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  1. I'll miss you all ...

    Sorry to hear that Tokie. I hope you will get well soon! Keep fighting and see you in EL one day
  2. I can't bother with this over and over again. I told him many suggestions and all he said was " it's a server thing", "it's a engine thing". Then change these 2 stuff for god's sake... Major problems? For new players? Hell no Aint gonna give him advices for free when he didnt even give me discount on 20 inst removal stones But all ends at 1 point: lazy/greedy/ignorant owner of a game who wont spend a dyime on his own game gg
  3. Can you expand on this?Can you give some suggestions for changes or areas where you think the major problems are?
  4. Let's do some math: how many people quit within last year? Around 10+ high lvl players who been spending not small amount of $ in shop. And what was their reason? Stagnation of game and radu's behaviour towards them and not caring about game. And why u talking about stivy? Lol It's like...ughhh world is dying, how do we save it!? Maybe stop the global warming? Save water? Noooo, leҕs put smaller taxes ?? *sigh* Talk about stuff that matter the most for god's sake...
  5. And does he put any effort or money to compile such team? No, 0 effort whatsoever. 0 money spent whatsoever.
  6. *sigh* I agree with Maxine 100%. Just take a good damn look at radu's approach and behaviour towards his own players, people who feed him $. How does he treat them? As dung. You need to change your mindset and be less greedy. Few people spent thousands of $ with you. And you did what? Upgraded bow damage -.- seriously???... If you want more money and more satisfied players- listen to them, dont send them to hell for their "stupid ideas" and spend some money first!... Just start to be polite, not ignorant n00b as you are now. And start to accept criticism from players. As of now, you do it 0%... You insta ban/mute people for speaking their minds out. And don't deny it at least. You wonder why game is dying? Because of your behaviout/mindset and not caring about game. I just hope this post won't get deleted as usual. Maxine, I don't wonder that u gave up on being a mod. After 10 years you deserve any kind of appreciation, even tho radu doesn't like u, you do. Peace -StouXy-
  7. Selling Thermal/Fire...

    Hey yo o/ I'm selling my last 4 items that I have in EL. These items are: 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword of Fire 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword of Magic 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword of Thermal - Solddddddddddddddddddd 1 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword of Ice If you're interested. PM me here or in game to StouXy.
  8. Beware of faxie

    Susje's being screwed up over and over.
  9. Custom Shield - Guild Shield Auction

    I annulate my bid, I offer 1gc, since it's worthlless skemt
  10. Custom Shield - Guild Shield Auction

    36k, yeah post the pic, would be nice
  11. Beware of faxie

    So... You were manually changing the prices in that bot and when I changed manually the prices in my bot too, that was for you a valid proof that I was using a program? It seems you didn't learn well about logic when you were in the school. It's not a valid point: that bot owner changed it manually because he/she is the owner. I am my bots' owner (evidently) so I can change manually my prices in my bots too. If you are looking for an excuse to justify using a script in the bots, look for another better. Yeah, you manually changed prices to 9 gc for 10k worth passes Yeah, you can tell this to 5year old kid, they might believe you. Seems like you're being screwed over by the crowd roughly. GG.
  12. Beware of faxie

    I don't need excuses (nor scripts) for changing myself the prices in my bots when I want. And why Bestest bot was selling at the same time 109 haidir passes for 10gc each? Because the owner can do it, maybe? It seems the mods' names are secret because you don't tell their names. Beating me at my own game? I don't use scripts for beating competitors. I think you are wrong, the fact you do it doesn't imply I do it too. I've been playing EL for many years obeying the rules. Because I was next to the bot, trading with it, in case anyone comes and wants to buy them. We were manually changing them to get a proof that your bot is running a programm that will undercut any given price. Yet again, he did it and your bot made it to 9gc, I mean your script or programm. And DO NOT speak out for ME, as of I was a bot owner, I don't like you telling bullshit's on my behalf! Stop breaking the rules .... *sigh*
  13. Beware of faxie

    Okay first of all: Susje accusing someone from using scripts and so on? Plus denying he's never used any sort of PROGRAMM or script? I'll prove you wrong with 2 nice proofs Eat it! - http://imgur.com/xs3426t- We put 10gc or so for haidir passes and Susje's bot surprisingly put the price under us Even tho he was AFK, his bot changed pricces :/ to 9 gc!!! OMG! -http://imgur.com/Zsf15CCYeah, 9gc for 1 haidir pass :/ So Susje tell us, you never used any programms/scripts right?! I just laughed. That is a solid and unpenetrable proof I just gave, so deal with it, you're being fked over Susje. You're loosing it Oh yeah, he'll say he wanted to see what my alts are...right And nice job Faxie, stop this horrible human being