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  1. Lots of Auctions :)

    Auctions will end in about 8-10 hours. Somewhere around 9-10 PM GMT.
  2. Lots of Auctions :)

    You would need to bid 150gc per, as an increment of 25gc per.
  3. Lots of Auctions :)

    1 day left on the auctions. Place your bids now.
  4. Spam Rules server alot

    I'd consider coming back to the PK server if someone has an unwanted account? - Liquid
  5. Lots of Auctions :)

    The Auction for the Crown of Life has been removed, sorry to the bidders.
  6. Cleaning my storage

    20k. 25k.
  7. Cleaning my storage

  8. Lots of Auctions :)

    Bids updated.. And something I forgot to add: Titanium Helm of Life - +150 life, +3 armor, 1 radiation, cold, heat and magic protection Weight: 1 EMU #Edit - That and there are 3-4 of them in-game. ^^
  9. Lots of Auctions :)

  10. Lots of Auctions :)

    I updated prices based on what Bots are paying.. Since there is no point in me selling for less than what a bot pays.
  11. Lots of Auctions :)

    Minimum increase on the COL is 2k GCs, offer accepted for the RDH though.
  12. Ye Olde Alchemy Boothe

    3k Energy Essence please.
  13. small sto sale

    100gc for each Axe
  14. Selling stuff

  15. small sto sale

    25k for the Cinnabar.

    Happy Christmas from everyone in Kaos.
  17. Lucaa's Temper Tantrum

    Was interesting.. Managed to break my Scythe, but made up for it on drops and whatnot.. Nice invasion, had some good fun, and made some nice exp. ^^
  18. Selling Steel bars, stones. Buying IDA

    Bid 5k for the Hydro bar, and my bid for the rosto was removed.
  19. Help pretty plx

    I guess you done a full uninstall of EL (deleting everything), and re-installed without the maps?
  20. Selling Steel bars, stones. Buying IDA

    #Edit - Got some in-game.
  21. Selling Steel bars, stones. Buying IDA

    2 Rostogol Stones - 28k each 1 Binding Stone - 10k 1 Serpent Stone - 8.5k PM me in-game please.
  22. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Ah.. okay thanks Dib. I'll take 5k Sapphs & 5k BQ then please.
  23. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I'd be interested in buying Cinnabar from you guys if you'd change the price as it doesn't resemble the current market value.. I'd be interested in buying up to 20k from you, at 3-3.5gc per.. Let me know if you want to do it.
  24. Auction 20k AE