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  1. The Death of a Ranger

    olenthered This player did nasty things and is locked hmm...good luck with the new guild.
  2. Auction for 50 Hydrogenium bars

    Looks like Qiu wins with the first and only bid. Pm me ingame Qiu
  3. Auction for 50 Hydrogenium bars

    I find myself in need of GCs, so I've decided to auction off 50 Hydrogenium bars Starting at 665kgcs with minimum bid increases of 5kgcs. Auction ends on Wednesday. I reserve the right not to sell if etc, etc, etc.
  4. Expiring bots

    I am taking over ownership/responsibility for Sephtex. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 0KK04221PE573284P.
  5. 80-100 Invance Team

    Either day is good for me as long as it is in the evening.
  6. Normal Invasion, Save Iscalrith!

    Totally missed it - sorry I was asleep. Can I ask was there a wide mix of a/d levels, all involved? or was it mainly high level a/d players with a few lower level a/d but with high ran + AP?
  7. Sign up for "advanced" instances

    Started playing EL again and looking to get on some 80-100 instances. a/d/m 91/100/58 p/c/r/w/i/v 36/48/4/4/20/20 Anyone running one early evening GMT time should pm me if they need someone to make up the numbers.
  8. Video card OpenGL version

    Video card: GeForce GTX 285/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 260.19.06
  9. Linux Install

    You need to edit el.ini this file can be found in the hidden folder named .elc/ in your home/ folder. Change the line #video_mode=?? to read #video_mode=4 This should set it to 800x600 32bit mode
  10. Guild storage protocol/conduit proposal

    Umm, pr0 thieves by definition make a living from their activities and generally don't get caught, the best code crackers find a weakness and develop a proof of concept, they also don't get caught doing things that could get them in trouble (at least most of the time).
  11. Banned

    Can I ask if this is accurate? It's just that I can only send 1 PM/#GM or line of chat per second, even if I use <ctrl> + <up arrows key> AFAIK this is hard coded into the client or is there a flag that can be set in the options? I only ask as a matter of personal interest. Mods if this is inappropriate in this thread please delete my post.
  12. the ugliest shitty mess I ever saw

    This gets my vote as the best post ever. I've not had such a laugh since I saw someone hit themselves in the nuts with a golf club (kinda hard to do - fortunately it was caught on camcorder) on 'You've been framed' on tv last week. For future reference you should try and get a few more spelling mistakes in your posts as this adds to the entertainment value. I wish you many happy times with your future trolling.
  13. What's your favorite fantasy book series?

    Political party manifestos.....doesn't matter which party, it's all fantasy.
  14. Main languaje

    English, Cobol & C but not C++ or C# because those are abominations which should be allowed to become dead languages asap.
  15. first game you ever played?

    Repton I think, or maybe Roland on the Ropes.