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  2. Alt key / sword cursor not working in PK maps

    You nailed it. I'm on Arch using Openbox and sure enough, from openbox's documentation, left alt mouse moves the window and right alt mouse changes the size of the window. Now to see if I need to remove the appropriate alt key config entries or the mouse ones. Thank you! Just to finish this up for anyone else who has this problem (or similar), I went to /home/sb/.config/openbox/rc.xml and removed these entries: <mousebind button="A-Left" action="Press"> <action name="Focus"/> <action name="Raise"/> </mousebind> <mousebind button="A-Left" action="Click"> <action name="Unshade"/> </mousebind> <mousebind button="A-Left" action="Drag"> <action name="Move"/> </mousebind> A reminder before you tinker with config files to backup your working one first. Also since I never used these specific combos, it's no loss to lose this functionality for me. Make sure before you remove things that you aren't using them elsewhere.
  3. Alt key / sword cursor not working in PK maps

    Well, on a non-pk map, the cursor changes to a sword when I mouse over a character, but then when I try a left-click, I'm actually dragging the window. That seems to imply that the system is intercepting the <Alt>+<Mouse-Left> combination for its own nefarious purposes. I'm using Linux, Opensuse Leap 15.1 with KDE and X11 to be precise.
  4. Odd "bug" here, and since PK isn't my area of expertise , it took me a while to discover it. I have no idea how long this has been a problem. And I have no idea if it's really a bug or if I have something wrong on my system somewhere. On a pk map, one is supposed to be able to hold down the alt key and click on somebody and the cursor automatically goes to the sword icon and you can attack. This isn't working for me. The cursor does indeed change to the sword cursor while holding down the alt key, but I can't click on him. Nothing happens. I've tried different clients, I tried a different keyboard, tried with an alt, and I put back the default key.ini back in. Could this be a Linux problem? Does anyone else have this happen?
  5. Last week
  6. Where do I get the HEALTH SIGIL

    When you first talk to the shop owners, make sure you aren't selecting "(1) buy items" but are selecting "(3) buy sigils". I almost made a post here stating I had the same issue but as I was about to edit a video of my experience with the shops, I noticed that I had overlooked option 3. I've gotten too used to either old MMORPGs I've played for over a decade that I can play on auto-pilot and new MMORPGs that don't require much reading where I sometimes forget that I need to actually read the NPC dialog and menu options.
  7. I've started a small modification to add an option to toggle the use of the keyboard to scale the windows. Should I disable the mouse+scrollwheel action with the option too? I've added an option on the Font tab, just above the scale options. It disables window scaling with the mouse or keys, you have to use the options instead.
  8. Health/mana bars

    It is good for radu
  9. Health/mana bars

    Invance mode lets you adjust the height at which your bars are displayed. You can also disable the monster's digital display of HP. That way, you can see both your and their hp in one spot. Putting your health in a screen corner means you have to move your eyes away from your character, and from the mobs you're fighting/going to fight soon. So I think displaying HP in a corner is not useful (at best), or dangerous (at worst, if you don't have the bars over your character)
  10. Health/mana bars

    Uhh... I'm all for flexibility, and while flexibility is nice, how is this any different than seeing it at the bottom of your screen all the time? Just that it's at the top? A more comprehensive overhaul/update of the GUI would be a better solution, in my book. It also definitely would be overkill to do it (I think the GUI is fine really). But adding a little thing like this, plus a little something else, and a little something else, eventually there's so many little things that could have just done a update of everything to vastly improve flexibility and most of the 'special case' things like this would be satisfied.
  11. Always thought it would be better for my health/mana Bars to be shown top left/right corner of screen for instance /invance/invasions.....that way you could still see your stats and mob stats....any reason why not?
  12. Sam

    Samsemilia do yourself a favor and do not try to contact or chat about woelfin at all until she tries to get in contact with you. Yesterdays late night call was a bad choice. Make it a rule not to call anyone after 10pm (better 9pm) of the local time of the person, unless you know for sure the person is awake or waiting for a call from you. Its simply rude otherwise since you do not know the day that a person might have planned on next day, and the person might need the sleep. Woelfin has put you in El on ignore, she has (at least for now) blocked your number on WhatsApp. I know she talked to you a few time to tell you to stop talking to her or about her when you have drunk something. If you try to use Mercator or alts to contact her without her contacting you first. It will be breaking the rules, i will ban all access on Mercator for you then. the mods would probably ban you again. I do know you are normally a nice guy, and i know woelfin liked chatting with you enough that she gave out her WhatsApp contact to you. But the way you talked to her and about her, makes her now uncomfortable to interact with you. And that is something you can only fix, if you clean up your act. Just let the beer inside the fridge for a while. and do not use it. As it seams your judgment is not the best after you had some of them. (And yes i am posting this on her behalf and with her knowledge that i am gonna say this to you )
  13. Sam

