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  1. xleminemxl bagjummed my stuff

    In my opinion several of your recent replies in this forum have been rude aswell ... including this one. We all know it's perfectly legal to kill anyone in PK and keep their stuff, it's just outlawish to do it to people far weaker than you while they're PVPing. So (in my humble opinion of course) the events justified a post, all you had to do was point out that the "crime" wasn't bagjumping, no need to call the original poster names.
  2. ejderha

    Contact his GM if you are allied.
  3. mana/health armors

    I like the idea of alternatives, not just armour A > armour B > armour C. Aswell as this one there could be one which gives +defence but lower armour than iron plate or one that gives +defence, +mana and no armour (for mages/summoners).
  4. wach out for gryflet

    When someone lies in order to get you to enter a PK map there is reason to complain/warn others of a potential scammer.
  5. wach out for gryflet

    Why doesn't it belong here? If his actions were illegal it would be in the Abuse forum. This forum is for "Scammers, bag stealers, troublemakers, no-good doers! Criminals! Most wanted lists". You don't consider getting someone to go to a PK map under false pretences a scam?
  6. request

    It was a lot of fun just for the one day every so often but if it's scheduled regularly during a busy period it'll get very annoying. During no drops day: 1) fighters can make no money 2) you are basically throwing HEs/SRs down the drain (not to mention mirror cloaks which seem to be made of papier mache now) So you get 6 hours of pure losses for fighters, i suppose you can choose to PVP during that time but that's not for everyone.
  7. pookies

    or if you don't have 20hrs a day for the next 6 months just post him here so other people can do it for you I don't understand why these threads always get flamed with "why is this even here it's PK he can do what he wants". The forum description is "Scammers, bag stealers, troublemakers, no-good doers! Criminals! Most wanted lists, post them here!", take your pick of how you want to class people who attack without reason beyond "free stoof". Do people think if they only prey on weak, unallied players they can avoid any consequences? To sum up my opinion on this topic: PK is PK, attack whoever you want but take the consequences. Be that your chosen target's friends coming after you, being labeled a "no-good doer" or getting yourself posted as your target's most wanted so more honourable players can "return the favour".
  8. pookies

    Because now anyone who reads here knows to flee when pookies shows up?
  9. I think too much on PK

    When your enemies use bone of death you don't have much choice but to use CoL. EDIT: or just run away all the time, maybe this isn't a bad idea, if all my enemies ran away i'd get bored of BoD pretty quickly. The only trouble is spotting them coming before they hit you
  10. I think too much on PK

    I actually couldn't agree more. Bod, Branch, and stuff has ruined pk in alot of ways. Oh, and summoning was also kind ruined too nowadays. People got COLs (so got a lot of HP) and chims still do the same damage of before. I hope that with the introduction of the summoning only monster things start to get better for the summoners. Yup, there's also one major problem with summoning: as players get stronger they still drop the same stuff (or nothing) but it takes more and more chims to kill them. Maybe if the new summons cost the same as chims but are stronger things will be better ... or if summons with ELEs get stronger with higher summoning levels. Having said all that if PK were profitable then 1 or 2 chims supporting your fighters wouldn't be too costly... only trouble then is unless proper guild alliances are implemented none of your allies can help you.
  11. Charm of Annoyance

    Shouldn't all skills be profitable by themselves? A crafter shouldn't have to spend time down the coal/silver mine to make some cash. Fighting monsters you can make a profit by killing something quickly with a sword. PK should have potential profit (not everyone will be able to profit from it obviously).
  12. I think too much on PK

    WEll, i see quite a lot of people pking(non-rosto) in tit chain/serp and bp cloak, if you kill someone in that gear not such a bad drop. You'll see this less and less due to bone of death, whenever i PK it's with CoL, tit chain, serp, mirror or with junk i can replace in 5 mins. The other day i was standing in KF wearing iron chain and some other rubbish, someone attacked and hit me for 150 the first shot, i might've been slightly peeved to lose serp/mirror/ti chain that way.
  13. I think too much on PK

    All generalisations are wrong. EDIT: but seriously, i hate it when people who don't PK tar us all with the same brush. how many chims does it take to beat someone in top 50 a/d with 49 magic and COL? Even when you do beat them you get the reward of a shower of tele sparks or a bag of air. Hardly worth even the ~15kgc to summon 5 chims. Summoning can be useful for altering the balance of a fight so you can fight someone slightly better than you but there's still no profit in it.
  14. Charm of Annoyance

    I quite like this idea, however: 1) hulda is too harsh, KF would be fine (might even make for some fun wars as the "annoyed" PKers enemies go to get him and his allies go to defend) 2) i think the charm should work like a cheap low chance rost so if the target is good enough to get away the attacker doesn't get "annoyed" 3) should only trigger when the holder was the target not the attacker and if the target is significantly weaker (shouldn't get punished for attacking and killing someone stronger than you) I agree with some of the points made by PKers in this thread. PK needs to be made profitable before this item get's introduced, I very rarely get any profit from PK (and that's without trying to use the summoning skill it cost me a fortune to level). If you could profit (or at least break even) from fighting people your own level then maybe the need for this item would be less. Also this charm can't tell why it's holder was PKed: should i be punished for attacking someone who just bagjumped me or scammed my friend?
  15. SSOTW: Pk fight shots!

    The best i have so far, i'm normally too busy dying to hit ctrl+p
  16. A new Stance for HIM

  17. What makes a good PvP partner?

    Reliability aswell as a/d/p/c. If they go missing for days at a time or don't play the same hours as you then find someone else, even if they aren't as closely matched.
  18. WoC_vault and tristran

    Good... I hope your life remains full, It is better than sitting at a PC....being a total ratbag. Anyway....just to keep you up to date...this place is better without you. I would think the whole persona...the char's...the guild, the whole shaboddle is an ALT!!!! It's jakoblin, has to be! Think about it: bagjumper, proud of it, hardly ever plays, refreshes his own outlaws post when noone cares anymore.
  19. no more ros

    Exactly. PVP with rost anyone? That could be good, explained as the magical essence left over as the rostogol broke apart.
  20. no more ros

    Or make it breakable with an item? I don't really like that idea, it's the lower players who spent a month saving up for CoL who'll suffer since they won't be able to carry 20 rosts or dis/tele once the rost has been broken. Also if you're breaking peoples rosts without even having to kill them you're just making PK more expensive. EDIT: Imagine the following: Johnny just bought himself a CoL/got a thermal serp for his birthday and wishes to see what he can do with it so he dons his rost and ventures into KF. Upon entering the map he meets Bill, Jeff and Henry who all hit him once then fire off a RoP each. The chances are the hero of our tale is now dead and has been relieved of his CoL and/or thermal serp. For a top PKer a few RoP is an easy investment for a ~45% chance of bagging a share in a thermal serp. I'm not omniscient but i think that idea would make PK even more exclusive.
  21. Ye Olde Alchemist Shop

    2k Air Essence please cancel that, sorry.
  22. no more ros

    Instead of getting rid of rost all together could it just protect what you have equiped? This way you wouldn't be able to swap bone of death and thermal serp mid fight and if you manage to kill someone with rost you can still get a few HEs/rings/pots.
  23. Silliest thing you did ingame ? :)

    wow, you sure do! I was gonna post that i bought 20 wolf skins from henrik but that doesn't even compare
  24. Tristran

    You've a long way to go yet.