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Another way to acquire pickpoints

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#21 Zamirah



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Posted Yesterday, 02:22 PM

if you do not get xp for an level anymore you would not get oa level for that one would you?

The problem is the same as for OA, if you can not get more A/D levels  you should at least be able to  get some good perks or remove bad.


So if you focus on fighting can you get 0 PP, but if you do a little of all skills, like I do, can you easy get 4 PP or more/year.

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#22 vinoveritas



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Posted Today, 07:49 AM

if you are 178/178 in a/d you have all the advantages you need in the game. making money and getting good ings is easy with those levels. at least me with 160 a/d do not feel  a spurt to level att/def anymore. the only things i cannot attack alone right now is Ice dragons, blue dragons, mare bulas and mlf. and as i see it they are not really supposed to be fight allone creatures. OA on the other hand had its reward only in pp. and it was one additional pushup for me to level my mixing skills to get the oa full. and if you know how to hard it is to motivate himself to get a skill other then a/d up to 100 and higher afterwards you would see that an additional reward would be nice as really most skills are a loss prostpect for leveling.

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#23 saxum



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Posted Today, 12:35 PM

And which mixing skill is easiest to raise?  I have been told that for high level tailors on Day of Tailoring. you can make many multi millions in experience.  This see this as a way for those players already at that level to get more PPs fast unless there are caps.  Already one mechanism to get that experience, goblin tokens, have been changed partly due to their use on Day of Tailoring.  Show me another skill which can earn experience fast other than A/D?

#24 dragon_killer



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Posted Today, 01:40 PM

Magic and manu aren't too bad, you probably can get million of experience in tailor day but it does come with a price haven't calc but it is pretty obvious that buying a pp is cheaper than getting 100m tailoring experience. If your concern was that you can level tailoring/other skills as high as you like and still get oa at max exp, I would understand but imo it is great for max oa people to grind for more levels and the oa exp doesn't go to waste

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