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  1. Need new daily for alchemy

    I am supporting the idea of adding dailies for other skills. Maybe this could add to the diversity of the player base. Nowadays everybody and his dog has quite reasonable high combat skills, but a lot of them lack even the basics of any of the production skills. It's not even necessary to skill any of the skills beyond combat and the easiest and most effective way to level is actually by doing combat and only advance in any of the other skills later on if and when a player is in the mood to do so. I doubt this is the way the game was originally meant to be. Actually without leveling combat one will have quite a hard time in increasing their skills. An easy way to get started with this, would be to convert Daritha's quest from giving a/d experience to actually give manufacturing experience, because this is what a player actually does when he or she is doing the quest. But the actual manufacturing xp one gets when one makes the items herself is nuts compared to the combat xp one receives when one turns in the quest. The quest should then be changed so the items cannot be bought from others but must be made by the player doing the quest. The whole idea has IMHO some issues with balancing though. As almost anything in the game is buyable at NPCs or at least from other players, I see people which are dedicated mostly to fighting doing those quests and increasing their levels with the skills without actually using the skill. The dailies should then work in a similar way as Xaquelina's harvesting daily and only count, if a player makes the items actually by herself.
  2. Action point - Writting books

    Dipi, I honestly don't understand why you cannot simply accept that there are people who don't feel well with your idea. We can argue back and forth and will never come to point. It was my error having started arguing, where I only should have stated that I don't support this idea. I apologize for this. For your example. I don't want to tread on someone's toes, but I think none of the two characters deserves being able to make a book. From one point of view, they both degraded themselves to some stupid machines doing the same thing ~3 millions times over and over again, just because it's the most economic way to level. The game is repetitive enough in itself, to not having the need to force myself in even more repetitions. If someone likes this style of playing, it's up to them, I simply can't enjoy it, the built-in repetition while going up the skill ladder is enough, with some items bringing in a natural break and being used for leveling more than others. From another point of view, none of them has read any higher level item books beyond leather helmet (I think that's a valid assumption, why should someone invest a lot of money into books, they don't need). How should they be able to write anything meaningfull into this book? Of course, the latter view is flawed by the current game design. I would prefer if a character does not only need a certain level to write those books but also has a certain amount of knowledge available and research done prior to write any book, so (s)he can share some reasonable knowledge. I don't know whether the current engine would support such thing or not, it's just my personal view. Now I'm off of this topic.
  3. Action point - Writting books

    By no means could I be called a fighter build - top 100 in all skills bar harvest - 28 pp in nexus.... yet I don't have enough AcPo Raz, this unfortunately doesn't say anything about the distributing of your attributes, and therefore, about your action points. Because of privacy mode, I can't validate your claim, although there's no point in not believing you Personally I think, what makes a fighter build or not is the distribution of pickpoints over the attributes. For action points only rationality is important. We all know rat~(rea+wil)/2. Most fighters tend to put a reasonable amount of pps into reasoning, but avoid to put anything into will. That's where their 'low' action point margin comes from. Beside some very specific builds, like dedicated mages or summoners, mixer only builds and maybe a few others, Will seems not of much use for most of the players. So most of them will have rather low than high rationality. Iff el-wiki is right, then acp=20*rat. For now, I omit the BB of Tailoring and use the Manufacturing book which needs 250 acp, resulting in 13 needed rationality. If one leaves will at 4, this would mean a total of 22 (or 18 pps) into reasoning. I wonder if this is really too much worth for even a pure fighter to consider.
  4. Action point - Writting books

    I am just wondering whether it's open-minded to call someone close-minded, just because he has a different opinion then you O.o That was exactly my speech with my post (I don't repost it here, go ahead and read it again, in case you missed it). There's no point why a well-rounded fighter should not be able to write a book. But if someone has missed to put enough PPs in the correct places to have the knowledge about riding books (i.e. too less acp because of a too low rationality), I don't see a reason why they should be able to write books themselves instead of just buy them from someone who has trained more in this field. IMHO this idea will unbalance the game further in favor of fighter builds, but I'm starting to repeat myself...
  5. Action point - Writting books

