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  1. WTS 22 binding stones 8k ea

    if you dont like mine price, ignore this topic... i didnt asked you to post here what you think about it... her ponit is nobody going to buy when ur selling overpriced
  2. keyes

  3. New Store

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/shop/index.htm at the bottom, call a Color change. learner i thinck he means a way to change ur clothes/hair without paying real life dollers some ppl dont have money to spend lol (like me)
  4. funny LOTR pic

  5. Bush and Surfy

  6. ORG is recruiting!

    good luck with ur guild
  7. titanium plate

    hiya i am posting for my freind syni becuze he dosent have a forum accont yet so he is selling a titanium plate for 80-85k if u buy pm syni ingame
  8. Alembic

    ummm.. a pipe of some sort ?
  9. Need a little help...

    member 17 !
  10. Today's Invasion

    man i missed it two *crys*
  11. May I have a clarifcation on map bugs?

    hehe thats reason i dont wanna get scotty dead perk afraid of geting traped and yeah tele rings are cheap so whats the prob of keeping a few with ya
  12. Guild Wing is recruiting

    good luck with guild itzal
  13. Med Of Life

    i thinck its way awesome thubs up to the mods/dev stats good and the 30 hp boest is awesome