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The Beast of Zirinkinbar

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Posted 06 November 2005 - 01:44 AM

The Beast

Once, in a very old, old, old, old, mine, somewhere in Zirinkinbar. It was filled with riches, such as gold, silver, iron, titanium, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, and quartz. It was the richest mine in Irilion, even better than the envied Crystal Caves on Seridia. One day, some dwarves were mining in it when they stumbled across a stone tablet. They sent it to their archeologists, and it was decoded into very old Dwarvish, in the days when Dvar roamed Draia with the Dwarves. It said "Thy cave is a temple, holding great riches. But beware, for deep within lurks a ancient beast of doom. If to be unleased, it would destroy all of the peopole and people's relations that unleashed it and would not stop until the cave is sealed once more." The dwarves were horiffied. But their greed overtook them. They continued to mine, until they hit a titanium door. They uncovered the rest of it, and saw engraved on it a hideous beast, in resemblance to a bear, a boar, a serpent, and a wolf. They reported it, and decoded an inscription on it. "Thy door is a passage way to the guardian of the cave, the Beast. Under no circumstances shall anyone mine anymore in this cave, or approach the door." But heedless, the dwarves continued mining. Then, one day, the ground shook and the door exploded. As the dust cleared, a monsturous beast revealed itself and chased the dwarves, eating them one by one. The remaining dwarves that lived told the king of Zirinkinbar and sealed off the cave with the hardest of minerals. Now, the door is buried under the mountains, and the beast is at rest. But if you were to closely hear to the mountains on the night of a Blue Moon, you might just here it's howl...

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Posted 09 November 2005 - 08:47 PM

You know, I like it. Dwarvish Myth. Would you like me to edit/proofread it?

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