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  1. Peace Day?

    IMO the fact that this thread is still going is a good hint that it's an issue that is moving people. Not the worst sign for a community - I'd rather have it this way than having 1000 people play and not care about the game. This even is more true for a testing audience - what is a test worth if you don't receive feedback? About "ownership" and "designing your own game": there have been polls and threads about certain features in the past, and Entropy himself asked for suggestions. If he would be totally against any change regarding this thread, he would probably have said it right there. As far as I can remember, he's not afraid to use direct language or the "lock" button on the bottom of this page. Cheers, maj
  2. Peace Day?

    IMO this is not in the spirit of peace day, therefore the message should be changed, or no life form should be harmed. On another sidenote: EL never fails to surprise me how malevolent people can be. Yes, it is cool to discover things that everyone thought impossible, yet I am disappointed to see how this ingenuity is used.
  3. EL 192x192 PNG icons

    Sufficient frame rate to mix stuff in nearly abandoned storages like TG
  4. YAY! Summoning 100

    Not exactly right. Alch will be the 5th skill, OA does not count in And we had someone else founding the quintuple -100s club a couple of months ago, Ermabwed. Still, a rare number to reach. Congratulations, summoning 100 is really a HUGE achievement. Thank you Raz for putting things into perspective. It's a huge effort to continue working on a skill that hard if you're already #1 ...
  5. We need more players here

    I don't play there, but I guess what scares most people off is the fee you need to pay to play there. How about starting a two week trial period where everyone can create an account there for free, and after those two weeks the account must either be payed for or gets banned? So people could go and take a look, some of them would probably stick ... Cheers, maj
  6. Real Life Imitating EL

    Stumbled across this lately, I could barely resist the urge to rob it
  7. The whole c't thing

    I am sorry if that came across as an offense - it's not about being smarter, it's about knowing the deals of your trade. I didn't say IT people are smarter than other professions, like (for example) a doctor, but the doctor still won't understand much of the c't (even if he owns a computer, works with it every day, and plays EL in his free time). Likewise, IT people won't be able to understand much that is written in medical records or magazines, even if visiting the doctor 5 times a month
  8. The whole c't thing

    Thats because it's a german geek magizine It's not a geek magazine, it's a magazine for 'IT professionals'. If you work in the IT industry, you know that magazine, it is well-known in Germany. It is not very specialized in terms of hardware, operating systems, programming languages or applications they write articles on, therefore I wouldn't say they are a geek magazine, but it requires a certain level of knowledge to conveniently read (and understand) the articles. The gaming section is usually rather small, so I don't think it will be a big review - probably only a couple of hundred words like ago said.
  9. Character control

    i totally agree to that. it would be awesome to see that. can just say what vyt said, there is not much else when mixing than chatting. so just hitting an key from time to time except moving mouse on mix all and click would be really nice. As "the guy who was warned" for this functionality - I still totally agree. It's really relaxing if you can sit there chatting and meanwhile mixing a load of fire essences; with high enough emu you can hold ingreds for over 100, and just occasionally press shortcut keys for food (in quickslot) and mix-all while chatting all the time, without ever moving your hands from the keyboard. I am still surprised so few people (especially from amongst the developers and other mouse-despising folks) see the use of this.
  10. "Save counters after each change" patch commited

    That means the counters file is written after every hit, every cast, every harvest. Not an option mobile users on battery should use. Because of the relatively low implications to gaming (read, none) a couple of counts lost should be acceptable, they are not always correct anyway, so why not write the counters file in regular intervals instead?
  11. no to regulation

    Hm, you just didn't see real cool pink bunny slippers yet: www.mightycoolstuff.com/bunny-slipper-mobile/
  12. no to regulation

    I'd wish this was a poll.
  13. Attributes cap for the main server

    I don't know how often this happened since I started this game: a poll about changing game mechanics started and already called off after less than 24 hours, and I again didn't have the chance to influence the outcome. I don't read this forum three times a day, if you want casual players to have a chance of voting, please increase poll duration. And I'd also like to give two other suggestions: - abstain from the discussion unless posting for clarification purposes, this might help you keep your nerves - give a poll time limit (couple of days to a week) and decide _afterwards_ if the results are worth the work Of course it's your decision how you want to carry out those polls, but I don't think you are any less frustrated about it than I am, so maybe thinking about improving would be worth a minute.
  14. Azerty configuration

