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  1. Time to clean my Storage.

    12K for emeralds and iron ? Edit: 11.5 damn lol i offered 12 i will pay 12 pm you ingame ok
  2. Time to clean my Storage.

    okies no worries give me a price for the emeralds and iron and we see what we can do
  3. Time to clean my Storage.

    how much for the emeralds ,silver and iron ore please
  4. Religion

    Only by thoughs who already are believers in which case they will believe it. Take into consideration the folklore of Native Americans and Ancient norse people which have been passed from generation to generation couldnt Religion be like them a folklore that people have believed ? The point that it is written down doesnt mean it is any more valid or true
  5. Guess the movie

    Some one else may take my turn bit busy at the minute
  6. Religion

    This post was originally about peoples beliefs one way or the other and I for one would like to thank you and everyone who as posted for sharing them beliefs with us . Note: If people want to take this post off its original topic but keep it about religion (all religions) then fine by me.If people want to chat about the Church ( of all religions) as a seperate entity from Religion which I believe it is then post your comments. As say this for the reason : Religion as an entity can do no wrong its the ppl who worship etc said religion that do the wrong sometimes in its name sometimes not. Im not a believer myself but i strongly think that Religions of all faiths have been taking away from what there where originally supposed to be about .Wether by accident or by some misguided individual or even conciously to further groups own aims
  7. Religion

    That is true . Religion was used to subjegate the masses during medievil times thats why I try to keep my views about Religion and the Church seperate.Because the church isnt a good reflection on the religion ,so i would never blame Religion for any troubles but the church is a differant demon. Does make you wonder how many of the ten commandments were actually put in place by the church to keep people under control .
  8. Religion

    Slightly off topic . But my self personally as an aethist believe there is not a God but i cannot prove that so I might be wrong .Can beleivers of any faith admit the same you cannot prove a god exists so you might be just as wrong as i am .
  9. Religion

    I can answer the whole statement just by saying HOW DO YOU KNOW ? how do you know many people wrote the new testament ? Because its what you have been told ?.Because the bible says that what happened .
  10. Religion

    they are only eyewitness accounts if you believe the book to be true .If you believe like an aethist does that the bible is a fictious book they do not count and cant eyewitness accounts be falsified ?.. " I was in the gulf war killed 5 people " << my eyewitness account total BS but simple example
  11. Religion

    Easy when you think about it. Because there is no PROOF either way people will believe there way is right .You cant prove he exists I cant prove he doesnts = Never ending arguement
  12. Guess the movie

    Thats not Jon Voight Lol damn i need glasses Christopher Walken so Suicide Kings ?
  13. Lets start fixing the economy system

    You cant base any prices on the most expensive way to make them (buying food,ingrediants etc) because someone will come along collect the ingrdiants themselves and undercut the price.Prices have to be based on the cheapest way to make an item(which ingame is harvesting etc yourself). Having been involved in the real life manufacturing trade for over 10 years i know that you dont make items with the most expensive stuff you can buy then up your price and hope to sell (you will soon go bankrupt). You buy as cheap as you can and hope to find a happy medium between profit and loss. Back to the game : I can make a profit of about 40-50k on 10k of he's its not going to make me rich quick but its not pennies either. EL is like RL in a sence you can make good money but you have to be willing to do the work for it
  14. Question about the log file

    Thats ok misunderstood what you intended to access but like i said i dont mind just playing devils advocate
  15. Question about the log file

    I may be wrong but im sure some people might not like there private convos being read on moral grounds. People take it as given that mds/devs read the files as part of keeping track of the game but some one just randomly reading them. debatable P.s I dont mind personally just some people might
  16. Religion

    I had the same problem as you finding un-biased comments on the net . ( They are either Chritian websites or Da vinci Theory and both are biased towards themselves). That is true debate for a differant post but i must admit to pleading ignorant and not knowing that there were so many Differant kinds/versions of the Bible. You would have thought being based on Gods word etc they would all be the same . lol @ the dog analagy a more apt animal would be a cat which is very free willed
  17. Religion

    In my opinion you didnt take the wrong approach Gandalf ,you commented on your beliefs which is your right to do so and the whole point of this post..
  18. EU Expansion

