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  1. Casting spell

    Hi Thanks for response. Based on the wiki I realised message length must be two bytes and len = 1 + data_length, so I got it to work with the following code: return new Message(new byte[]{ CAST_SPELL, 4, 0, 2, 1, 24 });
  2. PK Server Competition

    To be honest I thought the PK server was dead and offline already. Didn't realise someone still might play there...
  3. Casting spell

    Hey Maybe someone can help me. I'm making small improvements to the Android client, and I got the combat working. Yay. Next I thought I'd try to make casting spells work. However, I can't really get the restoration spell to work. Nothing simply happens. So I thought I'd ask here in case someone knows what's up with it. I tried both of these: public static final int CAST_SPELL = 39; // Cast spell with reagents 1 and 24 ... new Message(new byte[]{ CAST_SPELL, 3, 0, (byte) 1, (byte) 24 }); and // Cast spell with ID 7 (Restoration) ... new Message(new byte[]{ CAST_SPELL, 2, 0, (byte) 7 }); On the other hand, my attackActor (and all the other messages) works just fine, so the problem is that I don't know what kind of message to send to the server to get the spell cast. Thanks for any tips.
  4. Soft reset stone

    The problem again with that is that no one except the top players would pay such prices for it. I'd probably get a better char than my own for cheaper on the black market. I'd rather support the game, though. I would expect I'm not the only one too.
  5. Soft reset stone

    I feel like anyone who hasn't already spent hundreds or thousands on the game would rather quit than pay $100. But indeed, some tweaks would need to be made so that it can be used by both newer and top players. Probably price needs to scale, otherwise it will be either under- or overpriced for the other side.
  6. Thought I'd bring this suggestion up since the search only brought an old topic from 2012 which was really a suggestion for something very different. So my idea is to add a "Soft reset stone" to the EL Shop. The stone would reset your PPs without losing your OA level. Alternatively you could lose 5-10% OA exp during reset. Cost of stone could be something like $25-50, perhaps scaling according to OA level. I see three benefits of this addition: 1. Players can try out different builds and level up all skills they want, without completely destroying their character for fighting. 2. Newer players might not be forced to quit after they realise they need to do #reset because of bad decisions as a beginner. 3. New source of income for Radu. And only one problem (correct me if I am wrong): Rich players will buy lots of nexuses with hydro bars and then do a soft reset to remove all the nexuses at once (which would be cheaper than buying individual nexus removal stones). One possible solution to counter this problem would be that the Soft reset stone would NOT keep your bought PPs! So if you are OA level 146, after using Soft reset stone you would have 146 PPs regardless of how many hydro bars you have used before.
  7. Yeah something should be done about the rosto prices. I still thought they were around 20-25k apiece, and thought I'd just need to farm 40-50k after losing two in one invasion. But instead I need to farm 160k to replace them? That's like weeks of farming for one hour in an invasion. And then they make topics asking why people don't join invasions actively anymore
  8. Breaking quest.

    Yeah, simple solution is to allow acid rain and brod to the quest. Makes sense to me atleast.
  9. Raising Attribute Cap to 60!

    Have to agree, there's quite a few things that could be changed/fixed, which would benefit especially newer players. Raising the attribute cap would not have any effect on that at all, maybe even the opposite effect.
  10. PK Server Competition

