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  1. Wtf, Eternal Land ingame mods...

    they both like sports, and playa and playar/player are their nicknames, i usually call them playa. but i doubt you'll believe me, because we ask for help too much, and report rulebreakers too much Yeah, i swear i learnt my lesson sigh, this game is really good, with good graphics and all... And you need to ask your brother and friend about the last char they created before they got banned as well! im very sorry learner and Ghrae i've learnt my lesson 100% sorry
  2. Wtf, Eternal Land ingame mods...

    but i could get my friend to post here oh, and i have an AOL IP, also is why my IP is banned, im not on whitelist! my brother's name is playaer because he likes basketball, and people mostly call him playa, but he dident like the name and he changed it to playaer and friend's name was too long for me to remember, but i think it was similar to the word playa because he likes to play tennis... =(
  3. Wtf, Eternal Land ingame mods...

    i need a film thing for my cam, and im serious... i have one brother in this house, and my friend from next door, he decided to come to my house
  4. Wtf, Eternal Land ingame mods...

    Ok i wil Ok heres continuation after i was hungry from playing ps2, i went downstairs for a snack, and i dident notice my brother went to my room to play eternal lands also, so both my friend AND brother were BOTH online, and they must've asked for help and made me get my IP banned. I asked my brother what he was doing and what he was doing ON EL. Well its my fault cause i forgot to disconnect computer. they were both asking for help. or one, i think. I swear and promise i've learnt my lesson, and i will ask for help from my friends from now on. (I have two computers, and i was eating, and bro was upstairs and friend was downstairs.) (Your IP has been banned. This means you or someone did something really nasty.) Come on, is asking for help and reporting people nasty? (Oh, yeah c'mon, this game is the best so far i've played, good graphics! ) Your IP is banned. That means that you, or someone from your IP did something very nasty, so we had to block this IP addess. If you believe this ban was unjustified, or promise to respect the rules from now on, please post in the Bans section of our forums (on www.eternal-lands.com) sigh.. i swore and i promised, ill never let my friend AND brother ask for help except from me or my friends on buddy list ..
  5. Wtf, Eternal Land ingame mods...

    and now when i try to log on it says "invalid password!" or "the password is wrong!"