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  1. [patch] Kill Counter

    Looking at the source this certainly seems right. The counters are loaded on login and when they're saved it doesn't check they're initialised first.
  2. buying books

    You're right, PM is much better.
  3. [patch] Kill Counter

    The problem only occurs when you aren't fighting chims but is caused by a check for when you are fighting chims ... i'll draw some pictures ... When you fight a chim it looks like this: y = you, c = chim, [] = one grid square [y][ ][c] an empty space between you and the chim, because they're big i guess. The counters get confused in the following situation: y=you, e=enemy you're attacking(player or monster), o=other person [y][e][o] Since the client doesn't actually know when you're fighting something it checks if you're in combat and facing towards the actor which died. When "o" dies "y" recieves a kill message, it checks if the dying actor was on the square infront of you (ie you were attacking it) or on the square after that (ie you were fighting a chim). Your friend must've been two squares infront of you and died while you were fighting the fluffy between you and him. @Bongo: Wouldn't an easy solution be to check the first square is occupied before checking the next one? If the square is empty you're fighting a chim. Something like: PF_TILE *next_tile; if ((them->async_x_tile_pos != x1 || them->async_y_tile_pos != y1)) { return; } next_tile = pf_get_next_open_tile(); if ((them->async_x_tile_pos != x2 || them->async_y_tile_pos != y2) || (next_tile->x != x1 || next_tile->y != y1)) { return; }
  4. buying books

    you're joking right? I have those to sell but no less than 4k.
  5. [patch] Kill Counter

    I don't know about other people but when i attack someone who's already fighting i tend to stand away from my ally so it may not be as infrequent as you'd hope. Unfortunately your solution was the only one i could find (and i didn't like it either ). Is it possible to work out which square an actor should be in based on the skeleton and the bone_scale? Canine skeleton and scale 1.55 would catch all the current chimerans. If not maybe a new variable could be added to the actor defs called "squares" or something similar to indicate how many squares an actor occupies? EDIT: a half solution would be to check if the dying actor isn't player, that would prevent the more "important" PK entries.
  6. [patch] Kill Counter

    There may be a bug with how kills are detected, i have people in my kills list who i've never killed. I've never even attacked one of them (tho i have fought alongside him when he died). I think it caused by chims being on the square 2 coords ahead of you, if you're fighting in a line like: you->enemy->ally If ally dies it thinks you made the kill because it checks the two coords ahead of you incase you're fighting a chim, should be solved by checking if the thing that died was a chim. Heres the problem code: /* get the coords of the tile we're facing */ x1 = me->async_x_tile_pos + face_offsets[((int)me->async_z_rot)/45][0]; y1 = me->async_y_tile_pos + face_offsets[((int)me->async_z_rot)/45][1]; /* get the coords of the next tile we're facing (necessary for Chimerans) */ x2 = x1 + face_offsets[((int)me->async_z_rot)/45][0]; y2 = y1 + face_offsets[((int)me->async_z_rot)/45][1]; /* return if this actor is not on one of these tiles */ if ((them->async_x_tile_pos != x1 || them->async_y_tile_pos != y1) && (them->async_x_tile_pos != x2 || them->async_y_tile_pos != y2)) { return; }
  7. Credit for combat perks

    The BOD of course already does this... maybe others too?? But the spammy suggestion is certainly very valid. Maybe if they were handled (as I think was the original suggestion) as a floating comment kinda like health and mana, as opposed to "chat" text. I meant alongside the floating att/def exp messages, might not be too bad if they're made smaller and maybe a different colour.
  8. SSOTW: Best shot of Animals!

    I wasn't sure if a garg counted, if not then please disregard
  9. Credit for combat perks

    What about for critical hit/damage aswell so you know when your fancy sword is doing good. Would things get too spammy alongside the regular exp messages?
  10. Karma

    I don't think you should get any karma based on what monsters you fight, who fights a monster because it's evil? I fight them because they give me exp. Also, if evil monsters improve your karma then pretty much everyone will have good karma. I like your idea of a negative percent of the players you kill/heal etc however this has a couple of problems as i see it: 1) Players of the same alignment healing back and forth until their karma is maxed in whichever direction they wanted 2) If all karma change is relative there needs to be an external input. In my opinion monster kills and essences made aren't right. I've puzzled over how an automatic system for karma could be implemented, i always end up in the same place: Intent How can an automated system tell what the intention behind an action is? When I mana drain my ally (same karma level) am I doing it so I can better fight against a common enemy or so he can't heal himself and dies? Have I taken someone's deathbag so I can return it to them or so I can keep it myself? In my opinion the only way to award good or bad karma is through player feedback.
  11. Found a mysterious stone

    Me too, the same could be done with dropped armour to bring manuers into the loop/set a base price.
  12. I want to believe...

    no no, i think i see it ...... let me just run it through a couple of filters .....

    Yer, that kind of thing. With the new weapons coming you could have a perk to specialise in one of them which gives a bonus to all that weapons stats (+1-5 or so).

    No. 6 phys would give more than the 2 more damage igid provides, and 6 coord would help more than evanescense. Ever wondered why people pk'ers don't have those perks? This is why i think perks should be on a seperate system to pickpoints, get a "perk point" every 5 levels and get any perk with it (maybe open better perks with more oa), if you take a neg you can pick an extra perk. Then have lot's of perks so you can get variety in characters other than just bigger numbers.

    Not if you're only a pker All of those perks combined would give you a rather large advantage, but its not worth all the pp More advantage than 45 40 extra p/c ? EDIT: maths \o/

    Gelatine bones is worse There Is No Fork, Fatal Man, Body Piercing, Mirror Skin, I Glow in the Dark and Evanescence are all worse
  17. Milo_PL (Scammer)

    Reading again it seems like you misunderstood here, did you think he meant "no, train" ?
  18. Milo_PL (Scammer)

    What a comeback I'll keep an eye out, thanks DX.

    Sounds like you might as well take Antisocial, as well. I have done several times Only problem i had with anti was buying the odd FP when i couldn't afford to buy HEs.

    It's even triggered by ladders and other things you can easily bypass with teleport to range. It's not triggered by using the portal room so it can be managed aslong as you don't want to go inside EDIT: i still wouldn't suggest taking it tho!
  21. Preliminary info about the new swords

    Will this be a two-handed weapon?
  22. Summoning Stones

    I heard somewhere that the stones will need summoning skill to use meaning they aren't the source of income for summoners i'd been hoping for
  23. Demo Maker

    Something like quake's demo features? Or just dumping raw screenshots to encode later? I don't think it'd be possible to play them back with the method quake uses since we don't have access to a local server. Using the second method may make it unplayable.
  24. Netdude is Annoy and lied callin people scammer

    or did he buy DOS, stick an "MS" on the start and sell it on? Then copy apple's windowing system
  25. PVP PK Ethics

    I wouldn't say it's useless, some sensible ideas are in there somewhere. I think someone mentioned that honourable guilds should fight dishonourable guilds instead of allying with them, then the honourable guilds can (and should) help out when the evil players do what they do. In my opinion dishonour comes from inaction just as much as it comes from action. Too true.