    Hmm a 1 week contest sounds interesting, it would definitely mean that the level gap between players would be smaller which would equal to more balanced tournament in the end. The reason I thought 1 month was that it would take a while to get your other skills up, e.g. it could be possible to gain an equipment advantage by training manu. I don't agree with giving easy access to rostos and other rare stuff in the game. To be honest, I think it'd be interesting if there were no rostos at all on the Tournament Server. Would make PKing (raiding training spots) profitable, as you would be able to steal other players' items and thus disrupt their training for a longer time if they needed to craft new gear etc. Yes I suppose the existing PK server could be used. The reason why I suggested a new server was that you would not be able to use existing gear, or help your new character with an old character in any way.
  11. My idea is that there could be an event that would be fun to play, different from the "normal gameplay" and rewarding at the same time. Also, I think everyone should start with an equal chance of winning, i.e. everyone starts on the same line. The competition would take place on a Tournament Server, which is basically the same as the PK Server. The competition would be played out on this separate server, and everyone starts with a new character. The rewards for the winners would be given to the winners' main accounts, however, instead of these new characters on the Tournament Server. The format could be as follows: 1. Start with an empty server with PK server rules, and everyone can join ($5 entry fee, just like PK Server). 2. Competition lasts e.g. for 1 month. During this time, players try to become as strong as possible by training and gearing up. 3. After this 1 month, there will be a PK tournament. Top X players in the tournament win prizes. Prizes could be shop items (rostos), top level gear and/or PPs. These would be rewarded to the main account instead of PK Server account. As an additional or alternative idea, there could also be a Team PK Tournament, which would encourage more teamplay. Players could join in teams of 5. This would encourage people to play together instead of the server being completely "every man for himself". Server should maybe only be limited to C1, especially if the amount of contestants is not that many. Would anyone else be interested in something like this?
  12. Let's Invade

    I leveled a character recently (Felessan) who is low 90s a/d currently - He is very capable to kill the mobs in a 100-110 capped invasion, and even up to yetis/frost trolls as long as it's one at a time. (though quite expensive - averages at about 4-5 restores per yeti/ft) however with his build he can also train Feros very easily and can reach anywhere between 6500-7000 exp/min depending on which feros spawn i am on (with my build i kill 1 feros as the other spawns on a double spawn), I don't think there is a problem with the current invasions/instances being (a+d)/2 - infact quite a few found inside melinis (101 cap) quite easy and people only died due to mana drain from bears, However many people who don't have pure fighting builds do struggle to stay alive in invasions, and in some cases struggle to kill mobs that "should" be around their a/d level - i have found that Vanyels and Aquilas recent invasions that i have took part in do accommodate both pure fighters as well as all rounders if you stay around the edges where there's less mobs - That said it could be a nice idea to change the way the cap works to be based off combat level instead so the people with more nexus and less combat related attributes(therefore lower CL) can fight in invasions more suited to their real combat abilities That is true: staying at the edges in the invasions is a good way to stay alive. But at the same time, I find that staying out of the invasions is also a good way to stay alive too. The best part of the invasion, in my opinion, is being smack down in the middle of the action with stuff happening everywhere and mobs coming out of nowhere. The fun part is trying to stay alive in the chaos. Any other way of playing it is not worth it for me. But it's an easy way to make a huge loss, especially when underleveled. I'm not saying that there necessarily needs to be a change, though, since it is my decision for a build and my decision of a playstyle. But in a way, that is also a problem with the level caps.
  13. Let's Invade

    I feel like a problem with both invasions and instances is the a/d cap. Basically a+d/2 is a terrible indicator of the player strength. For example, if I want to train on feros effectively it is generally agreed that 28/44 p/c is the best. At the same time, this means my char is much weaker in instances than if I pushed to 48/48. Therefore the problem is that it is essentially impossible to build a character that is good at both training and doing invasions/instances at the same time. As a result, I ended up trying invasions where I was both underleveled and had low attributes. This means that invasions are very unprofitable, as the rewards are not that big while losing rostos is very expensive. One possible solution would be to make the cap based on attributes as well. One solution: a+d+p+c. For cap >120 this would have essentially no effect, while at the lower levels (80-100 and 100-120) this would mean that players such as 105/110 with lower p/c could still join the 80-100 (because effectively same strength as players at 95/100 48/48).
  14. very old players

    So much fun reading through this topic lots of old names I recognize. Still remember crus killing me one time (probably 13 years ago) in White Stone arena, and I'm still waiting for my revenge Maybe I need to check out Albion Online to get him back
  15. Attack experience bug

    That can't be right. In the invasions I've been in, or when dcws ganged me in bethel, the att. counter always starts from 0 after I kill the monster and move on to the next.