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  1. films

    never seen this American Histroy X is it realy good ? Hmmmm its ok .a watchable film but nothing special Update of my Fav films Dog Soldiers Equilibruim Chronicles Of Riddick Pitch Black Blade 1 & 2 Underworld Land Of The Dead Dawn Of The Dead (original version) The Prophecy Fifth Element Signs Red Dawn Bill & Teds Bogus Journey Fallen Scream The Lost Boys
  2. Branch of Destruction Idea

    Lol i can just see the outlaw section now crammed with " SOME NOOB GRABBED MY TIT PLATE " On a serious note though after reading this post and various others about PKing , i think something needs to be done to breath some life into the PK scene for those that want to do it. Wether that is done by getting rid of rostos/making rostos only protect equipped items or making low level only PK maps i havent a clue.But dont think this is the right way to do it.Thats My opinion sure people will have diff. ideas on the subject
  3. Autoinvasion improvement

    No. And that's part of the problem. The "invasion of Seridia" is meaningless. Nothing changes. We can see regions attacked, but when all is said and done, nothing changes. Spot on Karen . Players dont care about the invasion of Seridia because theres no incentive for them to do so. The Invasion is successful .. what happens the creatures happily trot off back to where they came from = player apathy " We fail ..so what !!! nothing is going to change " There should be repercussions if players fail to stop the invasion .What form these take and if they are big or small is debatable.If players thought there actions would have a possitive or negative effect on EL and therefore there day to day life within the game then they would care about saving Seridia
  4. Autoinvasion improvement

    Totally agree with you bkc56 Ive been to a couple of invasions and got totally outclassed by artic chims.now when the alarm goes out i just shrug my shoulders and carry on doing what i was doing.leave the invasion to ppl who can deal with it and bagjumpers. If i could make a differance rather than just be cannon(chimi) fodder then i would participate but no fun gettin munched all the time lol edit:Been to a few more invasions and have changed my view . starting to enjoy them so this post is out of date
  5. hunting monster

    I do understand what you are saying red and its a fair enough point. having them high level gives the players who want to hunt them a goal to try and achieve. My point was though to make huntable animals of all levels so even new players can go of hunting even if its only for the RARE BLACK RABBIT OF PORTLAND .Not everything dropped has to be able to be turned into magical/expensive items. Even if the black rabbit fur only made a shiny new black hat ,im sure players would hunt them for the fun factor.(and hopefully we all play the game to enjoy ourselves) Then when players have achieved higher levels they can go off hunting bigger /rarer monsters. Keep it open to all low and mid level monsters for low-mid level players working up to the higher levels for the more experienced hunters
  6. hunting monster

    All very well but why high level ? why not have a rare spawn of various level creatures/monster so as not to alienate all but a few of the highest level players. The lowest level rare creatures might only drop enchanched versions of there furs but as long as these can be made into differant items than a normal drop then i think ppl will still hunt them for the fun ie: skunks hats : not magical .not overly usefull but ppl wear them because they like the way they look.
  7. Artwork Updates

    Armour and Feros both looking good
  8. films

    Got to Be either Joe Pesci (Goodfellas ) or Paul Bethany (Gangsta No.1) Hmmmmm Bond films personally i think its about time they are laid to rest ,been flogged to death ,just one cliche after another but then again so are most films nowadays. Anyone seen anything Truly original Lately ??. Tried the Russian Film Night Watch but was just poorly made Vamp film
  9. films

    Slightly off topic so forgive me. but is it me or do horror films suck nowadays .Cant say ive seen a scary one in years . They seem to go for more shock factor and blood and guts than pure horror No i couldnt write a book like that , one reason being lazy lol but hopefully when i get me ass moving i got a few script ideas that i would like to write one day
  10. films

    wow nice choice Shawshank Redemption what a film i mean the person who wrote the book also must be a genius. Lol Stephen King wrote it under another name.so genius yes my films ermmmm .Goodfellas Lord of the Rings Star Wars The Thing (remake) Matrix Pulp Fiction From Dusk Till Dawn The Keep and to many more to mention
  11. About plans for the future (blog post)

    They proberly are like water and oil but as far as i understand it they are to be kept seperate and you can move between the two at your leisure and no one will force you to mix the two. The game is being taken in the direction the devs want and cant really argue with that.But instead of forcing a sci-fi/fantasy setting on ppl ,they are doing the decent thing in my book and keeping them seperate and giving you a choice.(they dont have to ). But like i said Before WAY to soon for anyone to pass a judgment either good or bad lets just wait and see
  12. About plans for the future (blog post)

    The idea sounds interesting and be looking forward to see how it develops way to soon for anyone to pass judgement though
  13. Female Ogre

