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  1. Guess the movie

    lol back to the future one
  2. Adaanu

    lol not an insult as a RL blonde i just find it amusing people who stereotype all blondes as being thick/dumb are fine by me they mostly come unstuck when they find out you are more intelligent than them . Should have just laughed it off
  3. EU Expansion

    Being English all i can say is great more immergrant languages to listen to on a saturday afternoon shopping . All in favour of countrys joining the EU and trying to better themselves but not a big fan of open borders for workers and i use workers in the loose term because most immergrants (not all some are decent ppl who want to better them selves) just arrive with there hand out for free stuff . benefits ,housing etc. This in my opinion gives the country they are from a wrong bad reputation example: Most brits just see ppl from the old eastern block countrys as spongers (which the majority are not i may say ) but the ones who have come here only to better themselves through are social security system dont help matters
  4. Adaanu

    Chill out ppl The spawns dont belong to anyone Its only by player politeness and goodwill that they share spawns they dont need to ,all because you are there first doesnt mean every monster that spawns has your name on it.What nxt you cant harvest then flowers cus they mine. If ppl want to share spawns thats fine but if they dont and they "steal" one doesnt make them an outlaw. Think we have all been training and someone else has clicked on our spawn while we are fighting and they have helped kill it. so what get on with it its a GAME
  5. Health ess for sale

    Selling : 10K health essence for 6.7gold each ( or all 10k for 65k) plz post here the amount you want(so ppl know how manys gone) then pm me in game thanx
  6. Health ess for sale

    Ok still got 6k He's for sale 6.5 gold each pm ingame thanx SOLD POST CLOSED
  7. Health ess for sale

    ok no problem just pm me in game
  8. Zam the Scammer

    You'll have to let him find another way to become an official persona non grata I Appreciate that but surely that was intended for legal trading ,If someone sells there Char for RL money properly then I can understand EL not wanting any come backs from the transaction. We are not talking about scamming a sword or a potion it is alleged trying to scam the sale of a Char for RL money (if true),However much EL wants to wash there hands of this kind of thing surely its down to them as mature,responsable devs to act on it . If a person is scammed out of a bit of iron plate then fine i dont really care its all harmless ,but dont want to see some poor kid conned for real out of cash . Scamming is not against the rules fare enough but maybe scamming for RL money should be EDIT: maybe im wrong maybe ppl dont care but as a (hopefully) sensible adult just thought i would voice my concerns
  9. Zam the Scammer

    I know scamming isnt against the games rules but trying to con someone out of RL money is a criminal offence. Maybe the Mods should look into this a bit closer than normal dont want EL getting bad rep for this kind of thing
  10. Saddam Hussein executed in Iraq

    Lmao Has Iran got oil because seems like they are next on the americans hit list ? Iraqi is split between there views on the matter depending on which factor is asked depends on the answer you get. The ppl who he gassed and victamised rightly where happy he was hung, his own ppl not so much
  11. Saddam Hussein executed in Iraq

    O dear what a shame and such a nice bloke as well tut Seriously all the liberals standing up and bemoaning the death penalty " Lets put them in a nice cushy jail for a few years then they will be all right" . Until a life sentence = Life and not a pitiful 10-20 years plus time off for good behaviour then the death sentence is fine . I would be all in favour of any capital punishment being re-introduced into the UK.Wether thats the death penalty for mass murderers or child killers or even castration for child molesters then its all good. How many criminal have been releashed from prison only to murder abuse again ? let me tell you its in the thousands and what about the familys of the victims and the victims themselves,as soon as we get away from the goody goody PC brigade putting the criminals rights before the victims the better.You commit a crime you dont deserve rights Bring back burning them at the stake Edit : I live 5 miles from a maximum security prison (for mass murderers,IRA terrorists etc) and they held an open day for the public to look around before the prisoners where sent in. Now if having a state of the art Gym ,televisions and playstations for 15 years if paying for your crimes then cool sign me up ,I need a holiday at the tax payers expense
  12. The Update

    Great update congratz to all the team on a job well done. YAY finally found the TIN (now only need to read the books )
  13. Red Dragon

    Dragon and Feros both looking good. Glad the Dragon ignores MM add a bit of spice to the creature (thats if what ppl have said is correct) Can see the Dragon giving a lot of ppl a lot of fun and thats the aim of the game so well done
  14. How many deaths have you had?

