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  1. bots with no gc

    something should be done, been to 4 separate maps to sell stuff and none of the bots have any gold coins i cant see why the gc level cant be displayed like the emu and slots are. that way you still know what they are buying just a matter of waiting for the owner to replenish on that matter there are a few bots that have had no emu for several weeks, is there a system where the owners are automatically notified?
  2. Beware when trading with LightPresent

    its not something i had thought of, bots lowering the price as the get an amount of the item concerned but it seems fair to me, as the owner said, its up to the seller to check the price before final click. one i will certainly look out for when doing multiple trips to a bot on a big run.
  3. makes note, trade with doctorrx for free stuff lol
  4. Just that really, could we have the reading to-go (knowledge), added to the optional indicators, along the bottom bar, (attack , defence etc), availability in the clickable menu would be good, so we can have the book reading knowledge in view and not just viewable on the big stats window. thanks
  5. add reading to-go to lowwer bar

    ok, thanks, we are still on an old? mac version, not sure its my gf's laptop
  6. Forum validation requests

    if that's true then why don't you allow one forum account for each persons living at the same address on the same computer? i know you have answered this to me before but either your wording is wrong or you are not allowing what you say to be true. we only have one computer between the two of us and asked earlier on the gen help in game i was told there wasn't a limit on in game characters. (i have 1 main and 1 alt and my gf has one main and a couple? of abandoned characters). so do you mean only one forum account per IP address rather than number of persons at that address? is there a level of proof you need that there are two persons here?
  7. Guns.

    We have enough mixers that are maxed out and bored with the game. We need to add new items. having seen the number of players with maxed stats i'm not sure adding a few new items is going to last that long for them, maybe there should be a new map that is so dangerrous to enter (initially) that only the highest players can get to it or find away to survive there, maybe dragons are ferrocious, or the level of harvesting/magic is that much higher also, how about the rabbits dropping poo, then you can harden them to make shot for a blunderbus, low range and low damage but a wide target area shot = rabbit poo + fire ess + lead (new item lead?)
  8. GC Drop Rates

    not that higher level player at the moment but a/d training is ok when there are lots on a map to kill, atm that would be Naralik, go there attack everything because non can kill me, also a/d training has the expectation of getting some rare and sometimes high value drops. there real grind is watching that Overall level drain away so slowly,
  9. Somewhat in the acheivments catogory, after killing a number of dragons you can train as a dragon master, this would give you the ability to capture dragons, (wild not summoned), learn the skills to ride them andd maybe keeping them as pets/personally trained. There could be an oppertunity to fight other dragon+riders while mounted in a new map only accessably while on a dragon also there should be AI dragon riders there to challenge too. mounted jousting and archery, the ability to control the flamethrowing of your dragon.
  10. van helsing crossbow

    Anyone else want to see a van helsing type crossbow?, a period repeating crossbow.
  11. Rent-A-Ant

    is there a way of tell the regular ants from ants that have player owners, ie will they have a different name or name color?
  12. New perk ideas

    just a small thing, not really a perk? Marriage~an additional percentage of experiance points goes to your married partner
  13. van helsing crossbow

    i'll put this in here too, how about boomarangs? with a chance to not come back or hit the thrower is there a new weapons thread btw?
  14. I was wondering if the armor you wear protects you differently from different animal attacks according to where they strike. so if you have torso and leg armor and attacked buy a hawk or falcon would you get no/less armor protection as you have no head armor compared to having a steel or simalar head armor. Or does the system just add up any armor you are wearing regardless of where it is on your person and count it as one value? (no i'm not going to run around the desert in my undies with a helm on and mess with snakes to find out the hard way)
  15. New perk ideas

    had an idea for a vampire perk or glyph? while replying to another post vampire perk, (player can eat raw meat, daylight gives health damage same rate as food depletes, can only be killed by wooden weapons, can turn into a bat for flight at higher levels, maybe they could kill or drain blood from creatures at a rate but much less chance of being attacked as they are on its back)
  16. van helsing crossbow

    it would be an intreasting combination if there was a vampire perk, (player can eat raw meat, daylight gives health damage same rate as food depletes, can only be killed by wooden weapons, can turn into a bat for flight at higher levels, maybe they could kill or drain blood from creatures at a rate but much less chance of being attacked as they are on its back but could possibly be killed by other players when a bat?)
  17. footwear

    apart from the few kinds of boots are there any plans to introduce simple flat shoes for the ladies? we can get nice flowing dress/skirts but boots dont really flatter.
  18. footwear

    yep, though i did break 4 pickaxes in a row shortly after i typed the previous, think she might be listening in......... flat court shoes should be easy to render.
  19. footwear

    hmmm, i can see what mother nature will do, "Caladina's heel broke, so sad" lol
  20. footwear

    esp if you are going to a "dress as your el character" party, really dont want to be wearing boots lol
  21. not sure if its been mentioned but will there be an option not to show other characters (and yours) acheivment boxes if you click on the character, its a bit annoying when you start to collect more of them as in a combat you can obscure opponents if you click accidently. also will there be more or less non walkable places you can teleport to and from? like castle walls with no other access.
  22. thanks for the ingame heads up, did they steel Radu's sammich?
  23. Forum validation requests

    You have multiple accounts ingame and we only allow one forum account per person (not per ingame character). Hi, I play ingame as caladina, same as my account here, i'm Loupie's Byfreind and recently joined EL, as me and Loupie live together and use the same computer at different times to play el i just wanted the mods to know that there are two seperate players at the same address caladina and loups. Is this the reason she (loupie) cant be validated?