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  1. Gem sander

    I would like to see this discount from the Crafting god priest. As we know we can get maximum 4 rank worship level instead of 5 at other gods. We should have a 5th rank here too, and at rank 5 the priest would sell you in bulk gem sanders.
  2. Magic Day Stone Usage

    The reason for Sunday is because he works Saturdays. We even discussed on @6 where he was going to have me use the stone while he was at work but I refused for at least this time. he put so much effort into the neno i felt it only right he used the stone. There will be plenty of opportunities with the new way radu has the neno set up for all time zones to change the days. Alright, i havent been on chanel when it was discussed! And ofcourse it is the teams right to decide when to start the special day. And thanks for the info and this nice day again:D
  3. Magic Day Stone Usage

    Nice day, and thank you very much for it! One question, 13th march is sunday, wouldent it be better to have such a day on saturday? Anyway thank you to announce it in time:) Troger
  4. Non-Stop Day Stone Usage

    thank you!
  5. Instance for Mixers

    This gave me an ideea. To have a stationary target, that will give you what to mix, if you bring him in amount of time, it will heal x health points if not than it will remain with what left. And to be there several waves like for fighters. Rosto loss, if task not completed.
  6. Valentine’s Hyerpbag Hunt!

    Thank you very much for this wonderful contest! And happy V-day for you too!
  7. Valentine’s Hyerpbag Hunt!

    14) gods blessed love by guinevereanne12, on Flickr Aluwens temple [48,293]. 4 sunflowers, 3 tiger lillyes, 2 blue lupins ingame name:Troger edited: i wrote my rl name accidently! duh:(
  8. Valentine’s Hyerpbag Hunt!

    Nice. \o/
  9. Xaquelina Harv Quest stuck with PV task

    as i have seen if special event occures that harvesting is not counted, not 100% sure!
  10. It is nice ideea, but: 1. only if the nexuses gained from those items can be used in producing only some items.... 2. do not include human and animal nexus in there
  11. Magyarok

    Tamogassatok eMagyarorszagot. regszitraljatok: http://www.erepublik.com/en/referrer/GyermekT
  12. Making modable ti longs

    nathanstenzel's point was that now days nobody is makeing titanium steel aloy long swords because of it recepie, so if it is not produced there will not be modable ones!
  13. Changes in Harm spell.

    MI really has 100% protection, if you see a ward dont move to dont be you MI canceled. Use TS pots to see the lurker, and a mage is defeated. He is useless, if you can use what the game offers you. Lol at the 420 damage, nobody is able to harm that much! And nobody forced you to be a fighter and to choose the "harder way" you could have been an "easy and cheap" to level mage!
  14. EL Classic Server

    you forgot EL Zero:P
  15. Magyarok

    Csigu kuldjel email cimet nekem... es kuldok meghivot!
  16. Magyarok

    Udv mindenkinek! Egy elegge furcsa dolgot hozok fel itt, szoval ha hulyesegnek tarttjatok nyugodtan hurrogjatok le, en azert megprobalom. Van egy browser based jatek a neve erepublik nezzetek meg hogy tetszik-e. Ha elnyeri tetszeseteket, akkor kuldjetek pmben, ezen a forumon egy email cimet es kuldok meghivot. Megy meghivo nelkul is, de ha kuldok meghivot akkor goldokkal gazdagodunk. Elore is kosz a tolletek elrabolt idot:) Lori
  17. pvp afk

    How can you pvp if your not online? You mean AFK>?
  18. New summon: unicorn

    I knew that you akf too much, but untill now it diden't affect you rl skills.
  19. Silver Weapons / Gold Weapons

    Silver and gold are not firm enough metals to make weapons of. First of all we need no more new weapons at all, only some modification for the existing ones. Maybe some special dual wielding.
  20. Events

    The first and main cause is the thirst for experience! Almost everyplayer is calculating what is the best item to make for the best xp / sec. So they can't afford to " sacrifice " 1 hours to host or to participate in an event.
  21. Manufacturing strike!

    OR the fighters should get better at fighting? The better you are, the more drops you get, because you're that good. You can kill more things in less time=more gc from drops. Train away. Your a clown, you absolutely have no knowledge about training, i mean come on you wanted to go ogres -> dcw, and once i even saw you "training" gargs with an orc slayer lmfao. really, even though you have a grudge against korrode, maybe you should let it go and focus on the task at hand instead of shooting down anything he says. really defeats the the purpose of your opinion at all huh? EDIT: or better yet, go play a game with no combat/fighting at all. OFF:When you decide to train without weapon or even multiing monsters and healing them, you sacrifice the drops for the extra experience you have. Everybody shall decide and shall do as he thinks is the best for him. Many times it is a big diferece between enjoying a game or making it a second job, or worst second life, in what you have only one purpose, to realise everything that you fail to make with you real life. On topic: I think that even if the fighters would make more money they would pay more for a great sword, because: 1 there is overproduction for these weapons 2 fighters would invest the extra money to make their stats perfect (removal stons etc.) I see one thing that could make this stop: If the server could suport(i know that it can't) item properties, like when you equip an item it gets bounded to you, i mean that from that time on nobody else but you will be able to use it. This would stop the great swords and expensive armour parts to move from one player to another. The only sellers would be manuers or reselers, but they would buy from manuers also.
  22. Daggers

    and you would hit you enemy for 1-2 damage.
  23. My Thoughts on the Recent Price hikes

    Offcourse they are selling more expensive than is at npc, because if you buy and mule at home that is time that you spent to accumulate the final product. And there are players with antisocial perk. With the other 3 ingreedients the silver, iron and diamond. These ingreedients are used the most. silver and diamond for ae's almost everybody has started to train magic again. Silver is used for crafting too. And the iron ... as the demand is rising the prices will rise too.
  24. Rostogol idea...

    It was suggested before rosto+money+drop
  25. revenge killer serping in Melinis

    Damn it must to love this forums there is always place for a bit of drama, for a bit of whining great bag jumping and so on. All i see here is the greediness for the xp, and peoples with high quality armour training 3-4 hours in one go on a spawn claiming that other have no right to be there because they are greedy and dont want to share.