    Have you seen all parts of Britian? Anyhow now we know were we all stand... Next time lets argue about NATO? Majority yes . Britain is not that large a place that you cant. so anyway about NATO
  19. Religion

    THE CHRONOLOGY OF THE KING JAMES VERSION From the birth of Christ to 100 A.D. the original manuscripts were written in the Greek language. The New Testament was compiled by 400 A.D. by 170 A.D. -- 20 N.T. books had been accepted by the early Christians. by 400 A.D. -- all 27 books of the N.T. had been accepted by the early Christians as they were guided by the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guided so that only the genuine books were included. The Holy Spirit also guided in the selection of the pure manuscripts. The Holy Spirit so guided that false gospels and manuscripts were set aside. the original manuscripts were lost but the Received Text that was produced during this time was a faithful reproduction of the original autographs. 452-1453 A.D. -- The Textus Receptus was used by the Greek Church during this time under the direction of the Holy Spirit. 1516 A.D. -- Erasmus edited the first printing of the Greek N.T. This was in agreement with the Textus Receptus. 1526 A.D. -- Tyndale's New Testament in English was printed. He was burned at the stake in 1536 because he had the Bible printed in English. 1550 A.D. -- Stephens Greek N.T. (Textus Receptus). 1611 A.D. -- The King James or Authorised Version of the Bible was translated from the Greek Textus Receptus in the N.T. and Hebrew Masoretic Text in the O.T. 1611 A.D. -- To the present. Infidels and assorted enemies of the Bible have attacked our Bible in every way known to man, but God's Word shall abide forever. THE CORRUPT FOUNDATION OF MODERN TRANSLATIONS The "other Bibles" which are so prevalent today are as dependable as quicksand. They will vary even from printing to printing as the constantly changing whims of man directs. However, each new Bible will continue down the same path of confusion and error. You cannot produce good fruit from a rotten tree. THE CHRONOLOGY OF THE "OTHER BIBLES" From the birth of Christ to 400 A.D. False prophets wrote polluted gospels and other books of the Bible at the same time that the true books of the New Testament were being written. Paul makes mention of this in 2 Cor. 2:17, "For we are not as many, which corrupt the Word of God .... "Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit these tainted manuscripts were cast aside and were not included in the Textus Receptus. 331 A.D. Constantine ordered that an "ecumenical Bible" be written that would be accepable to every stripe of Christian that was under his jurisdiction. A man by the name of Eusebius was assigned to direct this undertaking. Eusebius was a follower of Origen who rejected the deity of Christ. He claimed that Christ was a created being. The Jehovah's Witnesses of today believe the same thing. This error is called the Arian heresy. 1481 A.D. The Vatican manuscript was discovered in the Vatican Library. This is a corrupted manuscript which repeatedly casts aside the deity of Christ. It reflects the Arianism of Origen and is thought by some to be one of the surviving manuscripts done be Euscbius at the command of Constantine. The date of its writing coincides with the "ecumenical Bible" of Constantine. 1844 A.D. The Sinaitic manuscript was discovered at Mt. Sinai in the monastery of Saint Catherine. It agrees closely with the Vatican manuscript and minimises the deity of Christ and is Arian in nature. It is safe to suggest that these two manuscripts were two of the fifty that were written for Constantine. 1881 A.D. The Westcott and Hort Greek Text was introduced. This text departed from the Textus Receptus and follows the Vatican and Sinaitic corruptions. Most scholars from every spectrum of Christianity have knowingly or otherwise promoted the Westcott and Hort text from that time to the present. The Jehovah's Witness Bible entitled the "New World Translation of the Scriptures" was translated from the text of Westcott and Hort. Their friendship with Westcott and Hort is not surprising. They reject the deity of Christ and gain strength from this corrupt text. Most, if not all, of the modern translations of the Bible follow the path of the two worst manuscripts which are in existence. They almost seem to loathe the Textus Receptus. This is evidenced by the fact that most Bible colleges, seminaries and schools use some Greek text other than the Textus Receptus. Nevertheless, the new versions are founded on faulty texts and are not acceptable for any purpose. Hope that helps Solorni solorni Posted Today, 01:47 AM Conavar, I don't understand your point about the definitions of Satan and Lucifer there... could you expand it for me? Thanks. ( I don't agree with the definitions there, either, based on the texts listed there. But that's a different debate.) My point was that quoting any Religious txt is Wrong as over the years they have been changed and adapted to suit the aims of the church
  20. Religion