    Yeah, I totally agree with that point, that it was too much. I already talked to Brusu via Phone and cleared it. I wanted to call Woelfin as well, but she blocked my number. If you (Vino) can tell her to unblock me, because I wanna talk to her, would be really nice. Aisy, you are right, I was a bit drunk, and sometimes I cant control my words then. I really didnt want to insult anybody. Maybe its better to leave this channel too, at least when I am drunk. Thanks for the kind words. I hope we can find a solution, which fits to all of us. Have a great evening/day. Sam
  14. Sam

    One more thing, I woke up with messages on my phone, about an annoyed Game player asking me what she should do about getting such messages in the night. so of course i check with people who knows about it and talk to moderators about it. Do i think it needs to be a perma ban, No. You are a very good and nice player most of the times, and i do like you but sometimes you loose the perspective on if you do something right or wrong. You cross lines. And it need to be shown. I hope this is a wake up call for you. If you want to say something like the "smeg" hold into, check if its something directed with a person, and if so do not. It will always create more problems then the relive it gives
  15. Sam

    Here's the thing. You aren't getting that it's not just about you. You are overwhelming any channel you are in and can't seem to not aggressively go after people. It's really a shame because the non-drunk Sams is a nice guy.
  16. Sam

    Well here some of the log files. Yes it started as banter over soccer, but you then you started dancing on the line. And then you crossed the line a little bit. And for the last 3 linies you did send them to the 2 woman who in gameplay where always nice helping you out if you needed someone to mix etc, as WhatsApp message. Which then in course triggered them asking what went on after they where offline, which made people check the log files and mods getting notice. I am sure you did not see how this can be insulting. but you did put out insults quite a few times in here. You told in the chat you wanted to get Brusu to log out, and that you will write her then per Whatsapp. (and yes Brusu did saw it as a banter, and decided to log out before it goes to far) but you did not stop then. In the end you simply crossed a line [22:24:27] [Samsemilia @ 206]: haha, 0:0 vs gladbach ist besser als 0:5 gegen leipzig ;p [22:24:33] [Samsemilia @ 206]: der sieg war sogar nahe [22:24:41] [Samsemilia @ 206]: am ende steigt mainz ab :> [22:24:54] [The_Piper @ 206]: wohl eher schalke [22:25:42] [piiia @ 206]: ich bin auch f\FCr schalke [22:27:34] [Samsemilia @ 206]: alles gut, solange mein geliebter SVW oben bleibt [22:27:42] [Samsemilia @ 206]: so unverdient heute [22:27:49] [Samsemilia @ 206]: gladbach war richtig mies [22:28:02] [Samsemilia @ 206]: aber naja, tor wollte nicht passieren [22:28:06] [Samsemilia @ 206]: das* [22:28:08] [The_Piper @ 206]: tja, dabei waren die doch mal so gut, vor 3-4 monaten [22:28:15] [Samsemilia @ 206]: ja :> [22:28:32] [Samsemilia @ 206]: wir hatten 3-4 100%ige aber die m\FCssen dann auch reingehen :< [22:28:52] [Samsemilia @ 206]: egal, noch alles offen :> [22:29:02] [Samsemilia @ 206]: mainz zittert bald [22:29:07] [The_Piper @ 206]: und frankfurt unentschieden... [22:29:26] [Samsemilia @ 206]: oh stimmt. :> [22:29:39] [Samsemilia @ 206]: alles drin [22:30:04] [Samsemilia @ 206]: das gute ist, bremen hat noch ein spiel mehr [22:30:07] [Samsemilia @ 206]: arme bru :> [22:30:10] [The_Piper @ 206]: wie soll man so einen bl\F6dsinn noch tippen... [22:31:01] [Samsemilia @ 206]: erstmal verliert d\FCsseldorf morgen gegen schalke ;p [22:31:20] [Samsemilia @ 206]: und mainz verliert in berlin [22:31:31] [Samsemilia @ 206]: und dann ist alles gucci f\FCr bremen [22:36:41] [Samsemilia @ 206]: haha und jetzt ist brusu offline [22:36:49] [Samsemilia @ 206]: egal, ich schreibe ihr bei whatsapp [22:37:05] [Samsemilia @ 206]: mainz ist immer noch mies, und bremen top [22:39:11] [piiia @ 206]: sam, wenn du st\E4ndig den lieblingsverein von jemandem beleidigst, dann k\F6nnte es dazu f\FChren, dass derjenige beleidigt ist und sich ausloggt [22:39:45] [Samsemilia @ 206]: haha, ok aber bru wollte da [22:39:47] [Samsemilia @ 206]: das* [22:40:16] [Samsemilia @ 206]: bremen ist sowieso besser als mainz [22:40:29] [piiia @ 206]: soso! [22:40:36] [Samsemilia @ 206]: ja :> [22:40:56] [Samsemilia @ 206]: hilfeeeee, piiia mobbt mich :< [22:41:27] [piiia @ 206]: lol.. bist du schonmal gemobbt worden? [22:41:56] [Samsemilia @ 206]: ein unentschieden gegen gladbach ist mehr wert als eine 0:5 niederlage gegen Leipzig @brusu [22:42:47] [Samsemilia @ 206]: selten, wenn dann gebe ich super konter [22:44:29] [Samsemilia @ 206]: und du? [22:44:46] [Samsemilia @ 206]: piiia, erwarte jetzt eine antwort [22:44:58] [Samsemilia @ 206]: nicht einfach ausloggen wie die meisten [22:45:03] [piiia @ 206]: klar. das war anders! [22:45:03] [Samsemilia @ 206]: ; [22:45:09] [Samsemilia @ 206]: [22:45:40] [Samsemilia @ 206]: ist okay, wenigstens antwortest du [22:46:06] [Samsemilia @ 206]: frage und keine antwort ist wie "would you like a flower?" [22:46:11] [Samsemilia @ 206]: und nehme ich auch so wahr [22:49:00] [Samsemilia @ 206]: so schade, dass Bru offline ist. [22:49:09] [Samsemilia @ 206]: aber vermutlich bewusst [22:49:36] [Samsemilia @ 206]: sleeping, weil sie nicht mal bei WA antwortet [22:55:58] [Samsemilia @ 206]: egal, bin mal afk :> bru ist eh nicht mehr da, feigling [22:56:02] [Samsemilia @ 206]: gute nacht [23:06:08] [Samsemilia @ 206]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYgJw3GfxlI [23:06:17] [Samsemilia @ 206]: werder ist ein wunder [23:30:29] [Samsemilia @ 206]: zum gl\FCck ist bremen immer noch der beste verein der welt :> [23:30:53] [Samsemilia @ 206]: kein gegenspruch, alles gut [23:59:05] [The_Piper @ 206]: You advanced to level 158 of harvesting! \\F6/ [23:59:50] [piiia @ 206]: ohhh.. gratz <3 [00:00:07] [Orkus @ 206]: Gratuliere dir, das man mit Exkrementen soweit kommen kann [00:00:10] [carone @ 206]: freak [00:00:14] [carone @ 206]: [00:00:20] [carone @ 206]: gratz [00:00:21] [The_Piper @ 206]: [00:00:31] [spooky @ 206]: nur noch 20 level piper [00:00:39] [The_Piper @ 206]: jo, dann kann ich aufh\F6ren [00:00:58] [spooky @ 206]: von wegen... dann kommt der n\E4chste skill [00:01:20] [carone @ 206]: tailoring? [00:01:33] [spooky @ 206]: zum beispiel... [00:03:42] [The_Piper @ 206]: cool, damit habe ich karolus eingeholt [00:13:28] [Samsemilia @ 206]: xD [00:13:51] [The_Piper @ 206]: siehste? 3x cooler als werder [00:14:09] [Samsemilia @ 206]: wer? [00:14:21] [The_Piper @ 206]: na, ich. tabellenplatz 3, bald 2 [00:14:38] [Samsemilia @ 206]: du ? XD [00:14:55] [The_Piper @ 206]: ja, top liste hier [00:15:02] [Samsemilia @ 206]: yes [00:15:44] [Samsemilia @ 206]: ist wie, nee ich lass sss ;D [00:15:50] You started to harvest Dung. [00:15:58] [Samsemilia @ 206]: du bist pr0 [00:16:14] [The_Piper @ 206]: genau. du darfst mich jetzt anbeten [00:16:41] [Samsemilia @ 206]: nee, du bist zu gut [00:16:59] [Samsemilia @ 206]: enbieten LOL [00:17:11] [Samsemilia @ 206]: blaireau kann dich anbieten [00:17:45] [Samsemilia @ 206]: alle noobs [00:18:17] [Samsemilia @ 206]: K&M und LE [00:19:53] [Samsemilia @ 206]: piper du musst zum dung gehen :< [00:20:01] [Samsemilia @ 206]: sorry, aber wahr [00:21:16] [Samsemilia @ 206]: ladies sind dann eh offline [00:21:25] [Samsemilia @ 206]: gn8 [00:47:13] [Samsemilia @ 206]: lol [00:47:27] [Samsemilia @ 206]: I managed to relod [00:47:31] [Samsemilia @ 206]: relog [00:47:37] [The_Piper @ 206]: was zu bef\FCrchten war [00:48:15] [Samsemilia @ 206]: np [00:51:07] [Samsemilia @ 206]: [00:51:24] [Samsemilia @ 206]: wolfang petry for live <3 [00:51:51] [Samsemilia @ 206]: piiia <3 me tho maybe [00:51:53] [Samsemilia @ 206]: [00:51:57] [The_Piper @ 206]: blo\DF nich.. wenn meine nachbarn bei festen besoffen sind, wird der per beamer auf [00:52:16] [Samsemilia @ 206]: piper dont talk <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 [00:53:04] [Samsemilia @ 206]: piper talk is like werder wins xD [00:53:13] [JofuranShigokai @ 6]: and hence, back to bed real soon [00:53:20] [Biker_Boy @ 6]: hehe [00:53:26] [The_Piper @ 206]: ja, seeehr selten [00:53:54] [Samsemilia @ 206]: ya see :< [00:54:10] [Samsemilia @ 206]: love u tho :> [00:54:13] [Samsemilia @ 206]: NOT [00:54:15] [Samsemilia @ 206]: [00:54:59] [Samsemilia @ 206]: winning piper and bru works [00:55:16] [Samsemilia @ 206]: bru and piper should go! [00:55:25] [Samsemilia @ 206]: works [00:55:33] [Samsemilia @ 206]: always loose! [00:55:37] [Samsemilia @ 206]: lets go! [00:55:40] [Samsemilia @ 206]: pls [00:56:02] [Samsemilia @ 206]: easy [00:56:04] [Samsemilia @ 206]: [00:56:12] [Samsemilia @ 206]: nice she not here yet [00:56:38] [Samsemilia @ 206]: ye smeg BRU [00:56:58] [Samsemilia @ 206]: @WOELFIN too [00:57:10] [Samsemilia @ 206]: BRU/WOELFIN lets goo
  17. Sam

