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  1. More Signatures.

    lovely :-) gerudo chicks are hot although it's too large for the rules!
  2. quimbly spawn serper without reason

    it seems he has won this years Quimbledon
  3. Idle is recruiting

    viel erfolg rob :-) ich wusste gar nicht das Idle deutsch war ;-D
  4. Guild Merges

    i've had this dicussion with hormania and it's true, there just are many guilds out there with this 'o look we r oldschool' thought, whilst they only have 3-4 active members left.. i say; set aside your pride about long lost times and move on to the future! talking about 'back then' is for OLD PEOPLE
  5. TD tweaking

    i'm not gonna start the arguing with zyplex or whatever his name is.. i don't think he was around when old pk was there so there's no point i'd very much like to see an oldschool pk map.. even with my low a/d, i'd visit every now and then just to get killed. pk used to make me all excited about training a/d.. this sense of being with the big guys you used to be able to enter kf and say hello to everyone without dying. only after that you'd get attacked by the 'evil' guys from CO or wherever from.. who were actually really nice but they played their part on pk which made it interesting, you could 'act' in pk. it was a lot about roleplaying and no drop days were really fun back then, even mixers entered just to watch.. which you could easily do and every now and then.. if you were lucky.. you'd get a nice kill of someone above your a/d.. i'd like that back please edit: added more memories
  6. New defense item

    Perhaps wooden staff : +5 def, +4 accuracy, Q-Staff: +6 def, +6 accuracy. this is just a small upgrade in defense.. but i would sometimes prefer the accuracy bonus of these to a steel shield + sword perhaps when moving to a new enemy with fear of not hitting him.. the accuracy would be nice
  7. TD tweaking

    haha! only 20 players? i think many people would even start playing again if this was implemented!
  8. More Signatures.

    omg you like zelda can i still get a free one? can you make it of Gerudo Valley / Desert Colossus!?
  9. Netherlands / Holland

    hallo weer, ik ben er, weer
  10. Light_Grenade

    ? grow some backbone!
  11. Who's your Valentine

    to jessica_alba12 happy valentine
  12. Pin Poll

    i agree with Dugur. haven't read the enitre thread(so maybe this has already been said). Dragons should be feckin' powerful. I have an idea; lose the pin, but make Dragons have high def penalty when fighting more than 30 opponents or something. This way, you can still kill them but it takes effort. this will also increase guild activity and togetherness.. ..and i it wasn't for togetherness.. none of us would be alive ;D
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    gmt+1... or -1... netherlands.. anyway. online now and will be for a while. and tomorrow as well thanks
  14. Storage sale!

    i'll buy all augmented torsos (150) and pants (100) and all summoning potions (60)
  15. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    how is my order coming along? (20k sunflower / 10k RQ) rat14 told me the sunflowers were ready, but i can't catch him ingame.. it's been almost two weeks..