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  1. Sly Fox (Let's Go All the Way)

    Er, that sounds rather like a free 'Shy Fox Finder'.
  2. Hall of the Dead

    Please let's not turn this into another discussion of hydro-economics. This thread was created so that the topic starter can gloat about the number of pickaxes s/he's got from drops.
  3. Hall of the Dead

    So, you keep a spreadsheet of kills and drops? I think you need a holiday!
  4. *glitch* No pear on new game day

    Considering the time-stamps, could it be something to do with it not being a 'proper' new day? Perhaps the day constructor did not run as normal when whoever it was changed the day...
  5. H4wk1

    While we are on this necroed thread, I wonder if this person from the chat-log will also make amends!
  6. Rule #5, multiplaying

    IMHO, Antisocial perk without rule 5 is effectively giving out free pick-points. However, it does take money out of the game, so I guess that is a good reason for it to remain, especially as almost everyone will now take the perk. Therefore, I would suggest that the cost of anti should now be increased!
  7. Ozú! guild changes its guild tag by Ozu!

    Funny thing is, my language actually has that character! Actually, all vowels can be flat or accented either up or down, depending on the sound. So, a, à and á all sound different!
  8. Animal Nexus Removal Stone AUCTION

    Christmas pressie from Joker?
  9. New creature idea + item white rhinoceros

    For probably the first time since I've been playing, I agree with NH here.
  10. New creature idea + item white rhinoceros

    I disagree. The problem with this idea is that the name is too similar to a (former?) player and he may sue for undue distress, especially as he is currently being mocked in another part of the forum!
  11. bought shyhermit for a freind

    The forum must be broken. Where is the next page of this comedy??
  12. Newbie Helper

    You should not kill your idea - as long as it's not illegal or morally wrong - just because some people don't like it. That's life. Newhope, You yourself said you don't care what people think, now prove it. You even have so much support here. What else do you want? Quitters don't win, and winners don't quit, whether people like them or not.
  13. I'm writing a book about EL

    Just remember to tell Ent to go easy on the swear words when he edits it!
  14. New lenny messages

    The problem with your suggestion is that Lenny is too arrogant to admit that someone killed him fair and square. However, he likes to name and embarrass the people he kills. Rather like EL's PKers, I guess!

    Wait till you have to do the ones that have no fixed address. It took me almost a year to find the wolf, and it was by sheer good fortune when it finally happened.

    My only interest in Joker messages is when someone would have got something valuable, but had no room for it!
  17. Guild R&R

    Oh dear! I think you will simply drive people away with 'jokes' of this calibre. I'm trying to decide which of those two is worse!
  18. Ip ban for no reason no account involved.

    Your girlfriend hit a banned IP address range. The fact that they just 'discovered' internet does not mean the address has never been used. I would suggest that you do what Maxine has suggested.
  19. N.S.

    on second thoughts...
  20. N.S.

    Your argument is weak, since the Nazis didn't rob people. Well that is most certainly incorrect fyi. But that is besides the point. This just seems to be a miscommunication. A sad one at that. They were certainly better known for other activities.It seems I'm not very good at being sarcastic.
  21. N.S.

    Your argument is weak, since the Nazis didn't rob people.
  22. Auctioning Titanium Serpent Sword of Ice

    I see what you mean, but how can radu - or more accurately, EL - be liable here? True, he sold the item - if indeed it was purchased from the shop - but surely he has no control over the subsequent sale for GC. That sounds like suing the car manufacturer because a drunk driver crashes into you. Anyway I have probably demonstrated my ignorance of (US) law, and this is probably off-topic!
  23. Hiya, As revi said, your IDE is old. It has been superseded by this:- http://sourceforge.net/projects/orwelldevcpp/ Hope this helps.
  24. Red Dragon spawn is taken

    Aww. Such a nice guy.
  25. blue dragon sword

    Unless the CEL stats page for the BDS is wrong, it seems to be little more than a pretty cutlass to me. Even the ings are almost identical, and I really can't see what benefit the extra 3 blue scales adds to the sword. Could someone who has both swords please comment on this?