    At a first glance I liked this idea. Yet after thinking about it for several days, it rather looks like another of those attempts to make tightly fighter oriented builds being able to do most of things in the game without the need of spending their pps on the right attributes. Raistlin with his statement pointed me to the following: Imagine a (pre-)medieval knight, i.e. one of Artus' knights. Clearly a fighter oriented build, some of them might even be able to do some awesome manufacturing, let's say for example building nice sword's or repairing armors. Yet, most of them were not able to read anything, much more they won't even know how a quill looks like, or even how to use it properly. Would you really read a book from one of them for other reasons than the sake of joy? Far more read a book from one of them to learn something from it? I somehow doubt this. Well, this imagination might be too closely tight to reality for some people, arguing that it's still a game. But lately I read a few ideas which go strictly into the direction of making fighter builds the only viable builds in EL, while all other skills fall more and more apart. I rather discourage such a development, just because for me, the richness of skills and the possibilities to develop each of them is something, that makes EL quite unique in the world of MMO's. There a uncountable MMO's which mainly serve the purpose of fighting, I don't see a reason why EL should sacrifice it's uniqueness and go into this direction as well. If someone wants restrict him- oder herself to a pure fighter, there's nothing to have against it. But then, they should stick themselves to their chosen path (or re-choose, i.e. reset). I would recommend a rather harsh negative effect. Just look at the word ActionPoint... I imagine someone with negative acp not being able of doing anything but sit around, even movement should be slowed down, any action should be impossible, because, hey, I don't have the necessary resources to do some action, no matter what kind of action. Even harvesting and reading should IMHO stop. Just my humble opinion.
  6. According to FFII the European Parliament Consumer Committee is trying to reform the standardisation process in Europe, allowing patentable interface specifications which will discriminate Free Software. In the past, FFII has been an important player in the fight against software patents in europe, so watch out for actions against this approach.
  7. Tank_Rabbit's Tank Building Guide

    This doesnt make a lot of sense IMHO in the context of bkc56's question. For example if you have a fighter having 170/170 a/d and another one having 50/170 a/d, the big gap doesn't mean a much higher def at all, it just means a much lower att So what would be the value if you compare combat skills numbers like this ones? The values that I could see so far are (1) from a roleplaying view and (2) from an elite perspective (being one of only a few having such build).
  8. Tank Builds

    I was kinda surprised by this tank build when I was getting back to EL after about 6 years. This was almost unthinkable back then. I don't want to add directly to the discussion, because alot has changed in the meantime of which I'm not yet aware of. But as a person who always liked the possibility in EL to develop a char in any random direction and who enjoyed playing the role of a tank in other MMOs, I'd like to ask anybody to think about this build as an enrichment to the diversity of EL. IMHO this would also fit to EL from the point of a roleplaying view. So could there be a way to let people build their character as a tank without them having to abuse some of the game mechanics? It's at least possible to build a char this way, and it is even encouraged on the website to try out any build a person likes to do. So why not support this decision by thinking about some design changes which would make it possible to actually play this style?
  9. Bug in Non Stop Day?

    I'm sorry if this has been already discussed, I didn't find anything. Thanks for your quick response, this will explain the situation and solves the issue. Isn't it possible to change the topic title to mark it [solved]?
  10. Bug in Non Stop Day?

    Is it possible that there's a bug with the Non Stop Day special day? I've been harvesting almost all the time during the last 2 hours since the day started (with my alt Celine_Hagbard), and not a single mini event did happen. No extra coins, no extra experience, no hurting myself, just harvesting until I'm overloaded. From the description of #day I understand that I won't stop harvesting, but instead it seems to not even trigger any mini event. I hope this hasn't been covered elsewhere. I searched the bug forums but didn't find anything in this direction.
  11. Desktop Screenies!

    That's my enlightenment desktop, mostly clean Had to resize it to 50% size, cause photobucket only accepts images up to 250k.
  12. Undefined Reference To _imp__xmlfree ?

    Those seem to be very old versions of libxml2. I use version 2.6.17 here. Have you tried to update to a much more recent release? <edit>Checked xmlsoft.org: the version you are using seem to be from summer 2000. Quite ancient
  13. Meat

    Nobody's saying you need the levels, but you need the meet So why not go for the meet yourself? If you want to be a summoner go and play this role
  14. C Question, Map Editor

    For the possibility to use such constructs without forcing the compiler to suicide I really love C
  15. I like this idea very much. It adds to the role playing part for people who like playing hunter/ranger type of characters. And I don't think it would be a negative for newbies, because they will get those few extra experience points from actually skinning the animal.