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  1. SuMMoNing

    1000 Raw Meat, 5k. PM me in-game.
  2. post crap music!

    LOL! Thats funny, but about 1/2 way through I turned it off.. Veeeeeeeeeeeery annoying. #edit - Emo's.
  3. DIE! guild

    Read please Dush.
  4. DIE! guild

    That was befor Ent made it so you had to type the command, now I see/have no need to type it, if i wanted to be in Total War, I would, but I don't.
  5. GUILD JUMPER Semgilman.

    He's also got the riz account
  6. Tattoos and Piercings

    Used to have my ear peirced.. And always wanted a tattoo.
  7. my new keyboard

    Hehe, that looks awesome might have to get one myself LOL! Or maybe this one
  8. Expensive Books?

    Tit Axe Book is 55k at NPC, but I sell for 600gc \o/ But like it was said, Invis/Truesight and Potion Books like that are expensive, although they have gone down in price alot too. Some of the Sword Manuf Books are expensive too, like Special/Fire/Cold etc etc.
  9. DIE! guild

    ....coward No, not really.. I got better things to do than have people look for you whilst you train. #edit - lol ?
  10. Players Online [SOLVED]

    Try clicking: Here. If not then try running a AntiVirus Scan, and see what happens there.
  11. DIE! guild

    no I didn't, lol. Fun to watch these fights, but I wont enter, so have fun.