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  1. Storage sell

  2. Light_Grenade

    Agreed with Dilly. I've spoke to you in-game anyways.
  3. Selling

    I'll give you 2.5k for the Leather
  4. Pk Server chars that are not being used take 2 lol

    I'll take one if there is one going.
  5. phantom warriors

    If you don't care about GCs then use rad. ti long + ice arrow lol. ^^
  6. The LION Guild are bag jumpers

    ow nice and in my opinion you r stupid girl her age 19 years she cant make reltionship with any boy in rl so she play game 24/7 Considering today was the longest time Dilly has been active on EL for about 1-2 months, I think yet again your clueless.
  7. The LION Guild are bag jumpers

    [15:16:36] Violater: wtf [15:16:42] Violater: i am training here [15:18:50] Chosen: amar bad man [15:19:00] AMAR: :< [15:19:01] Violater: yup [15:19:01] [Chosen @ 6]: me pls [15:19:08] Chosen: amar why not LO? [15:19:21] Violater: he is serping me [15:20:59] Chosen: Can I serp also ? [15:21:04] Chosen: I feel left out. [15:21:06] Violater: yes [15:21:12] Chosen: [15:21:39] [PM from Violater: help me serp him ..lol] [15:21:39] [PM to Violater: AFK - Doing things other than EL, leave a message.] [15:23:23] Violater: die u ----- [15:25:55] Chosen: amar <3 [15:26:01] AMAR: :< [15:26:06] AMAR: <3 [15:32:54] Violater: fart [15:35:43] dre: hey boy playb thime [15:35:46] AMAR: hhhhhhhhh [15:35:49] AMAR: halberd [15:35:50] Violater: xD [15:36:08] Chosen: rofl.. [15:36:13] Chosen: I go afk lool have fun [15:36:18] dre: ty [15:36:21] AMAR: not multi :< [15:38:38] Violater: haha [15:42:57] AMAR: no flee :< [15:43:49] AMAR: [15:44:35] AMAR: [15:45:55] AMAR: [15:46:43] AMAR: The fun times of serping at Irinveron Yeti Cave.
  8. The LION Guild are bag jumpers

    You weren't harvesting, you didn't hit a teleport nexus, your just a moaning 'retard' as Infamous likes to put it. You put the bag on the floor, you left it. You started spawn serping Violater in the first place. You do a hell of a lot of moaning.
  9. The LION Guild are bag jumpers

    Since when does being a nice person make someone retarded? Your statement is stupid.
  10. PvP training

    You also need to take into consideration your attributes. You're best off training on mobs for now, and then you'll reach ogres soon enough, PvP is better for the gap from ogre - fluffys, if you're lazy
  11. #Edit - Topic Closed, I have all the stones I need.
  12. Buying: 3 x Instinct Removal Stones.

    #Edit - Topic Closed, I have all the stones I need.
  13. Repairable Dragon Armor

    Can't wait for this.
  14. Screenshot Thread

    That's disgusting Dugur lol, ebul ebul Gnome. #Edit - Btw, nice waste of ELEs.
  15. Selling stuff

    RAD pls sell me the gem sanders
  16. 50k silver auction

  17. Putting Passion back into EL

    Good, nice to have her back mate. Will keep checking in with her, see what she has.
  18. Ingredients Auction - Air Essence

    Diamonds 3 Silver 2 WALs .5 I offer 55k.
  19. 100k silver ore for sell

    If you don't sell the whole lot, I'll offer 23k GC for 10k Silver Ores
  20. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    5k Sapphires please guys. - Chose
  21. Lots of Auctions :)

    #Edit - Auctions Closed.. Thanks and congratulations to the winners.
  22. Lots of Auctions :)

    Auctions closed. RDHOLAM isn't being sold for that price, sorry RAD the rest of you PM me in-game.
  23. Lots of Auctions :)

    All bids have been updated. Around an hour left to go I guess.
  24. Lots of Auctions :)

    A little over an hour and a half left.
  25. I Summoned