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bots with no gc

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#81 Ghrae


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Posted 04 September 2012 - 02:23 PM

@ WiFi. Channel 3 is also a good place to announce bots with no GC or EMU. It is trade related after all!!

I don't think this would be appropriate. #jc 3 isn't for calling someone out - i.e. if you think someone is scamming you or charging outrageous prices or doesn't have as much money as they thought they did. In similar fashion, it's not appropriate to call bots out.

RE: Topic as a whole
What do you do when a store is having a special and they run out before you can buy one? Do you stop shopping there? Even when the store advertises "While supplies last"?

And just like real life stores aren't open 24/7 in most cases... most players aren't on 24/7 and active. So a bot could easily fill up while someone is at work or asleep. And even if they are on, they may not be monitoring gc levels or EMU levels 100% of the time.

Bots are not a perfect solution for many reasons. Perhaps leave a simple mercator message to the owner that you had to go elsewhere because of lack of gold or EMU. It doesn't have to be "And I'll never shop here again!!!~!111one!!!". But it would help to make him/her aware of the issue.

#82 WiFi



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Posted 07 September 2012 - 06:40 PM

@ WiFi. Channel 3 is also a good place to announce bots with no GC or EMU. It is trade related after all!!

All we want in ch 3 is buying, selling and pc's. We dont want to ruin ch 3.
What we need to do is start a thread in the bots section and simply post any bad dealings we have with bots concerning no gc. [Pending radu approval].
All we need to do is make a post and state:
1. botname
2. item you tried to sell
3. the amount of gc the bot has
4. the date/time
Fill in the blanks and post it.

[Btw, two times today I tried to sell rostos and the top 2 paying bots had no gc.]

#83 Nardo Lala

Nardo Lala

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Posted 08 September 2012 - 12:16 PM

Personally I don’t think a forum thread would help, a direct message to the owner, via the bot, or via Mercator, like Ghrae described above is in my opinion the very best way to go. Just like real life and in game, if disappointed twice, three times, I let them know politely and they will not see me again, ever, no matter how convenient or tempting the offers.

Behind every bot is a player, and as every player is different, so are the bots. Each play with their own tactics ( choice of location, choice of assortment, choice of pricing, choice of market tactics (buying/selling) ) according to their own play style. There are no rules that the offer has to be realistic or that the bot can not afford its offers. Then there is also the challenge of orphaned/neglected bots with outdated market values and gold coin/stock.

One of the solutions I have seen suggested before and like most (if at all possible but we can dream can we :laugh: ) would be if the bot has not enough gold coins to pay for it, that it will also simply not offer to buy it, in wanted list, on website(s) and in advertising. After each trade it checks the amount of gold coins in stock/float and update it’s ‘want to buy’ offers accordingly. ( example if a bot desires to buy 2000 essence and can only afford to buy only 500, it will advertise/wants to buy only 500, if it wishes to buy 1 Rostogol ( or 10 ) but can not afford one, it will not buy/advertise them at all, until being able to afford ). It means that bots without gold coins would have an empty ‘wanted’ list and these ‘wanted items’ will not show up in websites. Future music or even possible? I have no idea.

Another possibility would be to add to the bot rules that a minimum set amount of gold coins, as a float, must be on the bot when launched for the first time, and this float amount has to be maintained on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly (?) basis by the bot owner, but I am not so sure if this solution is a very desirable one for its own good reasons.

#84 caladina



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Posted 22 February 2015 - 02:42 AM

something should be done, been to 4 separate maps to sell stuff and none of the bots have any gold coins

i cant see why the gc level cant be displayed like the emu and slots are.

that way you still know what they are buying just a matter of waiting for the owner to replenish


on that matter there are a few bots that have had no emu for several weeks, is there a system where the owners are automatically notified?

#85 revi



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Posted 22 February 2015 - 08:48 AM

First off, there are good reasons why bots don't tell just anyone how much gc they (don't) have.
I even seem to remember some of them being discussed in this thread (but 18 months is a long time).
And I thought at least the bots hosted on el-services only asked for stuff they actually can pay for?

Anyway, for such things as bots out of gc and emu, there's a very handy command on the bots,
"/<botname> about", which tells you the owner. You could then contact the owner and complain to
the only person that can help you.

#86 caladina



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Posted 24 February 2015 - 01:44 PM

nope, the run out alot, they all have their owner displayed.

as for a good reason not to tell, cant see what that would be other than to waste peoples time.

i appreciate that genuine bots trying to keep up to date with gc run out when popular stuff is traded in but if bots were to show their gcs they might have an advantage over some that don't as people would go to them first in the same sell prices

#87 Nardo Lala

Nardo Lala

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Posted 24 February 2015 - 07:19 PM

My stance in this is the same as it was in 2011 when this thread started: one of the reasons why some botowners don’t want to have their gc amount made public is because of players who try to scam / steal from them ( it has happened ), another reason why some bots have no gc is they just offer to ‘buy’ it just to inflate prices on the market, not to actually buy them, another reason is because the owners don’t play anymore. 


Normally I also check webpages first before travelling. There are bot owners who would mind if their gc amount on the bots would be made public, I don't, but if not too difficult to code: add the option to opt out/in and any botowner would be happy. Its up to the customer to trust and travel to bots without their gc amount not public. 


See for the rest my post here above, my opinion on this has not changed.

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