game works.. using .bin file not the .bin2 haven't tried that one out.. and i'm in the mines ATM.. I'll keep u posted will the game crush once i exit the mines.. UPDATE: Using el.x86.linux.bin i was harvestinf in the mines all ok.. once i've tried to eixit it crushed.. now i'm in DP map, using el.x86.linux.bin2 file and DP works )) so i'm using to exacutable files for 1 map:).. well @ least it works ... hope this helps..
  19. Rgarding the recent crashes

    Since i did not know what else to do, i downloaded the the new 0.9.2 from the download page, thinking who knows what, but as expected, i still get the error.. so. Nothing more left for me to do, but to wait for a new patch.. Plese tell Leeloo that linux.bin2 file worked fine, while I was in DP.. when i beamed to islaprima all was good, and then it crashed when i tried to enter the granny house... Also FPS was like 40-50% higher with the linux.bin2 file.. hope this helps..
  20. Rgarding the recent crashes

    Did 2 seconds ago, still the same..
  21. Rgarding the recent crashes

    Today is without a doubth the worst day in my whole 4 month using linux.. It never crashed and all worked fine.. Anyway, i fu*ked it all up trying to install latest Mesa drivers .. Everything wen't to hell.. So i had to do a reinstall of the whole system ... Anyhow, now i'm back after getting some stuff in the OS in order... SO Entropy, i've downloded the latest patch.. still same shit.. let me download the linux.bin2 ok linux.bin2 file works.. but i've entered the granny house on isla prima, it crashed and now that i try to login again, it crashes again so.. problem is not fixed i guess
  22. When starting the game.. there's a welcome screen and once i dill in user/pass filed and login client exits... crus@pixel:~/Games/EternalLands> ./el.x86.linux.bin Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed) i've tried with the update .linux.bin file and with the patch linux.bin file, every, it's the same.. OS: SuSE linux 9.0 - kernel 2.4.21-99 graphics card: ATI Radeon 7200... hope this helps.. p.s. creating new character also does not work..
  23. Rgarding the recent crashes

    Hm.. deleting el.cfg didn't help.. i've downloaded latest mesa libraries, and if i manage to install them, i'll let u know if problem is still here. Trying as root to run what? EL? no, i'm running el as user, like i've allways did.. I can even get the login screen when trying to run is as root.
  24. Rgarding the recent crashes

    Ent, so far nothing.. i've edited the el.ini file, the sound was disabled by default, i've turn on the poor mode, and same again, same error, i've turned off/on all that can be, and nothing.. As of OpenGL, well i can try, but the version before the update worked great.. i'll let u know if reinstalling new openGL is 2 much of a risk