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  1. The cooldowns decision

    I like the idea about summoning stones. And question: why not just make summoning stone of lets say bear, require same nexus as it requires now to summon one, and that will require one to be made? (same goes for summoning lvl)
  2. Whats your favorate band?

    Shpongle Younger Brother OTT Entheogenic Hallucinogen ... Thats as for Electronic_related as for some "mainstream" i'd have to say... Depeche Mode Bjork And *cough* the last album from Paul Anka "Rock Swings" is in my playlist in BMP for quite some time ).
  3. Ok, should the cooldowns stay or not?

    Now that many players who did not care to read and/or think about it for more then a second, have come to conclusion they have perhaps misscasted their vote.. U might want to reset the counter, and announce 2 more days of new voting
  4. Ok, should the cooldowns stay or not?

    I woted cooldown to stay.
  5. New client test

    I have ZEP's daily linux cvs build.. It is kind of different, i can't really say if it's faster or slower, but i have big issue with NPCs, almost every storage npc is detected as Beaver, and i can only "eye" the npc and attack it.. relogging sometimes help to solve the issue, and sometimes (more often) not.. i'm sticking to old binary for the time being.
  6. More health?

    Erm, my 2 cents... I allready have 205hp, soon i will have more once i'm done with some PPs assigning.. I don't like the idea of higher OA lvls getting less increacement, becaouse we should not be "punished" for the work we invest in our char, u play and u will have the same amount one day. The hp increacement sounds more like a try to balance the game out more, to somewhat decrease the edgyness of dissrings cooldown times. I don't have any objection to it, but i don't mind staying how it is, becouse if you will adjust the dmg that monsters deal, then it really affects only pk-ing, and not in such a big way, as some might think at first. Will the animals/monster have only higher dmg, or will their health be increased also? and slight offtopic: p.s. some1 wrote that Helm of Life and manas should be unbreakable items, i kind of agree, would make ppl really want one.
  7. New Items?

    Fullface helm with demon horns that glow red . Faints!
  8. New Items?

    Sweet, i hope Roja makes them fullface, or some other new design, and not glow_color different ..
  9. Big storage sale :)

    I'm selling out some of the stuff from my storage... 1 Book of Troll Fighting 5 Book of Potion of Manufacturing 15 Stars Medallion 7 Titanium Chainmail Torso Construction 41 Leather Gloves 1 Moon Medallion Building 30 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword 5 Steel Chain Mail 3 Titanium Long Construction3 Titanium Serpent Sword Construction 17 Serpent Stone 4 Book of Potion of Feasting 1 Book of Magic Potion 2 Book of Titanium Axe Construction 4 Enhanced Wooden Shield 3 Titanium Short Construction 2 Book of Iron Axe Construction 1 Book of Crafting Potion 6 Book of Titanium Molding 4 Isla Prima Ring Building 1 Excavator Cape 1 Book of Titanium Smelting 1 Iron Chain Mail 2 Ring of Damage Building 2 Stars Medallion Building 10 Moon Medallion 1 Disengagement Ring Building 3 Book of Bear Summoning 23 Unicorn Medallion 3 Body Piercing Cloak 1 Wooden Shield 1 Wooden Battle Hammer 3 Ring of Naralik 2 Iron Sword 1 Iron Battle Hammer 8 Book of Potion of Summoning 3 Book of Steel Axe Construction 1 Iron Broad Sword Construction 1 Monster Magnetism Cloak 3 Portland Ring Building 4 Book of Titanium Mining 2 Fur Boots 15 Padded Leather Armor 15 Leather Pants 2 Iron Broad Sword 21 Titanium Bar 20 Ring of Damage 5 Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword 2 Leather Helm 2 Titanium Serpent Sword I am willing to sell them for GCs and i accept item trades, i need ELEs, HEs, SRs and RawMeat pm me INGAME only!
  10. Forgotten Kingdom

    Nice event, many things wen't really bad! :/ Loren didn't tell us about the sailor, then sailor said nothing about pedant.. But hey :/ i understand that u guys had a really tuff time dealing with all pms and such.. Tnx for the RP award, and i glad u liked our (*CO*) teamwork
  11. Cooldown log