    9 and they all in the last 3 months from invasions damn chims
  15. Chain Reaction

    (man) made
  16. Chain Reaction

    (monitor) lizard
  17. About Pickaxe Suggestion

    I cant see anything wrong with the current system that is in place.Think you trying to fix something that isnt broken
  18. In the spirit of the holidays...

    Well a lot of people all over the world need help. I don't think it matters where you send it, as long as the organization is true to it's word of where the money goes(or whatever it is you're doing). Help out anywhere you can That is very true but personally i cant justify sending money to help someone 1000's of miles away when there is proberly a child in need 100 yards away.Thats just my own personal politics and to me its the same as religion (aethist by the way) ive got my own beliefs but i will never knock anyone for being differant.Fair play to all those who send money outside there own countrys thats there perogative . Like you said though as long as the money is being used for what it was intended then it doesnt matter what our views.all that matters is we help out in our own way
  19. In the spirit of the holidays...

    Yes I know its the seasons of good will to all man but I NEVER donate money to any charity that sends it outside the UK. Yes its all very sad that children are starving and hungry in other parts of the world but there are also children living in poverty (which is scandalous for a so called developed nation) and being abuse in this country,so all my donations go to helping children in this country . Im a firm believer of getting your own house in order first. <<< the best charity in the world in my opinion ( which is proberly totally against other peoples views )
  20. The 12 days of Christmas clarification

    And can you imagine the trouble of trying to wrap it or deliver it . The poor postman give himself a hernia lugging trees about P.S. The word Fucking is obscene in what ever context it is used lol but im big enough and ugly enough not to be worried by a bit of language
  21. New animal/mounsters

    Personally i think if we are goin to have new monsters etc they need to be of the intelligents variety. We have got goblins,orcs,ogres,trolls,hobgoblins all of which in popular fantasy fiction/games are not the sharpest knifes in the drawer. This is proberly why monster magnatism works on them (the cloak/perk fools there limited minds in to believing players are not a threat) I would like to see some creatures which have the intelligence to ignore the MM perk. I know it has been suggested before but i would like to see enemies based on the player character models, apart from a little tweek to the apearance shouldnt be to hard to impliment because the basics are already in games. examples: Elven city guards: (posistioned in place the players shouldnt in theory be ie: throne rooms) Desert nomads/dervishes: ( tactical options ie: harvesting in desert pines . do you where your armour in case you meet one and cut down on your carrying capacitiy or hope your dont meet one and just wear standard harvesting gear) Pirates/Bandits/highwaymen: ( well known thiefs so would be nice if you were killed by one then any items you may drop then it doesnt drop in a death bag but is added to the Bandits Inv. ie: player A is killed by bandit and drops leather armor and sword.these are added to Bandits drop. player B kills the Bandit and gets Bandits normal drop plus player A's armour and sword.) Yes and i know ppl are going to scream bagjumping but thats the point and the risk ,in every game etc there needs to be an element of risk and at least you will know who has got your items so up to you to find him and kil him to get them back These are just quick examples and im not saying they have to be humanoid monsters just something with a little more intelligence that lets them ignore MM Edit: For the mods im not suggesting human /elven monsters etc these where just used as an example
  22. The 12 days of Christmas clarification

    lmao gobbling = slang term for oral sexual activity here in the UK tut tut so rude Mug
  23. max12

    Easy answer dont buy chars of other people. not nice being scammed but as long as there are fools out there offering themselves up to be scammed there will be scammers ( scammer = probs pre-pubecent kid who thinks it makes he a gangsta ). End of the day if you get scammed then more than likely your own fault for putting yourself in the posistion to be scammed ,its hard luck but hey there you go
  24. well said Darwin Another player selling scam I know it might be a hard concept for some people but how about doing what the majority of others players do and thats work hard to build your own character up instead of ppl wanting a quick fix to power . Cant understand it myself . personally i have been playing for a while and my character is what your may call mid level but it was all done through hard work . I dont play this game to be the most Uber powerful character . I play for the simple reason its fun and a pastime and the community is mostly full of nice genuine ppl . Maybe if people tried harder to achieve something with the character they make then there would be ess of this scamming but i suppose we live in a society where ppl want to be the best
  25. Spell of Hallucination

    Doesnt swearing on forums make you more adult . @#*@ it then im 29 dont really want to feel much more older (zimmer frame and stair lift already on order )