    Fare point and the reason I dont like peope quoting the bible i would rather hear there own views. should think most ppl have heard the saying " History is written by the victors" its the same for the bible . very one sided and biased and has also changed the meaning of words to suit its own ends Example. Satan: The Christian Anti-God ,otherwise known as the Devil. "SATAN" is a Hebrew word meaning "Adversary",the term is used in the old Testament as a trivial noun except in JOB (where there is no textual implication that Satan is EVIL ) LUCIFER: "light-bearer in latin" . The name appears in ISAIAH 14:12 -" How art thou Fallen from heaven,O lucifer,son of the morning" - as a translation of the Hebrew Hillel ( "light-bringer" ) and the misinterpretation of this passage resulted in Lucifer being added to the list of names associated with the Devil
  21. Religion

    Sorry proberly me not making myself clear. I ment in having faith and belief and having found comfort in them beliefs isnt that the answer wether there is a god or not. Them beliefs become the god offering ppl comfort etc . I dont believe religion was invented to make us for death but was made because we do.If religion hadnt offered an afterlife then doudt it would have flourished at all
  22. Religion

    Thanx Solorni That was the kind of answer i was looking for when i posted this topic .There honest views with out the bible bashing. To answer your post .As an aethist and not believing in God if you have found comfort in your beliefs isnt that the real answer.They may not be a god but you have found yours in your own faith . So having Faith and Believing in God is your god if you understand what im saying. Thanx again
  23. Religion

    Not your views that are hypercritical but christianitys that there is only there god and all other Religions are False. Im would like to know do other faiths believe the same muslims / hindus etc ? Also Do the Christians among us feel the Church is a good representative of there faith or is it the worst thing that has happened to Religion. ( I ask that as the Church Not Christainity as a faith has been responsible for a massive amount of bloodloss and deaths over the centurys ie: crusades. )
  24. Religion

    Its more of a case of life came into being because of the enviroment not vice versa. The enviroment didnt adapt to suit life. life adapted and came into being to suit the enviroment. Not a big fan of science either . Science is only based on what we know of the universe which is nothing.Who is to say life has to be carbon based ? .Isnt it possible that on differant worlds or perhaps on ours if the enviroment had been differant that sulphur or Hydrogen based lifeforms .Man and in particular Scientists are big fans of saying it can only be this way because thats all the knowledge we have. On the Grand scale of the universe we proberly know about 0.0000000001% of things there is to know. Does there have to be a cause for the event ? How about we are here Because it was one big fluke of nature . In my opinion we are an accident we came about because certain chemicals came into contact with one another .If the chances of that happening are 1billion to 1 then counting the number of planets in the universe then they are not bad odds. I have said before and will say again . Everyones beliefs are valid . Im an aethist but I would never tell anyone they are wrong for believing in something I dont. Also I dont Believe we came about Because of a God/s ,I believe God cam about because we evolved(by luck) into an intelligent species with rational thought that created God/s to find our place in the grand scheme of things and to hope that when we die thats not the end of it. my Belief is Religion in its many forms is based on and perpetuated by ppls fear of death Edit: Kidberg that is so hypercritical of christainity
  25. Religion

    I dont believe any gods are real.Was just a Question that Surely if Christains believe in there God then isnt it only right that they Believe gods of other Religions are just as valid and real. Or is it a case of what i Believe is true what you Believe is false ?. Believing in life on other plantets doesnt make anyone a non-believer ,Just asked the question Kidberg because i have found Religion and alien theorys dont mix among the Religious types.. Most dont want to Believe there maybe other life out there because if there is then whos to say God made us in his image and not them .And if god didnt make us in his image then there whole belief theory collapses Also people who believe thats God put us on this world do you totally dismiss the Theory of Evolution and Believe it started with Adam and Eve ?.