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  1. EFE, ELE, EME auction

    8 EFE - starting at 79200 (could sell all to one bot and make that much) 6 ELE - starting at 29000 1 EME - starting at 11000 serious posts only please, post for yourself not for others, i will be back in roughly a week, auction ends when i come back next week (7-10 days)
  2. How chinese treat animals

    animals do talk, just b/c we dont underastand them doesnt mean they dont understand eachother, the hoots and howls of monkeys in the jungle warn other monkeys of aproaching danger. dont tell me they didnt just talk to each other. think, of course they think, have you ever watched a dog ponder the idea of "do i go get the frisbee or chase the rabit" hey, it might not be the most complex decisions but a dog has a fairly simple life, but you still cant tell me that as the dog looked back and forth between the 2 he wasnt thinking. not 100% sure what you mean by create but yes, birds create a bird nest, a home. it created that home much like we create ours, find the material, then add lots of work. thier material and tools are just different from ours. wield, yes, animals wield things all the time, ever seen a monkey wield a rock and use it to break something open? open your mind, watch animals for a while, you will see them think, talk, create, and wield. and i can come up with plenty of examples of each Edit: sry for double post
  3. How chinese treat animals

    i dont see how people can say that we are the only creature that doesnt just act on instinct, all creatures have instincts to help them survive. all creatures make/find some sort of place to live. just b/c we think we have the best places to live doesnt mean we arent still doing it out of instinct. everything needs food to survive, just because we have developed the technology, and learned how to get this food easier doesnt mean we arent doing it out of instinct. monkeys use tools, so they might be simple tools such as rocks but they use tools none-the less, we had to start somewhere, Indians (or Native Americans) used every part of the buffalo they killed food, tools, shelter. anyway my point is that we run on instincts just like all other creatures do, our bodies and brains are just able to develop more and our bodies are able to do more, a deer cant build a house to live in b/c it cant pick things up very well. to say that we are the only thing on this planet that has a soul and that everything else runs purely on instinct is just ridiculous. you can see animals make decisions, instincts isnt exactly about decisions, its an automatic response that doesnt have to be learned. we are no better than the other living creatures on this world, we only think we are, and if you look at the negative effects creatures of the world have on this planet then we are probably actually the worst excuse of life on this planet that there is. and last i have to hit on the 'humane killing' thing. human killing doesnt mean no pain, no suffering, it just means as little pain and suffering as possible. that video showed probably about as much pain and suffering as you could possibly cause. catch a wild animal in a trap that causes no pain and then shoot it in the head so it dies instantly would probably be the most 'humane' way to kill something, then it had a great life with lots of free space to roam and it didnt suffer as it died, im sure in the state of the fully skinned coon (i think) those last 10-15 min of its life felt like hours.
  4. do animals have a soul?

    since we are already off topic, i want to say something about Santa Clause ^^ i think santa was real at one point in time, he might not have climbed down chimneys and into peoples homes but whos to say the stories of santa didnt come around b/c there was a guy that liked to leave presents on peoples door steps or something, just in the town he lived in. and when news of this guy spread, and they called him santa (or he called himself santa) other people in other towns decided to do the same thing, thus the spirit of Christmas (aka santa) was born. i see santa as a spirit of x-mas, not a physical being himself.
  5. do animals have a soul?

    SweetEyes just said she likes you for this comment SweetEyes is my GF just FYI
  6. USA 2008 Elections

    i have an idea, lets vote me into office, im not a politician and still think i might actually be able to change something, lol, at any rate i couldnt be much worse of a VP than Palin so ill settle for being a running mate.
  7. do animals have a soul?

    by starting this poll i was not seeking the answer to this question, i am set in my answer and feel that i myself have enough proof to stick with it. i started this poll more to get an idea of what other people thought, until me and SweetEyes (my GF) got on this topic i had never thought that there were different views on the subject. i am a big nature person, there is a forest close to my house that i am in all the time and i watch the animals. from my own observations i personally could not think that if humans have a soul that animals do not, alot of animals do alot of the things we do, they have thoughts, they feel pain, they talk to one another, they have families, so as i see it if they are so similiar to us on those aspects then why would we be the only creature on the planet that has a soul. as for being convicted enough to search for the answer, your right, im not, i believe i already have the answer and even if i dont its not that important of a subject to spend all the time and money on it that your suggestions would need. all my goal out of posting this is to see other peoples opinions. and yes, im calling them opinions, even mine is an opinion as there is really no way to prove any of it.
  8. USA 2008 Elections

    quite honestly Palin scares me, and drives me nuts, i cringe when i hear someone say 'soccer mom' or 'maverick' and we have a hockey team called the mavericks so i hear it alot around here ><
  9. do animals have a soul?

    If I was able to give you my memorys , so you could see what ive seen I could prove to you that ghosts exist. Im not entirely certain what they are, be it a ''soul'' that has not moved on or perhaps just a memory that is so strong it has imprinted itself into existence but they do exist. And theyre not just famous people i have to agree, i personally have seen enough to believe in ghosts, what causes them might be another story but i i believe they exist.
  10. do animals have a soul?

    most people will say that we have a soul. or that we have something we can give back to god. that we have something that lives on after death. ect. if you dont believe that souls exist, or you dont think that humans have a soul then the best thing to do here would be not vote right? i mean i make the question more specific it should probably be "do you believe animals are on the same spiritual level as humans" or "that humans and animals have the same type of soul/spirit, or have something that lives on after death" btw im liking what im reading, i had never thought about this b4 me and my GF disagreed on it and i never realized there was another view on it other than my own, let alone several other views on it. nor did i ever think that anyone thought that humans themselves did not have a soul, id actually like to hear more about the reasons for that from those who dont think humans have a soul. if you guys dont mind posting about it in more detail. and my GF thinks im crazy for being so interested in this now. i think she thinks im trying to prove her wrong or something, i just like having several ways of looking at things, but hey, thats probably just the actor in me coming out
  11. do animals have a soul?

    lol, you are a nut Sword
  12. do animals have a soul?

    this would be the best way to go if you dont think humans have a soul. just dont vote.
  13. do animals have a soul?

    lol, ive also gotten the comment, "ill find out when i get there, until then im wasting time"
  14. do animals have a soul?

    lol, glad to get your first forum post Tubby
  15. do animals have a soul?

    ok, my girlfriend and i dont agree on this so im asking you guys, no discusion is needed i just want your opinion. if your answer isnt yes, and isnt no, then just dont vote, thank you