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    logns walks on beach and romantics!
  1. Small Storage Sale

  2. Small Storage Sale

    Sold to mcb
  3. Small Storage Sale

    I offer 3k for all Raistlin SOLD TO ALL 3 waiting on Learg and Raistlin to get on msg me whenever but i will hold for you guys
  4. Small Storage Sale

    PM ME INGAME OR POST HERE: Tsmith(ingame name) i will check off after i sell it. Essence/magic: 1 moon medallion 1 sun medallion 1 conjurer cloak 962 magic essence Potions: 6 Pots of evasion 1 pot of accuracy Animal: 12 fox furs 5 Green snake skin 20 red snake skin 6 brown snake skin 74 Deer furs 73 Deer antlers 4 Brown snake skin 22 brown rabbit fur 22 Rat Tails 174 Raw Meat 117 wolf fur 1 beaver fur 12 Puma fur 2 Bear fur 1 falcon feather 1 feran horn 2 white rabbit fur Misc: 28 empty vials 191 bone powders 141 thread Books: 1 book of pot of summoning 1 book of pot of physique 1 book of iron sword construction 1 book of Gargoyle summoning 1 book of Puma summoning 1 book of Portland ring building 1 book of titanium axe construction Weapons/armor: 1 Crown of Mana 1 Wooden Battle Hammer 3 iron swords 1 wooden staff 1 USED steel two edge 1 quarter staff 1 Second hand titanium long sword
  5. Uh Missing data?

    When i enter my password it loads but when its about done it says (killerbow on main)Eternal lands then a error report comes up saying "Eternal-lands Client has encountered a problem and needs to close." Error signature- Appname:el.exe Appver: ModName:unknown Modver Offset:00000000 If you think you can help me and or need more information id be very thankful........thanks-killer
  6. El update?

    finished downloading.......finally can't wait to rev it up!
  7. 1st range topic

    Maybe they can make more than one arrow from a metal bar perhaps 10 at a time
  8. El update?

    ........sadly im still downloading it how many MB are their for this update?
  9. El update?

    ok thanks im downloading it now
  10. El update?

    Well about two days ago i came back to el after a 6 month break, but after making a 3 and a half hour download with my slow dial-up two days later i find out their is another update can. I am not very good with computers, i have version 1.5 beta downloaded how do i update it, and what is the link i still cant find it.......Thanks
  11. Support a good cause & win big prizes

    thats great what you are doing cause my grandpa passed away with lyphoma
  12. selling steel plate

    sold~~~~~~ to halo
  13. AOL screenie

    well you must ask your mom to change your age from young teen to mature teen the same thing happen to me then i think you can log in .
  14. Who is your arch enemy?

    mother nature and anyone who uses rings of power
  15. harvesting orders!

    sparhawk is the last order besides private i am accepting thx killer