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  1. getting very low fps :(

    90% sure that's what's wrong. Thank you very much! That is what the issue was, everything is much smoother now.
  2. getting very low fps :(

    I installed the latest opengl drivers, and still receiving very low fps #glinfo OpenGL Version: 3.3.0
  3. getting very low fps :(

    Hi, I'm running windows 7 ultimate, 64 on a toshiba qosmio x505-q880. 8gb ddr3 ram, i7-720qm, nvidia 360m 1gb ddr5. It's a brand new laptop, and I mean I can run crysis on ultra high mode no problem yet I cant seem to get higher than 20 fps in EL Also I have poor man on and all special effects turned off. #glinfo first three lines... Video card: GeForce GTS 360M/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 3.1 NVIDIA 188.75

    Thnx Liquid! and to everybody else who helped out! It's official, my tutorial has been featured on the most popular photoshop tutorial website in the world!!!!!!!! :D:D It's on the front page, check it out! http://www.good-tutorials.com/

    Ok, I'm trying to get featured on www.good-tutorials.com, and I recently submitted a photoshop tutorial to fpsbanana. Now if I'm to have any hope of being featured I need people to follow this link, and rate/click on the tutorial labeled "easy abstract technique" by Col. Mustard <-- thats me. http://www.good-tutorials.com/tutorials/ph...upcoming?page=2 thats the link, so plz go there and click/rate my tutorial, I need all the help I can get, thnx tut can be found here if your interested http://www.fpsbanana.com/tuts/7537 but I need you to go to it through the first link. Thank you to everybody who clicks and helps me out
  6. bretryano spawn serp

    berbil, i already took the pleasure of pking him during the invasion yesterday and yeah i know that I definatly provoked him the 2nd time, which the screenies show, but i also saved guddu from getting serped and i also enjoyed pissing him off cause he was being a complete jerk in my opinion there is a line between the "rules" and not letting some idiot "legally" crap on me cause he is bored.
  7. bretryano spawn serp

    ok so yesterday this guy named bretryano came into my ogre spawn and said "sry i was here first, im taking this spawn" and i said no cause i had been there an hour longer than him. Then he serped me for an hour, and now today he came back and went up to guddu, the guy occupying the other ogre spawn and said "sry im taking this spawn from you" and guddu laughed at him. Then i told him he was gay and he serped me again. This time I have screenies now i dont care who you are, if u serp me twice like that and have that kind of attitude, im gona spam the crap out of u, which was wat i did to him and eventually he just gave up. So yeah i provoked him the 2nd time but he wasnt there for any good reason anyway. screenies: http://i38.tinypic.com/nou4cy.jpg
  8. small sale

    selling: -239 wolf furs -sold -62 bear fur -42 puma fur -6 snow leopard fur -52 leopard fur -60 black panter fur -25 tiger fur -45 deer antler -647 raw meat -sold -1916 bones -sold -14 feran horn -263 thread -66 mercury -book of iron sword of fire -book of magic potion -book of crafting potion -13 unicorn medalions -4k vegetables -1 iron plate mail -1 iron cuisses -1 iron greave -1 titanium chain mail pm me ingame, redsoxlovr10 or post here your offers, i dont know prices but im gona check with market ch/guild on the offers
  9. The Greatest EL Player

    Do any of the mods have numbers as to who has spent the most time ingame for EL?
  10. Day Of Zero Gravity

    theres a game called elderscrolls where when you become overloaded, you have to drop items of your choice until you are at the maximum amount, until then you cannot move. Creates some serious risk in this.
  11. Man (player) eating leopard

    I think it sounds great!
  12. Look out for OverKill, and a partner in crime?

    ah well i tried lol, he was ranked at like 4998 for oa so i figured its gotta be really low... (Same with his harvesting )
  13. Look out for OverKill, and a partner in crime?

    Overkill's estimated stats: (Give or take 2 levels) attack: 47 Defence: 49 Magic: 30's (approximatly) OA: low 20's p/c unknown I would think of him as a decently strong pk'er, im sure hes maxed negs for maxed p/c, combat lv estimated at around 140. *All this information is estimated in comparison of ranks, but I am 97% sure that I am very very close. If you don't think you can compare with his combat stats, then stay away from overkill, he WILL scam you. All others, pk the hell out of this guy.
  14. Your personal moment of glory

    Discovering that IP isnt the only map
  15. storage shortcut key

    I was thinking that it would be very convinient to have a shortcut key such as ctrl+s to open the storage window while in range, instead of having to try to get a good view of the storage holder guy and talk to him.. I know that ctrl+s tho is for sigils so mayb something different.