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  1. Hi, i suggest to add a few more assignment to the mule daily quest. It only has 3 assignments (alch, pot and eng), for doing it daily it turns boring and have no surprise. On the other hand, i have to point that the rewards are kinda low compared with the eng daily quest, or make some essences or potions.
  2. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    Yes, the problem is withdrawing the later item(s) in each category... I know nothing of programation, i'm just guessing, but maybe each category makes a chain of the items' id and the parameters are limiting this chain (for example the chain reaches 1000 and the parameter has only 3 digits)... sorry for that random guess, but i hope that inspires anyone with more knowledge than me
  3. Scholars Day

    You are wrong, Schollars' Day gives a random (1-38%) extra exp in all skills. But the randomness is when the day is defined, so if at 0:00 was defined a random 12% all skills will have +12% exp in the whole day. For example if the previous day you were receiving 100xp of att, in the next one (Schollars) you will receive 112xp per hit.
  4. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    just a little suggestion, would it be possible to add an indicator of the [used emu/max emu]?
  5. Main languaje

    C'mon answer it!!!!
  6. Mules and sitlock...

    Agree with the sit lock. Other mule thing is that you can't set your cursor to "use" on a mule, even if the option for "use animals" is activated. USE a mule, makes you un-mule.
  7. Kusamura Temple

    So every step i do i need to click on myself? yes, in this game there are many unwarned pk areas... but c'mon! in that place you see a lot of dead around you. anyway, for the temple, as a circle design I can tell you that the steps near the wall aren't pk, the pkness of a map is coded by rectangles. If the spots near the wall would be pk, then the observation areas wouldnt be safe.
  8. Hi. In Hulda from the Ice Dragon area, there is an exit that places you in the new Blue Dragon cave. I don't see logical that if you scape from one dragon you end in other's dragon cave; so i'm suggesting to change this exit to other site =) Regards. Dipi.
  9. Global Quest FAQ

    This quest is finished for this week ;D
  10. cool review

    awwwwwesomeee ROFL funny as hell, well done!
  11. Hi, i was thinking that to have a good level for writting an experience book is great and motivating for keep leveling up. Though IMO the need of huge Actions Points can make someone with good level on the skill not able to write them, or make them to change their build for increase their maximum APs (+rationality). I see this a bit unfair for those who worked too hard in getting a pr0 level in a mixing skill and feel confortable with their attributes build. So, I suggest to make Action Points for mixing, work like food does. I mean, you are able to mix IF your APs are positive (no requiere a max). If you mix the book succesfully, then you lose X (450 for Tailoring for example, wich is a minimum of 23 rationality on your build) APs going to negative (if you had +10 AP, they go to -440). Note that the time consumed for gain the APs for write another book again will be the same. Regards. Dipi.
  12. -.-' Some ppl can't understand how an example works...
  13. Well... I'll expose an example that makes clear why I think the current system is unfair. Lets imagine a simple situation with 2 players, player A has only 4 Rationality (Reas and Will 4) and player B has 14 Rationality (wich makes 260 maximum Action Point, enought for make a Manufacturing Exp Book). Both players level from 0 to lvl 100 Manu, only making leather helm in the Manu School on #Day of schools. Let's remember that Rationality increases the amount of experience you receive. So player A obtains 47exp from leather helms, meanwhile player B obtains 52exp per helm. From lvl 0 to lvl 100 you need 437.721.397 total experience. Player A would need a total of 3104407 helms in the school, and player B would need 2805906 helms. So player A made ~300k more helms that player B for reach level 100. Now seeing that, how would someone think that player B (lets say a non-fighter build) deserves to make a book and player A (lets say a fighter build) doesn't, when the effort made from A was bigger than B???
  14. @Malaclypse what a selfish and closed mind... Imagine a (pre-)medieval knight fighting a blue dragon.... Oh!!! Wait!! dragons never existed!! Roleplay is an important area in this kind of games... But the strong point of EL is the classless system, where you can focus and/or switch the skills you want to do. So, why cant a fighter write a book?
  15. Encyclopedia update

    Also, the most updated source of EL info is the Wiki But yes, would be great to have an encyc update =)
  16. Ask for a minimum of 80 AP gained (newbie 4 rationality) for being able to mix... Or double the time needed for gain AP in the negative zone...
  17. Global Quest FAQ

    It was a great team job... The donate/harvesting part of the quest is already done. Now for the worms... We found 2/3 worms, so 1 is missing... If you want to help looking: wear Night Visor and see all the trees (eye icon). the correct tree will give you a pop up. After finding the last worm the quest is almost done, just go to talk to wimmip in TG school
  18. Day of Recycling

    Guys focus on complete the global quests. Iirc one Of the rewards is more % to good special days
  19. Any 100+ a/d gap?

    Im in the gap of MCW-Yeti so my vote goes there... In other point, i'd suggest for their location the open map Dra Syn (Trassian city) and/or the Trassian/Iscalrith Underground (huge underground and desolated map). Both places have none or few NPC, so the frosties history could fit with new NPCs.
  20. Tank Builds

    Ok after some days i found what didnt make me think clearly about this issue... So if the problem you discovered was with a guy training on TROLLS, why the hell ??? So you just assumed that every tanker was doing the same shit and punnished those ones using fluf/feros? This reminds me other kind of decitions seen in the last months: *you complaint about people not killing the Badaran and said you would remove it (and for the amount of rare days we have lately it is killed pretty often) *you just deactivated the global quest because a few scales hoarders wouldnt give them away *the "harvest mob" was a fact... but you didn't like how Nenorocit and Badaran were ignored by most, so you didn't implement it. IMO fixing something that is wrong in the game by making a big cut is way uneffective... or maybe you just want see how people complain about the changes.
  21. Tank Builds

    There are a very limited number of instance maps, so if you stay in 1 of them you are taking away the chance to other team enters.
  22. Tank Builds

    I dont complain about tank builds, but i do see as absurd that people with really low level get ignored by strong mobs. The only solution i see to that is to implement a double ignore system: a reasonable combat level AND a defense level, the lower of both limits would make the mob to ignore the player... I've been told that is "too difficult to implement", and i don't know much of programming maybe it is; or just maybe is matter to create a complex maths formula?
  23. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Instinct removal stone at EVTR Iron Will removal stone at EVTR Wormwood
  24. Would be nice an achievement for full mule/phoenix =)
  25. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    I think it should be "shapeshifting".