    Hey Aisy, well I am a bit shocked right now. I just checked the logs. I did just a bit of fun with Brusu about Werder Bremen the soccer club, cause Im a big supporter of it, and she supports another team which is closeby in ranking. So all was about fun. And I did fun with Piper about the Dung. It was nothing serious? I behaved so well all the time. I did nothing wrong in my opinion.
  18. Sam

    So it seems that nothing has changed except you've moved to channel 206, the official German channel. Care to explain?
  19. You could always redefine the keys for resizing. Current values: el_key_def K_WINSCALEUP = {SDLK_UP, KMOD_LCTRL, "#K_WINSCALEUP"}; el_key_def K_WINSCALEDOWN = {SDLK_DOWN, KMOD_LCTRL, "#K_WINSCALEDOWN"}; el_key_def K_WINSCALEDEF = {SDLK_HOME, KMOD_LCTRL, "#K_WINSCALEDEF"}; el_key_def K_WINSCALEINIT = {SDLK_END, KMOD_LCTRL, "#K_WINSCALEINIT"};
  20. Earlier
  21. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    "Real life" astrologists claim the moment of birth determines the effects of astrology, seems to be the same for EL... Otoh, I'd expect the moment of character creation to determine where in the different cycles the character is placed at that moment. And I would expect the same curves to be used for all players, so you basically have a phase difference between players. This both keeps the coding simple, and the players on the same level (no "super characters" that have an advantage due to moment of "birth").
  22. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    without seeing the astro codes, to which i think its better if we don't because there has to be some mystery involved, even if it is el logic, there could be individual high points in the astrology based on when a player is created, there seems to be several bands a player falls into and stays there like two of mine always have opposite astro. there may be day and month high points that alter the predictable point of the astro bar itself or maybe its just alot simpler than that and i'm over thinking it.
  23. New and updated trade bot list

    Mega : DP, CC's, Tokie/Taini
  24. If i do trade a lot with bots or want fast to go back to last talked line of chat line while in normal window, it happens a lot to me that my mouse rests on either inventory storage or trade Dialoge, which means those dialogs gets resized instead that the indented action is taken place. I was wondering if we could not make a submenu point either in option or at those windows in question to keep them at the size that was set up in first place and not taking up the key actions instead
  25. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Its impossible to "watch" a rate of 1/10000. Variance can be 1 in every 100000 or 2 in 1000. Variance will be huge. Only way to know is if the developer says he checked the code and says it looks fine, which he did.
  26. Health change indicator

    Maybe because you harm for 0, just kidding. Yeah I was always hoping to be able to note your own damage when meleeing a monster with several people, a different color would be neat
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