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  1. Raise attribute caps to 52. Vote now!

    No, unless increasing the OA cap.
  2. Newbie Helper

  3. Experimental Guild Rankings

    next time you are in a fight try to mix some HE or harv some branchs maybe it will help you.
  4. Experimental Guild Rankings

    Dragon is not a stone. if you have level 30 or more in summon you control the way your monster fight wich is part of a combat skill also, some people raise a/d to get overall. and not to fight same as summon . people raise summon to get money however the main idea of a/d is to fight same as summon.
  5. Experimental Guild Rankings

    i think it is the other way around. summon is a combat skill that people also use to make money. if you are able to summon a dragon you definatly have a better condition in a fight. we had a huge and fun fight at kf with a dragon that vormavius made it. the main goal for a summoner, in my opinian, is to make a dragon and use it a pk. Summoner has the ability to create life and make monster to use in a fight or tranning. at L.A. web site you can see some pictures. http://home.comcast.net/~limited_addiction/ many strong players died to weak players beacuse of the summon skill at that day.
  6. Connecting

    ok. after a little help from Asgnny =) i did a tracert game.eternal-lands.com and found a problem at fr.above.net Heu did the same thing and got the same results. dont know how to solve but found the problem.
  7. Connecting

    Same here Heu. maybe we have a problem with our brazilian power plant or something. This: Resync with server started today for me. sometimes i get 2 minutes of black screen. i have no idea why.
  8. RC 1

    yes, if i keep rotatin camera the sword gets back to pink color.
  9. RC 1

    When you rotated the camera i could saw a Thermal serp sword that was pink turning to a norma one (no pink color)
  10. i was useing Cross bow and fire bolts. Hit Forest Chimeran and it started to attack me. (so far ok) i was still fighting with crossbow and firebolt . for some reason i got this message "Forest Chimeran got mana burned ! ouch ! i didnt do any magic, didnt change crossbow to sword and didnt have any special armor and i was alone.
  11. Arrows testing (test server)

    yes we all saw that also.. Anamir started to aim with his bow in slowmotion.. happened once.
  12. Pre RC 10

    UVP 1
  13. Bows and arrows!

    It was really fun! some guild wars or contests are going to make this skill a very interesting one!
  14. Terras Eternas!

    Boa Samy!
  15. Post your video card info here

    Video card: Quadro FX 1500/PCI/SSE2 Vendor ID: NVIDIA Corporation OpenGL Version: 2.1.1 no problem nvidia driver 162.65