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  1. ELG Guild Shop

    If/when your in business again?? Max order of each of these pls fire essence 3.5 each (10.5k gc) Water Essence 6.5 each (19.5k gc) Silver 2 each (6k gc) sulfur 2 each (6k gc) coal 2 each (6k gc) Total should be 48k gc geritt
  2. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    50k coal (100k) 50k sulfur (100k) geritt
  3. HOPS harvesting Shop!

    4k sulfur & 4k coal pls (16k gc) geritt
  4. George Bush figured out how to create a char?
  5. Easy cash!

    Thanx radu & DinkyDee (so far)
  6. Easy cash!

    [15:41:39] GIWS: A Mare Bulangiu was pulled out of an outhouse in Valley of the Dwarves! Run for your lives, or go fight him! [15:41:39] While geritt was harvesting dung, a Mare Bulangiu that was resting in the outhouse grabbed on to the bucket and came out... [15:41:39] You stopped harvesting. Mare (console)
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    geritt - 10k silver - 20k gc
  8. Another 100kgc Treasure Hunt

    Oh!!!!!! Look at this! Organizing my storage and I found this old crumpled piece of paper that looks like part of above mentioned treasure map. Find me and I'll let you see for yourself. geritt.
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k iron ore pls. (35k) geritt
  10. Storage Sale

    Any REASONABLE offer will be considered, Do not post here, just pm me (geritt) in game. (parked at EVTR sto) Misc. 128 Small mines 23 Large mines 444 Snares Flowers 10k Blueberries 10k Red Currents 61k Tree Mushrooms 8k Mugwort 14k White Chanterelle 10k Poison Ivy 11k Black Rose 23k Nightshade Ores 30 Wolframite Metals 36 Tins bars Weapons 1 - Iron Axe 10 - Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Swords 5 - Iron Battle Hammers 5 - Wooden Staffs 12 - Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Swords 1 - Modable Steel 2 Edged Sword Magic 2 - Lightmeters Clothes 1 - Black/Purple Striped Baggy Pants 1 - White/Red Striped Baggy Pants
  11. Part 2 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    I'll buy all sulfur
  12. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    10k iron/coal/sulfur/roses/snaps/swampcandles pls.
  13. Selling Sulfur

    Accept a daily max order? If so, mark me down for it. geritt
  14. Auctioning 10k FE's

  15. Auctioning 10k FE's

  16. Auctioning 10k FE's

  17. Like a Steel Greave, 2.5% chance to increase your defense skill by 5 each time you get hit. Asking price...400k gc, but will consider other offers. Sold geritt
  18. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Inorganic Removal Stone - PV cotton
  19. Clearout of Items

    I'll take all the fe's. geritt
  20. Leveling

    Saturday, February 23, 2008 [14:03:00] You started to harvest Diamond. [14:03:07] You advanced to level 98 of harvesting! [14:03:09] You stopped harvesting. [14:03:16] You advanced to level 82 of defense! [14:03:41] You advanced to level 98 of alchemy! [14:03:54] You advanced to level 45 of magic! [14:03:54] Your material points are already at their max. But you did lose the reagents and ethereal points for this spell [14:04:18] You advanced to level 56 of potion! [14:04:36] You advanced to level 45 of manufacturing! [14:04:47] You advanced to level 61 of crafting! [14:05:07] You advanced to level 56 of engineering! [14:05:18] You advanced to level 11 of tailoring! Doh! Forgot Life Essence *runs to buy some* [14:07:31] (*) geritt summoned a Wolf [14:07:31] You advanced to level 26 of summoning! Originally tried to include Attack, but realized it was not going to be possible...hehe Oop! Typo in topic..
  21. Leveling

    Lol, couldn't harv or alc for 2 days, trained with Body Restore pots. Close call a few times when I needed something, had to always go buy or ask guildies for something. Never (famous last words) will do this again. Hmmm, suppose I should have thought this thru....so much for keeping stats private....hehe
  22. "Market" value of EFE?

    5k, give me a break.... I'm open to flames, smart-ass responses, lectures on Market 101, etc. Will especially be interested in your intelligent, straight forward answers.
  23. Will Removal Stone

  24. Massive Book Sale!

    Post offers here, or pm me (geritt) in-game. 2 - Stars Medallion Building 6 - Unicorn Medallion Building 7 - Sun Medallion Building 1 - Troll Fighting 2 - Cyclops Fighting 2 - Dwarf Fighting 1 - Human Fighting 1 - Puma Summoning 2 - Bear Summoning 3 - Gargoyles Summoning 2 - Titanium Smelting 2 - Titanium Molding 4 - Titanium Long Construction 1 - Magic Potion 2 - Potion of Physique 8 - Potion of Manufacturing 9 - Crafting Potion 5 - Potion of Summoning 1 - Isla Prima Ring Building 1 - Portland Ring Building 4 - Disengagement Ring Building 3 - Ring of Damage Building