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  1. wraith_v2

    I would like to see a wraith or some other npc on irilion wich has the same function as the wraith... cause if we make pp on irilion we have to go to isla prima to spend our pp... and after that all the way back... let me know what you think greetz sniper
  2. To read or not to read

    wtb book of mod fighting
  3. If EL were RL.....

    I would be on a never ending hunger strike to try and help the poor countries.
  4. strange

    its actually been on youtube for a quite a while. seen it in class ill try and find teh one of a cat 1 sec. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWM_khN4UL0 now you tell me what you think of this. I find it cruel but I can't stop laughing when I see it either.
  5. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    - eagle : when I die, I will come back to see if my bag is still there. if not i will be angry its gone sure but I won't be bitching about it its a game stuff like this happens. I can replace the items with a bit of effort. the ingame items have no RL value to me. its the persons that do. thats why its so easy for me to say what i said. I don't mind loosing something. I get over it and replace it. as should we all. but the lazyness in comon society these days is not even considering getting up and work for it. all they do is complain. anyways off topic.
  6. Active Hyperbag "Treasure Hunts"

    IMHO i'd say finders keepers. it is up to people if they go spend money on keys to see if they can get lucky. you shouldn't be so stupid to put valuable stuff in Hbags cause you know ppl can acces them. so if you loose a bag to someone and loose valuable stuff its your own damm fault . and taking a HBag and returning/taking a DB are again 2 different cases.
  7. Guess the movie

    bastard ! your right
  8. Guess the movie

    ok lemme think,
  9. Guess the movie

    crap I know that one... uhmz wasn't shooter wasn't it?
  10. Guess the movie

  11. Guess the movie

    boondock saints easy ok geuss this one.
  12. Higher level pots

    yup your right its not. vials are really easy to make... 1 FE and 2 qaurtz. actually I will be making 10k myself soon.
  13. How to make money

    there is something called an economy. the more money that goes in the more it needs to go out. otherwise its really easy to buy all the fancy gear and it will become common while it is intended to be uncommon. as for fighting/training not being profitable its not true if you know what you are doing. I train in tit chain, aug leather pants,iron greaves, tit shield col and NMT on armed orcs female and male. I have 83/82 a/d and atm 20/28/12/12 p/c/w/v (reset) and I make 4-6 k GC a run easely without breaking more then a few bones and maybe 1 or 2 aug leather pants. with that 4-6k gc I can easely replace the 40 SR"s and the 140 HE I used. not to mention I make them myself so I only need GC for FP's. so as you can see its not true that training can not give a profit infact If my sign is negative I go to a double ogre spawn and I make atleast 20k gc / 2 hours cause of all the items. the exp is bad compared to armed orcs but its profitable. my 4 cents
  14. I know it's a wow vid, but...

    well if you want to see funny WoW videos I have a few ( all the dances and where they are from ) ( just funny ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gavdoD_y0Ss (awesome music) (power to the horde) and theres many more try searching for tauren chieftain on youtube
  15. How to make money

    lazy bum, put some effort into it. if you were able to make money in 10minutes (serious money) of doing practicaly nothing the entire economy would be ruined again like with the beaver furs.
  16. Netherlands / Holland

    ken er nog zo ene
  17. Netherlands / Holland

    check die harcore gamers ff gelijk weer 8 posts ofzo erbij haha.... hey ambro is het waar dat toomass geen partij is voor jou? kreeg een rumor van gossip daarover lol.
  18. Quote of the week submissions

    I always knew he could fly. how else can he be so fast
  19. Blowout Storage Sale!

    Huge Storage Sale. Post your offers here or pm me ingame. 46 Pickaxe 8 Mortar & Pestle 1 Ring of Isle of the Forgotten 879 Magic Essence 1 Monster Magnetism Cloak 11 Empty Vial your price for all of this?
  20. Artwork Updates

    agreed here in holland most skirts are really short ^^ is there a estimate on when we can see these clothes in EL and will they be selectable in character creation window or can we get them as an item?
  21. Netherlands / Holland

    ik zit te twijfelen of ik ze zelf zal poetsen... ik ga eerst 10k vials maken dus men crafting lvl zal wel naar 25 gaan en daarna gewoon sapp's poetsen is best goeie exp. enigste nadeel is de nexuses die nodig zijn...
  22. How to make money

    I do that, but I mine my own silver. and once in a while I even make more profit since I get a stone or 2. but in general selling HE's is easiest way for good money and also nice exp. when I reset I usually make up to 10k HE or more and end up selling atleast 50% of it.
  23. Netherlands / Holland

    Met 29k coal in storage? Als-ie nou WE of energy ess ofzo ging maken... Oh, of rubies minen! ik heb nog 17k sapp in men storage
  24. Netherlands / Holland

    geloof er niks van volgens mij sta jij gewoon met een zweep achter fruittaart hem te meppen dat ie door moet werken en stiekem vind je het nog leuk ook
  25. Netherlands / Holland

    Mand harvt, ik koop (nou ja deels, daar kan ik niet tegenop mixen, nog 29k in sto - geen idee van wie allemaal ) lol, dus je hebt eigenlijk gewoon een soort van slaafje tegenwoordig mo?