    Hardcore made a good point.. An average EL player (fighter/PKer) has way 2 little health for such a big cooldown time(s)...
  12. Cooldown log

    Erm.. I have been with EL since the days when we celebrated 50players online, trough the big crash, etc etc, and as Ent and Roja know, never really bitched .. I won't do it now either, for one simple reason, there is nothing to bitch about. Thing about cooldown is really ok, perhaps, well ok, not perhaps, i do think that food cooldown should be reduced, by 10-15 seconds, as for other things, it's not that bad, adds a lot more strategy to the game, and definitly requires much more team work on pk maps, which is very nice.. Neagive side of it, is that it will make the PK actions and fighting actions in general a lot more less popular.. But seeing the invasions going on every night (which is the BEST thing happening) that kind of compensates for it, so it's not bad! Actually, cooldown did one very good thing to the invasion events, we used to have a lot of ppl with a lot of diss rings, who just dissed from monsters and looted db's from ppl, now those players won't really have the chance to do that again which is nice. No more massproduction - nice also! No more n00bs (Bep) killing cycs with tit longs and wasting 5 SRs per one, just to steal them from me .. - EVEN NICER! I think main problem of the players that bitched is the fact they didn't give them selfs time to see how it really works... I did a bit testing on test server, and knew what to expect more or less, so i kind of tuned in some new strategies for playing, i adopt and adjust to the game.. Others should 2.. My 2 cents
  13. A Channel For Your Language?

    Serbian/Ex-Yugoslavian - 381
  14. All OuT WAR!

    Count me in as well ))..
  15. Forgotten Kingdom

    Yes, it was a sweet event indeed... Erm one question, if those who didn't take part/finished the Part1 of the quest, and they can take the Part2.. What advantage will we (who finished part1) have over those who dind't on Part2 of the quest?.. If we will have any of course .. all in all, great quest..
  16. Cape Design

    U can?
  17. a bigger interface

    Well oka.. if there is something (2d) i can help with, pm me on forums/in game whatever, i'll gladly help if i have time. So once u know what u want and what u will do, lemme know if u need help.
  18. a bigger interface

    Heya all... Well, i've seen what u posted Roja, and i think bigger interface is nice, but i came to thinking that it could be redesigned, so i mocked up with this. This is not whole interface which is obvious , it's only upper right part up to the half of screen (verticaly).. So, there is all u have more or less, magic quickbar, the quick slot that has 5 items instead of 6 atm, but it could be doubled and have 10.. I tink having whole invetory is not necesary. (it will show quantity of course)... And ya, that's about it.. quick summoning bar? (with 3 slots)?.. somwehrre below?.. All in all, lemme know what u think.. Roja if u like it, i can complete it. However i would appreciate a feedback on this matter.
  19. bot statistics for iknow

    I kind of feel wanted .. not so special ))..
  20. bot statistics for iknow

    OMG lol.. what does this means?.. That ppl wanted to see my stats 522 times?.. *faints*
  21. Random days

    As far as I am concerned this is a very good idea, and it will insert some additional life in game! .. Very nice!
  22. Plans for the future

    Great, that will do!
  23. Plans for the future

    I ment the fog (weather effect), but i understand it would let to many GFX issues and stuff, i wasn't saying it should be done, but only that it would be nice.
  24. Plans for the future

    Small comment from me, As having the "field of view" in caves depending from light sources is a great idea, go for it! And Ent if u ask me, combat would be made much more exciting if "render fog" would be allways on, meaning that players can't turn it off. Just my 2 cents. p.s. think about summoning quickbar, perhaps under the Item slots and magic, only for exaple 3 slots or something.. or 2 even.
  25. UTi & *CO* break all ties

    As for the honor and running away from the battle.. Fireballs do u seriously think, but seriously think, that I would be crazy enough to die from strong players just to keep my honor?.. LOL Maybe there is no honor in dissing, but there is no brains in being pked if u can avoid it.. As for ppl training, if they don't want to get pked while training, then go train on non-pk maps. When i'm on pk map i do what that map was made for .. - PK = Player Kill How much brain power does it takes for you to understand that?