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  1. But if the poor archer's dog has eaten the corners of his keyboard with the control keys? Should the game punish people for having a dog that doesn't even play the game?
  2. 1st range topic

    Come on. Is it that hard to understand what is my point? This game is claimed to be "free to play", why should items cost something? The arrows are free on test server, and that means they will be free on the main server too. The vegetables are 0.6gc each on test server, and on main server too, and that does prove my claims to be true. I want to cooldown dragons (so that they cannot use BRazilian potions when I am poisoning them with my friends) with free arrows like everybody else without having to sue the developers first, like this happy archer did:
  3. Experimental Guild Rankings

    Summoned creature can perform combat independently. The summoner does not have to attack anybody, attacking is in the spirit of the creature already. Maybe it has something to do with ingredients.
  4. If somebody has 30 friends, and does not remember their names, why would he want archery? He might shoot wrong person and have one friend less
  5. EL 1.6.0 (release) for pre download

    In fact it is "I agree" (wasn't the above quote from Xkcd or some other web comic?)
  6. EL 1.6.0 (release) for pre download

    In the installer, some lines in the lisence are too long. That does fuck up the new lines, like this: Windows XP. Normal-sized fonts.
  7. 1st range topic

    Really? I thought they will be free on the main server too, like everybody else. Has this been confirmed by the entropy?
  8. 1st range topic

    MI protects against spells only :S and bear MD/tiger cooldown Yes so I heard my bad ( Sucks though.....I took a ogre 2 hits with magic arrows lvl 5 ranging. Someone with 50+ range using magic arrows will be getting dragon scalels/pks like they are going outa style lol....O well Yeah, that is very bad. The magic arrows should not be free, so people can get profit! We should contact the parliament to change that.
  9. Experimental Guild Rankings

    You can for example summon with it. Summon could for example attack of be attacked by monster or player. Summons could for example deal some damage to the opponent. The damage could for example decrease hp of the opponent. The hp could for example become 0, when the opponent could for example die.
  10. Linux 1.6.0 client test

    Excuse my stupidity here. When I extract the new data files and new semi static binary, then put the binary into the resulting data folder it gives no output at all...just runs and exits. No output on the xterm, no graphical client starts up. You need a full install of EL, then extract that data into that folder, then extract the new client into this folder. Otherwise the client exits with exit(1) and nothing in error_log.txt (happened to me too). Piper That could be called bug, if anything is wrong it player should be let to know it.
  11. yeti :D

    Your computer is amazing.
  12. Forthcoming update

    You can test it by yourself on test server.
  13. 1st range topic

    Max your perception.
  14. Forthcoming update

    Maybe the rangers will find out they don't get very much exp killing rabbits on bright map especially when they can kill couple of rabbits in a minute because of newbie crowd and other idiot archers?
  15. This isn't right!

    Maybe combat experience should only be received by breaking equipment and helping economy so there wouldn't be this problem:devlish:
  16. This isn't right!

    Weren't people just saying you can train with feros?
  17. Titanium Long Formula

    What about PK server then?
  18. Drop Free PKing Maps!

    Then people will happily train in them like now, but this time they will not be PKed. They will not wander to other maps to be killed instead of training. More PK?
  19. RC 1

    Now there are. This is what this installer contained: http://www.speedyshare.com/544689850.html
  20. Suomi Finland Perkele

    Kannattaa hankkia sitä perceptionia vähän lisää.
  21. Maybe there could be gnome metro to c2? If you are not gnome, either your legs or brains would be cut out while travelling. It would cost 10k to travel and lots of people would use it every day. Especially ones who don't have brains to risk.
  22. Drop Free PKing Maps!

    No drop day is something rare. It does only last 6 hours. If you eat cookies all the time, they start to taste bad. After couple of weeks this would be like all other PK areas. Sometimes action, most of times not.
  23. Titanium Long Formula

    Why did they buy the book if they do not want to make any swords? Maybe they should become great harvester and achieve goal of 1000 lupines to cover price of any monster dropped book.