    Maybe the preffix MALE isnt a sex but a job description like MAIL MAN
  14. Female Ogre

    Females with BEARDS !!!!!! Yep met a few of them in my time
  15. one off production

    The only way i could see to solve this would be to have a time limit on the item being in any one person possesion. ie: After 7 days RL the item leaves the players INV and is either given to another random player or dropped in a Hyperspace bag . But as rightly said is it worth the programmers already busy time to make an item that is a one off that only benefits one player at a time ?
  16. Army

    Surely the players themselves make up the army during invasions ?
  17. Female Ogre

    Cool ... then can we have baby ogres lol sorry . personally i would rather see new monsters instead of just a diff kind of an excisting one
  18. The Tavern Channel

    once a month a wandering bard visits one of the many taverns spread across the land to find the hero with the most knowledge of the world Variant of the age old pub quiz : once a month/ week a quiz is held at a random tavern . small entrance fee is required 10-100 gc the quiz consists of 20 questions based on eternal lands and/or its history (anything from gods to monsters) the firt person to PM ( i say PM so as not to flood the tavern with 30 ppl shoutin out) the bard recieves 2 points. the 2nd person 1 point. at the end of the 20 questions the highest scoring player wins the combined entrance fee and a prize (hopefully worth while and not a potion of mana) supplied by the bard. in the event of a draw the gold coins are split equally between the winners and a tie break question is asked for the prize (winner being first to pm). I say BARD but i can see this being a player run scheme which hopefully also removes the need for any added programming. Not the most original idea i agree but simple and hopefully effective way of getting ppl to enter taverns (and also if player run saves on the programmers time) DRAIA DICE Game for 2-5 players: Fee : 5gc per game Playing Pieces: 5 dice each with a diff marked face corresponding to a creature of El ie: 1. Goblin 2. Skeleton 3. Ogre 4. Yeti 5. Rabbit 6. Unicorn Rules: 1) Each player is handed 5 dice 2) Each player then takes it in turns to roll his dice in an attempt to match the symbols 3) Any matching dice are then removed from the players hand ( ie: player one rolls 1 goblin ,1 rabbit, 2 yetis and a skeleton... the 2 matching yeti dice are removed from the player leaving him 3 4) On his next turn a player rolls any remaining dice he has left 5) The first player to remove all the dice from his hand is declared the winner and recieves the gold 6) If a player is left with only one die this is called Mortos's Fate and he must add another die to his hand 7) If a player matches all 5 dice at one this is Aluwens Luck and he automatically wins the game and double the gold
  19. Interacting with the Map

    How about instead of RL authors have the content written by the players of EL sure theres plenty of budding authors/writers playing who would like others to read there work (EL would hold copyright i would imagine). This is also handled in the story section of the forum so wether it would pay to have story books ingame as well is debatable
  20. Music

    Fav bands in no particular order: Nirvana Red hot Chilli Peppers Guns and Roses Kaiser Chiefs Razorlight Evanescence Run DMC ( yay old skool lol) Blue oyster cult Scissor sisters Wu-Tang Clan Green Day The Smiths Missy Elliot Jay-Z various 60's Madness (old 80's stuff) The Cure Suede Placebo
  21. Wanted list

    Now you have explained yourself clearly yes i do understand.Your first comment was about sharing bags which is in theory possible to work around. 2. I know it is possible to mark bags, that was not the question at all. The question was if the taking of someone's bag would be cosidered a bad thing (unofficially of course), and the answer there is "it depends", thus the game cannot make the distinction between a "good" and "bad" taking of a bag ("good" being saving someones things to give the items to that person later, "bad" being taking someone's items for personal gain) 3. I understand that you do not see this, so I will comment it no further. Yes you are right and thankyou for explaining yourself
  22. Wanted list

    i cant argue there aislinn
  23. Wanted list

    yes i do know the stand on marked /death bags i was answering derins question on if it is possible (which is yes) not wether it should be implemented in game . arrogant lol hardly im quite willing to take critisism and admit if im wrong just a shame not everyone is
  24. Wanted list

    For a guy who "yeah been playin EL for over a year" you show a surprising lack of game knowledge. Let me answer it for you: it can't LMFAO so hurt full and yes it would be possible . you would have a dropped bag / placed bag (which the player willing put down ) and a death bag (which is unintentionally dropped) the dropped bag would be unmarked and open to all to be picked up . the death bag would be marked wether by a number or name to the player and if picked up by a person whos number does not correspond to the bag then they are logged as doing a bad deed (breaking the law since its not rule breaking) now if this is not programmable in a world where men walk on the moon then excuse my ignorance
  25. Titans

    like it Trollson