    Good attitude for a software developer or someone who wants to leave his country anyway. To the other 99% of the world population, this is just not helpful. There are reasons why there are different keyboards and layouts, and "I can use a US keyboard why can't you too" won't wipe them away.
  15. Spontaneous performance reduction

    If this is really a problem (which could be, a friend of mine had the same with a commercial game), you can temporarily "pin" the process to one CPU. Open up the Task Manager -> Processes, right-click on EL, and on multiprocessor machines you should be able to manually "pin" it to one of those CPUs. I can't remember the exact title of that option, but you should be able to find it. Good luck!
  16. The Minimap

    Just FYI, the mines additions have not been properly #ifdef'ed in the code that has been added to the minimap. Compiling with MINIMAP fails unless you also have enabled MINES. But this shouldn't be a problem since mines are going to be in the official client, or no?
  17. Current CVS errors

    That's quite possible. On map change, all actors are destroyed, including your own, and only your actor ID is remembered. After the map change is done, the server sends a new list of characters, but until your own character is found again in this list, your_actor is invalid. For me, this already happened when loading the initial map. With that bug I couldn't even log in, since it segfaulted before I could see anything else than the loading screen. After logging in without NEW_SOUND I could see a bag right next to me, and about 4 other actors close by, in a secluded harvesting place without animals/monsters around.
  18. Current CVS errors

    Current CVS, looks related to NEW_SOUND: Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. [switching to Thread -1224439360 (LWP 1948)] 0x0806eb6d in put_bag_on_ground (bag_x=92, bag_y=140, bag_id=0) at bags.c:80 80 if (sound_on && bag_x == your_actor->x_pos && bag_y == your_actor->y_pos) (gdb) backtrace #0 0x0806eb6d in put_bag_on_ground (bag_x=92, bag_y=140, bag_id=0) at bags.c:80 #1 0x080c2c27 in process_message_from_server (in_data=0xf60c600 "\033\006", data_length=8) at multiplayer.c:1070 #2 0x080bb94c in start_rendering () at main.c:155 #3 0x080bbd08 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbfcdaf74) at main.c:290 When compiling without NEW_SOUND, client works as expected. Cheers, maj
  19. Guess the movie

    Didn't see it, but maybe 28 weeks later?
  20. el_notifyer

    On a quick glance, you're doing a "grep -c" on your chat log every 2 seconds. I don't know how big your chat log is, but mine is many million lines, and you need to read them all every two seconds just to know if there was a harvesting stop or not. A smarter approach would be to tail the file, and then act on each new line you receive. Would save lots of IO. Edit: typo
  21. Cyprom's Whitestone Madness Invasion

    It's cool that this was an invasion where also beginners could participate, both in location as in monsters (first time I saw rats in an invasion). Monster spread was also good, hard to run into too-strong monsters by accident. What I missed was a bit of a storyline: rats out of the sewers, ok, cats chasing rats, ok, but bears joining in? And afterwards the storyline was complete loss ... All in all, still a fun invasion. Keep up the good work
  22. I wish I'd be a sound artist. Still, awesome work with the new sound, this will be a _great_ step forward!
  23. Works for me - now having all sounds in parallel, including EL music and effects Ty Erma! PS: I get sheep sounds as an restoration effect .. and for remote heal too.
  24. How to improve the magic skill

    Just out of curiosity - did you ever play Worlds of Legend - Son of the Empire ? Your suggestions are very close to how magic was working there. That magic system was one of the best systems I ever encountered. It basically had the same elements like those you mentioned: direction, duration, and form modifiers, as well as "action" components. And you could combine them completely free... really awesome. My favourites were similar to this: - arrow, antimagic, damage,damage,damage - surround,damage,damage,damage,arrow,damage,damage,damage - arrow, resurrect, restoration, protection - surround, permanent, antimagic, damage, damage, damage If you combine surround with arrow, you'd have arrows going out in 8 directions, while surround itself would only be directly adjacent to you. Arrow was available in two forms, directed and undirected. Antimagic would remove magic immunity/protection from the target, and every modifier could be stacked for stronger effect (like multiple damages). Not saying that we should have all that in here, but it was really fun experimenting with different combinations, and that was a flexibility I never saw again. The game might even be abandonware in the meantime, if it is I can provide a good savegame Edit: This page even has loads of screenshots and a box scan
  25. Targeting Computer

    Isn't this exactly what one would think what would happen when entering a monster's lair? If you get into sight and it considers you a viable target, you're going to get attacked... so run for your life