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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    3k sapphires (10k) plz ingame name reigner5
  2. storage sale

    selling all these offer if u like any 1 iron axe 1 steel axe 714 iron ore 172 gold ore 14 gypsum 472 blue quarts 280 quartz 171 diamonds 317 life essences 5 iron helms 5 augmented leather chests 19 silver bars 1065 cotton 286 mugwort 725 white asiatic lillys pm me ingame if interested names reigner5
  3. Update issues

    everytime i log in i get an instant crash and error message
  4. Best Death Message

    playername found out that there is life after death reig
  5. Screenshots needed for the website

    reigner5 and pennylane1 wedding
  6. ffej is a scammer and a lier

    not all pkg are scammers and bagjumpers its not right to call whole guild because of a few
  7. Mortos Race

    i dont think i can make it can u please swap me for someone on substitutes
  8. Mortos Race

    Reigner5 a/d/p/c 70/78/20/30 friday
  9. my ip has been banned but i dont know why can someone please help me i have no idea why i was banned can someone please explain to me
  10. Day of Joule

    all npc will buy ur items for double the price
  11. Mortos Challange

    the -dd- team reigner5 sundulana piner nostalg niilan nostalg and piner cant make it can we change them?
  12. Things i sell.

    ill buy the pickaxes,iron chain and steel chain for 1.6k pm cloudstrife99 in game
  13. For sale

    how much for the 10 moon medallions??? and if u like ill try to donate some srs soon pm cloudstrife99
  14. storage cleanout time... stuff for sale!

    3k for 5 steel chains pm cloudstrife99
  15. sell items

    hey ill buy these for 600 gc 1 moon medalion 200gc 20 green snake skins 11 brown snake skins 12 red snake skins pm cloudstrife99 in game ty:)