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  1. Animal Removal Stone Auction

    Stone is sold.
  2. Animal Removal Stone Auction

    Animal Removal Stone Starts at 900k Increase 10k minimum Ends exactly 1 week from this port. *I reserve the right to decline the final bid or postpone the closing of my auction* Andd go! 910k Anonymous
  3. Cannot log in after loading map

    Hello. I did a #beam me and tried to get into whitestone. The game then crashed and my terminal returns this: Segmentation fault (core dumped). edit - 'm very sorry - I took all the game files off and put them back on and it worked. I'm not sure why Whitestone caused an issue. I was able to log in and it seems to be working now. Thank you.
  4. =hc=

    Should start a daily humor thread
  5. Forum validation requests

    Please do not post multiple times. Aislinn will get to it, she is a busy person.
  6. Embezzled healing

    There is so many perks already though
  7. =hc=

    Never invest in funerals, it's a dying industry.
  8. Astrology

    went from leo to cancer but i don't follow the zodiac signs. some stuff matches me and some doesn't.
  9. inactive account

    Siro500, I am sorry to hear that you have forgotten your password. You must send Radu $5 with proof of that you owned your account in order to recieve the password back.
  10. Well the idea here is that its basically free pp...with very minimal disadvantages.
  11. And do you think we get lions every time?? At my a/d the best i got was tigers... it's half an hour of your time, max. daily exp. is still a bonus. you still get raccoons, those are fast and quote decent exp. either way. i am against such a perk, and i agree with raistlin, there already are plenty of negs providing easy pps. work for levels instead of expecting the wraith to provide you with unlimited negs. Yes you are correct as well Dilly. It all depends but im only on fluffs and on average it is a bit better then dailies. But that is just my view of it. I agree with both raistlin and radu. There is so many good negative perks already (if you can look at it that way), and radu has done lots of work to help us out with quests and dailies which is basically giving us tons of free exp. A perk like that is just another easy way to get free pp and is just silly. Its basically giving you free pp to run off with and the game is not made to be a walk in the park.
  12. And do you think we get lions every time?? At my a/d the best i got was tigers...
  13. Well, I actually don't do dailies anymore. Not because I'm lazy, but because I can get more exp (and cash) in an hour training then i can doing Hadair missions (with exception to a good mission + sun tsu day). In no way am i saying the exp isn't good, but I am able to get more training.
  14. How can i play

    Did you give it a few seconds to load?
  15. Some advice

    I would like to hear him on guitar And don't worry i will talk to some people.